What: Bel starts by chastising Hieronimo for grieving for his son but not taking action to revenge his death. She speaks this to the audience in an aside. If you're looking for female monologues, look no further. She blesses the storm and sands that shipwrecked him in Carthage and says they are now the city’s gods.

This play within a play follows the cast of "Nothing On," a touring comedy, as they rehearse, stage, and close the show during a 10-week run. Thanks & enjoy! "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" is a musical comedy with a book by John Gordon and music and lyrics by Clark Gesner. She does what she wants, instead of what people expect of her. There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe – but away from the well-trodden paths lie a wealth of classical monologues that will surprise and capture the attention of a panel. Where: In the palace of Carthage, a North African city.

To protect him, the gods instruct Cupid to poison Dido and she falls madly in love with Aeneas who then falls in love with her.

Agamemnon. Yet honesty and love makes all this happy And, next to angels’, the most blest estate. Find a character or situation that you can relate too. Agafya, Marriage. Has Hieronimo told Bel that he doesn’t want to pursue the murderers? Or her?

Tags: Comedy monologues, comedic monologues, funny monologues, humorous monologues, dark comedy monologues Bad Dates Monologues The comedic female monologues in the play Bad Dates by Theresa Rebeck are incredible! View our disclaimer here.
Then she despairs that this won’t be the case in her marriage. Suggested Direction: This address to Laxton features plenty of opportunities for comedy, not least in how many times Moll asks questions that she doesn’t allow him to answer. She thinks that even though men are sometimes kind, being a woman is truly miserable and that women buy their owners. Can there be greater misery to a woman, That means to keep her days true to her husband And know no other man, so virtue wills it! At this point, Aeneas is caught between his destiny in Italy and his love for Dido. Mirandolina, Mirandolina. A list of great Female Monologues. In the play, 11-year-olds Benjamin and Henry get into a playground fight. Play with those realisations and with giving completely different flavours to each third of the speech. Conversely, his smile would keep her alive forever. The final third is somewhere between those two extremes as Dido realises Aeneas has effectively conquered her. Speaks not Aeneas like a conqueror?O blessed tempests that did drive him in!O happy sand that made him run aground!Henceforth you shall be our Carthage gods.Ay, but it may be, he will leave my love,And seek a foreign land call’d Italy:O that I had a charm to keep the windsWithin the closure of a golden ball;Or that the Tyrrhene sea were in mine arms,That he might suffer shipwreck on my breast,As oft as he attempts to hoist up sail!I must prevent him; wishing will not serve.Go bid my nurse take young Ascanius,And bear him in the country to her house;Aeneas will not go without his son;Yet, lest he should, for I am full of fear,What if I sink his ships? Is this the love thou bear’st Horatio?Is this the kindness that thou counterfeits?Are these the fruits of thine incessant tears?Hieronimo, are these thy passions,Thy protestations and thy deep laments,That thou wert wont to weary men withal?O unkind father! Remember: it’s important to check the requirements of an audition before you pick and learn a piece. What durst move you, sir,To think me whorish, a name which I’d tear outFrom the high German’s throat if it lay ledger thereTo dispatch privy slanders against me?In thee I defy all men, their worst hatesAnd their best flatteries, all their golden witchcraftsWith which they entangle the poor spirits of fools,Distressed needlewomen, and trade-fall’n wives.Fish that must needs bite or themselves be bitten,Such hungry things as these may soon be tookWith a worm fast’ned on a golden hook:Those are the lecher’s food, his prey; he watchesFor quarrelling wedlocks, and poor shifting sisters:’Tis the best fish he takes. O, he will frown!Better he frown than I should die of grief.I cannot see him frown; it may not be:Armies of foes resolv’d to win this town,Or impious traitors vow’d to have my life,Affright me not; only Aeneas’ frownIs that which terrifies poor Dido’s heart:Not bloody spears, appearing in the air,Presage the downfall of my empery,Nor blazing comets threaten Dido’s death;It is Aeneas’ frown that ends my daysIf he forsake me not, I never die;For in his looks I see eternity,And he’ll make me immortal with a kiss.

She believes that if she could only keep him in Carthage she would live forever, such is the power of their love.

She’s got a nasty brother called Lorenzo and a father who has unwittingly organised her marriage to Balthazar, the man who killed both her lovers. Proper credit is given to authors and writers where applicable. But not so naïve as to miss that her arranged husband is an idiot. Free Female Monologues for Acting Auditions. Here we have compiled a list of various one minute monologues for women from tv shows, classic plays and movies.

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