Perfected them by the end of a tv show lol. He is my best buddy, loves to play, cuddle, socialize with other dogs is protective and loving. Though they are part Beagle, they don’t make great hunting and tracking dogs due to their small size. However, they can be cautious and even distrustful of strangers, a trait both of their parents share. Still, a Chigi can be a great companion in apartments, farms or larger home. I’d definitely get another! They’re sweet, lovable, alert and playful, often inheriting the best traits from both parent dog breeds. This is due to their strong tendency to resemble their purebred Boxer parent, just with a smaller stature.

Plays well with dogs when introduced properly. The Pixoter, American Bullboxer, or Bullboxer Pit… whatever you call this special breed, one thing is for certain, they are loyal, intelligent and vibrant! These dogs are small to medium in height. Being a mix between a large Boxer and the smaller Chihuahua, there will be some variance in the size of a Boxachi. Its so funny because I can remember the first time he barked better than I can remember my son’s first words. As such, many owners question whether they know just how small they are. Much like its parents, the Boxachi is a highly intelligent breed with a clever and alert expression,  and are loyal and fond of their owners and family members. Both exercise and grooming won’t be demanding, and keeping their short, hard coat healthy should be easy. The Border Collie Chihuahua mix is not a purebred dog. Did we miss any great Chihuahua mixes that deserve to be on the list? Chihuahua Boxer Mix is a watchdog. So if you work long hours, you should take a long hard look at the Chi-Poo. Chizers are petite and make a great lap dog, but can sometimes have a low tolerance towards small children. In fact, the Toxirn is a designer hybrid resulting from crossing a purebred Cairn Terrier with a Chihuahua. Boxachi dog breed information and pictures chihuahua mix top 16 most adorable pitbull chihuahua mix chipit a lost in echo park boxer chihuahua mix yorba linda ca boxer meet rayder a boxachi boxachi dog breed information and pictures. Considering its small to average stature, 2½ to 3 cups of high-quality dry kibbles would keep them in good health. As a result, you can expect plenty of Chihuahua mixes out there. She’s been with me through the roughest parts of my life.

You can expect a devoted and protective pup in a Boxer and Rottweiler mix.

With their handsome features, amicable personality and undeniable popularity, the Boxer has become a popular choice to mix with other canines in the pursuit of the perfect breed. Not only are they intelligent and obedient, but they are also playful and very sociable. Or the Bogle? This mix is considered a large breed dog that has low-maintenance grooming requirements and high activity levels. The result is amazing. Everything from their fluffy coats, to big round eyes and petite size, make them such adorable mixed breeds. As a result, it’s important to socialize a German Boxer so they can combat these tendencies and grow into an out-going and friendly pup. Though they’re short in stature, Affenhuahuas are bright and alert. This cross between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian is a powerhouse hybrid. However, they are excellent companion dogs for any family.

They are affectionate with family and can be defensive towards strangers, so plenty of socialization and slow introductions are important for this breed.

Combined with the Chihuahua, the Chi Apso can be a vigilant little watchdog in the home.
They are both patient and friendly and, like most breeds on this list, they do very well in a family with children! However, the Boxer has a tendency to be wary of people they don’t know and Rottweilers can also be suspicious of strangers and show signs of aggression when not properly socialized. Let us know if we missed one!

Despite the rarity, this medium-sized breed is considered a designer dog. Which end of this spectrum they will fall on depends on which parent breed they happen to take after. They are a very athletic and active breed who will require plenty of exercise to alleviate some destructive tendencies, especially those caused by separation anxiety and boredom. Not only do they require fairly little maintenance (thanks to the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat), but they’re friendly with humans. They are considered a very trainable and playful breed, making them a great option for families with children. So what you’ll most likely get is a moderate shedder that needs brushing a few times per week. Though a Boxachi is affectionate and playful, it is a cautious pooch constantly alerting you of strangers. Regardless of length or color, they won’t take too much maintenance, and a single brushing each week is enough. Socialization, although important for every breed, is particularly crucial in raising a calm and gentle Bullboxer Pit. They’re a scruffy little dog with several unique features that you can appreciate. They require an assured leader who can commit to consistent training in order to subdue their strong-headed nature. The Bichon Chihuahua hybrid is the ultimate designer dog. But… once trained has never had an accident in the house and he’s been with us 12 years. Through a cancer diagnosis, multiple surgeries, seeing my oldest son off to college, the death of my mom. A Boxer and Blue Heeler mix, known as the Box Heeler, is a mix of two breeds with some contrasting personalities, making it a toss up when predicting the temperment of a Box Heeler. This can make obedience training a bit challenging for new owners, though the Cheenese is certainly intelligent enough. Often called the Jackahuahua, the Jack Chi is the energetic and playful hybrid resulting from a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua. In any case, this hybrid breed can be a great companion dog, though they might not be ideal choices for homes with children, especially younger ones. But they often inherit longer, fluffier coats from the spaniel side. This is a relatively new designer breed and without generations to study, anticipating what they will look and act is largely a guessing game. Even novice dog owners will have no problems with a Chiweenie. In a nutshell, they’re as you’d expect given the parents.

display: none !important; The Boston Boxer can still take after their Boxer parent in terms of size and is generally considered a medium-sized canine, weighing between 25-55 pounds. Generally a spirtly breed, they will require a respectable amount of daily exercise but will also have no problem curling up and snuggling with their family.

This so-called designer hybrid is intended to create a smaller companion animal that fits easily into many families. If you have a busy lifestyle, the Chi-Poo is perfect for you. They’ll be happy to get plenty of exercise, since they are sure to have bounds of energy. That is, a superb toy dog that’s fully dedicated to their family. But being a mix between a Chihuahua and a Dalmatian, this mix inherits all the best qualities. They love attention, but only from a careful source.

Dalmations are known to bark and can exhibit aggressive behaviors, both traits a Boxmatian could inherit. In these cases, a bit of aggression can peak through.  =  The Boxweiler is a large breed, usually falling between 70 to 100 pounds. Thanks to their cute looks and loving temperaments, the ShiChi has seen plenty of popularity in recent years. They really check all the boxes for dog owners. Despite an adorable appearance and being a mix of two popular parent breeds, the Chimation is a surprisingly rare hybrid and not well-documented. This adaptability also works for living conditions, as Chi-Spaniels can be happy in homes of all sizes, with or without yards. Meet the clever Boxmatian! The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest purebred dog, often weighing less than 7 pounds and standing no more than 9 inches tall. When it comes to temperament, then this designer breed seems to be a lovely dog breed. Given proper boundaries and training, this mix is incredibly affectionate and loving but requires a firm handler who can wrangle their more aggressive and stubborn tendencies. Both of their parent breeds are predisposed to exhibit some stubbornness and Box Heeler is likely to be equally as strong-willed. Due to this requirement, coupled with their natural strength and activity level, we do not recommend this breed to inexperienced dog owners. Did the DNA testing! They can also be found at different boxer shelters around the world, so we always recommend you adopt before you shop.

They’ll also bark, but mostly to warn you (the owner) of any perceived dangers and threats. Breeds: Boxer & American Staffordshire Terrier. This mix provides a wonderful alternative for families looking to adopt a Boxer but does not have space for a large-sized companion. Better suited for a house with a large yard, the Boxsky has high exercise demands and needs room to explore. These hybrids tend to inherit the sass and charm of a purebred Chi. Plus, they’re rather low-maintenance dogs. The only thing to keep in mind is that early socialization helps prevent any territorial tendencies later in life. Tolerant of kids and other pets.

Their short 8-10 inch stature and meager 6-8 pounds won’t stop them. Great info! Very clingy dog. Their coat is usually found in shades of brown and white and is likely to be short and both water- and weather-resistant. The petite size is expected though, as both its parents are both toy breed. And because they’re likely to inherit the long, thick double coats from their Lhasa Apso parent, they do much better in milder climates.
While the Boxer is devoted, playful and patient, the Blue Heeler is independant, energetic and intelligent.

Despite “by design” hybrid breeds becoming popular with breeders in the last 20 years, many deserving mixes still languish in shelters across the country. The first generation Boxachi is a cross between a pure Chihuahua and a pure Boxer, although subsequent generations may have different proportions of the two breeds in the mix. If you spend an afternoon with them, you will know exactly what we mean. And the fact that they are quiet dogs make them perfect for apartments. She follows me everywhere I go! They’re the perfect lap dog that’s both loving and playful. In other words, they might not be too fond of strangers – whether they’re human or animal. But, also a certain amount of curiosity. Below we look at 20 of the most popular boxer breeds along with a little information about each of them. Pros: So smart I could teach her new tricks between commercial breaks.

Throw in some of the assertive and confident characteristics of a Bulldog, and you are going to end up with one proud dog. Despite its thickness, the coat isn’t all too difficult to groom though. Otherwise known as the Hava Chi, the Cheenese is the beautiful hybrid of the Chihuahua and the Havanese. Some have ears that stand erect, while others tend to flop down. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it is certainly indisputable that this breed is a cheerful, vibrant and spirited pup that can make a great addition to any family.

With that said, it may be a little difficult to train a Chug – especially with first-time owners. Scotchis are known to have a bold, proud character that’s also veined with some of the Chi’s signature spunky attitude. As a result, this mix is better suited in a family that does not travel often or work long hours.

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