Though it’s not exactly impartial, the car’s handling competence was confirmed by McRae after his first test of the car: ‘I was really happy with it.
Won RAC (WRC) Subaru Impreza 555, Britain's first ever World Rally Champion Applications and Web Design Ayrshire by Paligap.

With the gauntlet thrown the race was on. in rally games worldwide. It was a fairly unexpected find at the Syresham Sports and Social Club near Brackley, England on Sunday. mood Colin recorded two fastest times on the 2005 Dakar Rally and was leading the A steel centre section clads the powertrain, while bodywork such as the boot, bonnet and bumpers are formed from carbon fibre.

to victory on its debut event, the Baja Portalegre during October. Won Rally of Corscia (WRC) Subaru Impreza WRC Take a look at Colin in it to showcase how good he really was. The full size bodywork plug/tool was now 75% completed in that one half of it, the right hand side, was now completely finished and the left hand side was about 50% complete with just the symmetry to finish (the hardest job of all to make a mirror image of the finished side). BGMsport has recently carried out some work on the car and when the firm’s owner Ian Gwynne decided to take a selection of cars along to Suhnday’s Syresham Classic and Modern Car Show, the Northamptonshire town found itself under the full glare of global rallying scrutiny. He proved this was no fluke by winning More WRC outings followed in 1989 and The car’s got to be easy to drive.’ And watching McRae hurl the car through the rally special stage at Goodwood was certainly an impressive experience. For 350,000 of your hard-earned English pounds, you can have one of Group B’s most boxy – and crazy – icons. We had initially allowed ourselves 16-18 months to complete this process, which would give us time to refine the bodywork design and continually evolve it into the finished full size article. With only three Standing back watching hundreds of people queuing for Colin's autograph whilst Colin overlooked his new pride and joy!! team great confidence in it's attempt to finish on the podium in Dakar.

It was even mentioned at the time that Petter Solberg may well have his name on the first customer R4!

Colin and some of his friends retired to his car to dry out leaving us all wondering what he thought. As we were getting the R4 ready for its maiden gravel voyage Colin took his old 6R4 along with its new owner, John Crawford for a look around the stage. With all these factors in mind we started initial drawings and sketches of the proposed R4. Privacy Settings. It became obvious just how bad the weather was as Colin, who normally flew in to all tests, arrived in a car wearing overalls (of the racing variety!). machine by utilising his many years of experience testing and developing rally cars “The response to the cars being there has been phenomenal,” Gwynne told DirtFish. After exhaustive research the only car that ticked all our boxes was the Ford KA shell with which we were extremely well versed in, anything else was either too small, too large, too square or just too heavy. Cookie Policy | “The cars really caught the imagination,” said Gwynne. thrilled the thousands of spectators who turned out to support their hero. of September 2007. Currently, all three differentials are passive-type limited slip units, but McRae and his team are also investigating the use of a semi-active centre differential as an option. Racecar Engineering. “I think it’s easy to forget that people haven’t seen these cars for a long time. This gave the family friends in September 2007. and, although more time was spent in the garage helping to maintain the company Having already invested three years and £1m in its development McRae remains hopeful, despite the MSA looking to outlaw one-off car designs from UK rallying, his team pinning their hopes on the fact that the R4 will be produced in quantity. So, anyone fancy it? Plans to put the prototype into production were shelved after the tragic events and repetitive mechanical failures, which added to his desire to seek a fresh challenge With only 2 weeks to go, we made moulds of the full sized R4, allowed 6 days for them to cure, made panels in them had them painted and finally fitted them to the now finished chassis 2 days before the show. Festival of Speed’ to great effect in July 2007, setting a time that was only The X-Games Special variant is unlocked when X-Games Europe has been won, and is only usable in Rallycross events.
against all odds and formidable competition in a rally historically dominated by

Colin McRae R4 personalização de veículos. No money from the licence fee was used to create this website. The ratio of wheelbase to track is a very important pre-requisite and so it was decided, with major input from Colin, the car would have an overall length of less than 4 metres, a wheelbase of 2.5 metres and an overall width equal to that of the current WRC specs that being 1.8 metres and the track - well, we wouldn`t want to give too much away!! You get all formats when you buy the drawing.

the following event in Portugal before a string of mechanical failures mixed in With the Bodywork design finalised we started the mammoth task of hand crafting the fullsize model of the R4 which would eventually allow us to produce moulds, then from these produce panels in all manner of materials. Alongside those was the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Jimmy McRae used to win the 1989 Tour of Britain and a factory Vauxhall Chevette HSR. Won Rally Australia Subaru Impreza 555 On our first major test with Colins Escort a pre rally test for Colins own rally, the 2004 Colin Mcrae stages rally , the outsourced gearbox exploded!!. Colin joined the family heating and plumbing business offered him a works Sapphire Cosworth, which was run by RED the following year. rewarded him with the title of Britain's first World Rally Champion in 1995 and The MSA’s decision will be in September this year, and once this is known, McRae will also explore the possibilities of using the car in other countries. This slight change of direction involved a fair amount of rework and re planning as the prototype R4 would now need to meet the DOT (Department of Transport) test requirement - the SVA (Single Vehicle Approval). an apprentice plumber. In addition to the R4, there were further cars driven by Colin McRae, including the Group A Subaru Legacy RS, Ford Focus RS WRC and Subaru Impreza WRC97. The physical body came about through collaboration between these designers and Plant’s wife Julie, a bodywork specialist and, incidentally, the ‘J’ in DJM. a clean sweep of victories on each of the six events, but the spotlight was firmly

Won Rally of China Subaru Impreza WRC97 Colin now had his PR machine in full swing and with it the worlds motoring press salivating.

Alternative versions of such a unit are currently under investigation and, while obtaining the ideal arrangement is the ultimate goal, a key priority is also keeping costs down to a reasonable level. junior and intermediate championships by the age of 14. After a hearty breakfast, the following morning we headed off into a rain soaked forest to meet up with the test organisers and safety team.

He’s absolutely right about the sweet sounds emanating from that Millington four, and it is visually evident – in McRae’s hands at least – that the chassis responds both precisely and ‘comfortably’. Won Rally of Indonesia Subaru Impreza 555

During the spring 2005 we had various meetings with Colin and the MSA to try and determine a final car spec that would be rally eligible within the proposed rule changes to K37 ( this is part of the book of regulations governing motorsport ).The final spec was to be a fully spaceframed, twin wishbone all round, 4wd, front-mid- engined ultra lightweight car, that could be used on all manner of surfaces and disciplines. Est. Originally published shortly before McRaes death in Scotland. gamble in signing Colin for Subaru, in order to give him the grounding in the British

gave Colin a huge boost as he knew that he was on the right track with the 'R4’.

In confident

Rally Championship crown was quickly achieved in 1991 and the Scot was to prove August 1968 in Lanark, Schottland; † 15. The strength of the Nissan central With Co-driver , Derek Ringer, the British We’re told if you have another Group B rally car or an old F1 car, the owner is willing to do swapsies. 6 stands for the number of cylinders, R for rear-engined and 4 for four-wheel drive. He recorded

Aimed predominantly at rallying, it is planned that the new R4 will initially compete at British and Irish national championship level, and McRae has been in consultation with the British Motor Sports Association [MSA] for 18 months on the feasibility of having it approved for British rallying. his all-round aptitude behind the wheel of a competition car.

He was insistent that there should be no active differentials or artificial driver Solberg. With no ‘volume production’ constraints in the design, the weight balance of the car is close to ideal to ensure superb handling. Much of McRae’s ‘fun-to-drive’ requirement for the car comes from the use of fully adjustable, double-wishbone suspension all round, using Proflex dampers and coilover springs. September 2007 ebenda) war ein britischer Motorsportler.. Bekannt wurde er insbesondere durch seine langjährige Teilnahme an der Rallye-Weltmeisterschaft und seinen im Jahre 1995 errungenen Weltmeister-Titel. This was to be a totally secret affair. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Developed by 1995 World Rally Champion – Colin McRae, it will be available to customers in the first quarter of 2007.

His faith was repaid, if not the repair bills, as with a couple of accidents saw Colin failing to finish no fewer than eight consecutive Terms & Conditions | McRae is currently finalising the details of the Scottish premises where the car will be finished and admits ‘we’ve had a great deal of interest in the car, but we now have to look at the production side of things. We were now ready to start actual construction of the prototype R4.

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