I received hyperbaric chamber therapy, high doses of Vitamin C K, B-17, IV ozone therapy, supplements, coffee enemas and Coley's toxins.

Fact: Cancer is an insidious foe that ravages and exposes the best and oftentimes the worst in humans. His research focused on the development of gene-therapy model via hematopoietic-stem cell mediated gene transfer and the development of ‘Geno-dynamics’ system to investigate gene function. “The CHIPSA Approach™ has been a simple one,” the hospital said. We knew about it from my friends and heard good stories of people currently treated there. Their aim is to cause damage to the cancer cell to maximize the use of their antigen-presenting cells (dendritic cells).

I came home and applied the Therapies as best I could within my financial and physical abilities.

If you'd like to know more about our costs click here. A Drug That Can Freeze Cancer Cells Is Being Developed to Stop it From... A Drug to Inhibit Cancer Cells from moving. His tumor markers are in normal range and we are excited to see future scans. People from around the world, not just Americans, who search for cancer treatments in Mexico choose CHIPSA Hospital because of our years of experience and compelling stories of patient success. I wish I could remember all the Names of the people I made contact with, but a shout out to Dr Matt, Dr Menes, Sara Peterson, Lola and all the other nurses and coordinators. These treatments include Coley’s CPG, DC-MAX, and AP-Max. Cancer is a very complicated disease that attacks the body in so many different ways and there is no easy scientific answer for it.

We are a full service hospital with surgery and ICU suites. We had so many things go wrong throughout the course of her 5 year battle, CHIPSA was one of the few things that went right. Surgical Oncologist – Dr. Jesus Sanchez, MD ND The Cancer Cure Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and providing information about alternative cancer treatments and therapies since 1976. I was an outpatient, based on the cost difference and how much more you get for being an in patient.

In our quest to find what works, and to stay abreast of the advancements in alternative treatments and natural cures, we spend a substantial amount of time conducting research, reviewing the literature and the claims made by various health organizations, agencies and cancer clinics. I continued the protocols as prescribed by the doctors at Chipsa at home, which i believe is where healing happens . An Xray before beginning treatment there showed the mass unchanged in approximate size 4 weeks after the initial chemo/Keytruda combo. Learn more about us. The treatments worked wonders for my wife. Cancer Vaccines: What Are They and How Do They Work. My brother Peter has shown improvement since coming back from Chipsa. Why should you join the Expat.com community? We have a lot of hope and see the improvements every day. The efficacy of IV Vitamin C and K3  has been without a doubt one the most exciting treatments at CHIPSA. This is why I will always implement these systems and continue to go back a few times a yr as a health retreat. The doctors at CHIPSA worked with the case worker investigating the medical neglect charge to resolve the issue. There is not a single answer to "how much will my cancer treatment be" when getting the best care here at CHIPSA. Embracing an all of the above approaches to defeating cancer, patients will find a balance of alternative and traditional therapies ranging from a special Gerson diet to surgical interventions.

Being a person that at a young age knew that most MD's don't ever fix anything, rather just mask the symptoms, I knew building the system up via overdosing on nutrition was the answer. We work daily at being able to get you the most affordable prices that we can, while still maintaining the highest quality when it comes to employing compassionate employees, running a great facility, and making sure you have leading credentialed medical providers so that you're getting the best value for the care you'll receive here at CHIPSA Hospital. Similar technology will likely be approved in the US in approximately 10 years, but CHIPSA is utilizing the treatment now. Don't worry, your information will be safe. It aims to rid the body of toxins and strengthen the body’s immune system. Insurance companies in the US/CA often have provisions that will not pay for services abroad. Director of Surgery – Dr. Pablo Fok, MD (Yet). CHIPSA Hospital addresses all cancer diagnoses and has an exceptionally strong success rate with Stage IV cancer patients.

Please prove you are human by selecting the Flag. Lab tests were good. When the antigen-presenting cell presents the last tumor antigen to the cytotoxic T cell, patients have the opportunity to gain a lasting remission due to the memory of the T cell. DCA Cancer Treatment Pros and Cons Explained, Please prove you are human by selecting the. CHIPSA Hospital outpatient care may or may not be an option too, so depending on your case this option would have to be factored in making a determination of how much CHIPSA costs.
CHIPSA was the first hospital to host the pre-clinical trial of the drug called Immunopheresis.

On April 8, 2018 my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung adenocarcinoma - primary tumor 12.5cm by 10cm in right lung with metastases to left lung, hip bone, neck and lymph nodes.
CHIPSA Hospital Quackery - Why People Still May Call This Quackery? Trials utilizing that device are now ongoing in both Europe and Israel as well. CHIPSA’s unique and cutting-edge approach to treating cancer is earning more and more credence everyday. We're sure you recognize that you must allow for the reality that we don't win every fight against cancer. Please consult with a licensed medical professional in your area.

Their experience in Tijuana has been nothing but positive as they’ve worked tirelessly to bring their treatments to those in the U.S. CHIPSA believes now more than ever in the potential and promise that the country holds. A nice side benefit of the outpatient experience is you can enjoy the Mexican culture between your patient care treatments. NK cells have an amazing ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells. As with many of the clinics, the area is run down. To everyone's surprise my Dad's tumor was 35% smaller. We were served a veggie juice every hour on the hour for 11 hours of the day. As we constantly look to advance our treatment options and improve the quality of our patients’ lives, we always do so while still keeping costs in line. For cost and financing information, prospective patients should reach out directly to CHIPSA Hospital.

While this is typically helpful for body cancers, brain cancers are a little different.

Click Here For Your Free Doctor's Consultation! We were being charged more than $20K and the local pharmacies were charging $13K (for the exact same medications)...so we asked questions and they didn’t like that.

One More treatment day each week on Saturday and 24/7 support in the hospital with the doctors. ​As stated before our hospital in Mexico (the hospital is in Tijuana) has been helping cancer patients all over the world since 1979. Our plans were changed and put on hold due to custody issues stemming from the fact that she was a minor and that we were straying from the conventional course of treatment; which was hospice. Your email will not be shared or displayed.

However I knew that all the various new treatments they added in addition to Gerson Protocol would have dramatic positive impact on overall health and protection against a reoccurring cancer down the road. He received one dose of Keytruda, Alimta and Carboplatin. Cannabis dehydrates you, so IV with Meyer cocktail was on the menu as well. We respect your privacy! They use a modified Gerson Diet. They have made adjustments to the treatment and now personalize the therapy for every patient. Gerson’s Therapy – diet-based immune support based upon mostly vegetarian eating Medical Director – Dr. Antonio Escobedo, MD

Treatments offered there are IPT with vitC k3 or vitC k3 by itself for patients that don’t want Low dose chemo with insulin. In the U.S., it costs around $94,000 for a three week treatment, so most patients cannot afford to utilize it. Who would have thought? We will also look at your current health records in order to be sure we know what treatments you've already undergone and to help us minimize potential side effects. We believe in a bigger vision.

They also use the VG-1000 vaccine, CoQ10, Ozone Therapy, Hyperthermia, Laetrile, DMSO, Wobe Enzymes, Chelation, Biological Dentistry, diet, supplements, and a variety of other approaches. They told me that it was very common for it to swell if it was responding. She had a repeat MRI about five months after the first one, and although they saw tumor progression, it was not as far as they thought she would be, she was still asymptomatic, and she was still alive.

Fact: There is not a cure for cancer.

All our protocols involve the integration of Gerson Therapy along with advanced immune enhancing protocols. I only did two thirds of the number of radiation treatments they wanted me to have. The medical practice at CHIPSA Hospital has been treating patients through integrative medical protocols since 1979. Staying on the forefront of advanced integrative immunotherapy has been the key to our success.

I declined the chemo.

outpatient treatment. Dr. Pablo Fok, - Leukemia and Glioblastoma are NOT treated at the clinic, De Las Nubes 670, Playas, Jardines del Sol, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

By the time we realized that she was failing fast, we could not travel again back to Chipsa. If your finger gets infected, cutting it off isn't the answer. IV Apatone – intravenous treatment combining Vitamin C and K3 that has shown through research to have the ability to destroy cancer cells We want to make clear that while we strongly believe in our protocols and our system, we are not aware of an all-out way to win against cancer every time. There is an option for inpatient or outpatient.

No one is perfect, however you do feel like you literally have personal assistants getting you anything you need. CHIPSA has been fighting cancer and other immunological ailments since 1979. Heal Navigator offers FREE service designed to assist you find a treatment center that suits your budget and needs.

The first U.S. FDA-approved dendritic cell therapy is known as Provenge, which came out in 2011. What we do know, however, is that CHIPSA has had great success treating many patients that were sent home to "die" in their home country because conventional medicine failed them. The patients at CHIPSA literally come from all over the world; North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

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