Leena is observed to sit herself down on the ground, placing her left arm over her chest.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is due to Crono being the leader of the group for the majority of the game. Or click here to search for specific content. Examine the gravestone to get this all-enemy attack. Neo-newbie total posts: 7 since: Apr 2003. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. must have the momoento pendent equipted.karsh : axomatic : vist isle of the dammed and fight salt and pepper. Orlha's "SisterHoods": Take Orlha to Home Guldove and talk to Doc in the first house. https://chrono.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Chrono_Cross_techs?oldid=40348, Charge at foe for extra-powerful blade stroke, Build up and release a burst of "chi" energy, Focus energy on Swallow and hurl yourself at foe, Attempt to steal your opponent's treasure, Slice opponent as you gently fly past him, Turn magic wand into swords that stab foe, Charge magic wand with lightning to zap foe, Shoot a twisting ray of aura from your pistol, Fire aura in the air to cause a rain of bullets, Break beloved guitar on foe at performance's end, Play a cool tune that'll freeze your worst critic, Play some heavy metal that'll shake your foes, Utilize gravity's pull to swing sword harder, Make huge blades of thin air and hurl them at foes, Raise the national flag to raise the fighting spirit, Use the power of White Cobra to heal your party, Use the power of White Cobra for protection, White Cobra's power will recharge some Elements, Jump on your dragon to make a charge attack, Send aura into axe and throw it in a circle, Spin axe around to build up power for final blow, Jump from your steed to do an elbow-crush dive, Fly like a helicopter to make a spinning dive, Throw foe high in air, then beat him back down, Pierce the enemy with your secret strings, Send a cold signal down your secret string line, Weave secret strings to cut out a wave of rocks, Swim in the air and dive head-first at opponent, Snag a foe on fishing line and reel it in, A special lure to catch the big one that got away, Practice the pinning of a specimen on your foe, Chemical compound causes multiple status effects, Let foe be a test-host for a new parasitic amoeba, Kick up the dirty stuff from pooch's sandbox. (Light), Deliver a charged bite to an enemy.

/--------------------------Angel (two good), Rainbow Butterfly (one good and one bad set), \--------------------------Demon (two bad). GayDruid.

Unlock dog collar to unleash pooch power! •Accessories This is a single attack. (Light), Attack all enemies with holy light.
Hit an enemy with a whirling leap attack. Starky's "StarStruck": Take Starky back to his ship in El Nido Triangle in Another World after actually entering Terra Tower. Push the land octopus and keep hitting the Action button to get this technique, which is a single attack. Except for the old lady from the village. Poshul's "Unleashed": Take Poshul to Home Arni and talk to Leena at the docks to get this single attack. Strike a foe with an enchanted blade.

Using a Tech costs a certain amount of "MP", with weaker Techs costing little MP and powerful Techs costing a large amount of MP. Techs in Chrono Cross For the list of techs, see Element#Tech Lists. The element color of single techs is the same as the innate color of the character who uses them. NeoFio's "BamBamBam": Take NeoFio to Another Sky Dragon Isle. Karsh's "Axiomatic": Take him to Another Isle of the Damned and beat Solt and Peppor. Go into the small room at the left and enter the secret room at the left side (face upwards). Arm Cannon: His Level 7 tech move. Confuse all enemies and hit with ??? Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. Chrono cross question.. GayDruid. ... Neoseeker Forums » Playstation Games » Chrono Cross » Kid's Level 7 Tech skill. Pip: Ugh. Hit all foes with a whirling tornado. Doc's "HangTen": In the Tower of Geddon, pick up the Medical Book in the room past the subway turnstiles. This section doesn't concentrate on abilities learned innately (check the character pages for that), but on those which must be found throughout the game. Talk to the land octopus, then leave the screen and come back. Restores a large amount of HP to all allies.

•Items Use mostly "bad" elements and he'll grow horns. (Ice), Burn foes in circle with fiery punch. Use more "bad" elements and he'll become a demon. (Shadow), Strike a foe with an elemental kick. Certain groups can perform Triple Techs together, but require one of them to equip a special gemstone. (That's the bottom left, top right, and top left cat.) Take Leena to see her grandmother in Home World later in the game.

you also get the momento pendent there.zaoh : toss&spike ; go to viper manner and put zoah in the front of your party and open the cheast in his room.marcy : surf the web ; LV 40viper : flagberrer ; Go to termina (homeworld) and talk to the bar girl with viper in your party.norris : topshot ; talk to the other norris in the oppossit world you get him.lucia : testamobea ; go to the sewer under viper manner.turnup : vegout ; go to were neofeo was born and press x. must have both neofeo and turnup in your party.neofeo : bambambam ; go to ski dragon isle and talk to the red thing chaseing the butterfly. 35 (same as lynx)kid : Hotshot; when you have to rescue kid, defite the lava boy and go to the machine to the top right cornner and input L2, triangle, R2, Triangle, X.guile : lightning rod ; LV: 35niki : limelight ; after serge is reborn take niki to to the niki to the niki in home world (talk to him).piere : slapofcyrus ; get the propsword at cronoopolis and give it to piere (talk to him twice).pousol : unleased ; after serge is reborn take pousul to leena.leena : madin faith ; talk to leana's grand mother (home world).

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