I’d be happy to find the mailing address for you! I’m looking to develop throw away cameras. Your local drug or grocery story can be an quick, low cost way to get roll film developed. We DO Not process Triple Print film, Kodak Disc Film, or any 35mm film marked as Process ECN or ECN-2. You can here to start an order: https://thedarkroom.com/product/120-film-developing/, Hello, I too have many 35 millimeter rolls of film that needs to be processed but I only want the prints, no CD. They send you a CD and negatives in return; you can then take the CD to Walgreens, Costco, or another photo processing company and print them there (or, of course, have prints made for an additional charge at Custom Camera Collection). Below are the nationwide stores that still accept disposable cameras for development. and the corporate develop place is useless to talk to Using this service, Walgreens doesn’t return your negatives and it’s likely this 3rd party service destroys your negatives after scanning them. Our content does not substitute a professional consultation. They use the  Dip & Dunk technology to insure quality and consistency. It’s been reported that Walgreens stopped film processing on April 16th of 2015 and is using a 3rd party service. Fast turnaround. Thank you thank you, Deborah, Yes we can develop old rolls of film. All orders are handled individually and expertly. We will return the blank rolls with the rest of your order. Walgreens charges $13.99 for processing a 24 exposure roll and it includes a “free” photo CD of the digital images. Is this possible through your services? It can be a somewhat expensive and time-consuming process, which is why fewer stores offer film processing than in years past. Hi! For example, Old School Photo Lab offers this deal: “Multi Roll Processing discount! I will NEVER recommend or go there for anything. All pricing is detailed on our Order Forms. I couldn’t drill down to it searching on their site, I actually had to put the search in Google to find this page. There’s definitely a different between traditional disposable cameras that have film and digital disposable cameras. I have an old 620 film camera that I would like to shoot with do you carry 620 film and do you process the film. Help!!! I don’t know if it is down to the technique of the person developing, or the film, or something I have done? They are not “a complete roll,” but cut from the original developer (back in 1985) into strip of 5-6 negatives (to enable insertion into a standard print envelope). Thanks for the time. For over 40 years, Richard Photo Lab has specialized in scanning and processing film. If you have multiple important rolls, consider submitting a test roll before you give a lab all your film. My in-laws were cleaning their dungeon of destruction known as their basement and they found them. Caela Smith is KEH Camera’s Social Media Coordinator. Below, we have more details of how and where disposable cameras are developed, as well as stores that sell disposable cameras. Negatives aren’t returned and orders take about 3 weeks. See theÂ. Years ago found about 5 cartridges I threw away because I was told were no good.. Have no idea there age but are worthless in current state. They usually charge about $4 to $6 for a roll of 36 exposures, plus about $2 for postage. I found an old roll of film in a thrift store camera, and I’d love to process it to see if any photos were taken, but I also want the cartridge that the film came in to be returned to me (in addition to the negatives and prints). What’s in this article This is true with our local Target, but may not be true with all stores. In particular, they have no idea at all what to do with the panoramics shot in my Hasselblad X-Pan. They also return your negatives!       Read FAQs here.ALL PRICES ARE ON THE ORDER FORMS;  DOWNLOAD BELOW. There was no envelop in the purchase package. While CVS may not be able to develop them, this article from 4 months ago makes it seem like some other places we’ve listed in our article (Walgreens and Walmart, for example) may be able to take the digital disposable camera and get the pictures off of it for you either in store or by sending it to an off-site developing location. Orders under US$75.00 will be charged US$7.50 freight. Many of the stores have completely stopped processing film and, like Costco, maybe in the process of phasing out film processing entirely. Pro Tip: if a roller transport machine isn’t carefully maintained it can scratch film. This blog will really help me improving my career. I have a older photo (2004) CD from Longs Drugs – Fuji Digital Album brand. I contacted a Walgreens representative to confirm this information and you’re correct that Walgreens no longer develops film in-store. Hi, I have an old negative film black n white like 5 pcs not a roll It has been cut 3 and 2 photos. Pricing starts at $10 to develop and scan your 35mm or 120 film, and it’s free to download your files (get a CD for just a dollar more). Services include processing for 35mm film, disposable cameras, Advanced Photo System film, black and white film, 110 film and slide film. If you don’t have the luxury of using your home, try finding a, has to offer! Return freight to you is FREE on orders over $75.00. Unfortunately, it is difficult to reduce the cost of developing color film without effecting the quality. comments powered Additionally, they don’t have in-store photo mailers and film development cannot be ordered or purchased online. These are two sites that seem to be among the most reputable for consistent and high-quality photo developing. I apologize for any confusion that the article has caused. Hi–I used to get my film developed through York Photo. We will keep it interesting and NEVER send you spam or sell your email address to others. I am heartbroken! Back in 2014. Over 800 people a month Google “does Walgreens develop film“. We will process it the day we receive it and return it to you by USPS 1st Class Mail. We would love to add to this list! Indie Film Lab. Thanks for sharing your experience! Use this link to search for another CVS near you. Another reputable online photo lab is Old School Photo Lab. Download those from the links on this page. Print out and complete our easy order form and send it along with your film. Mail to Us-We'll Do The Rest - 24 Hour In-Lab Service Times, 35mm Color Print Film, Including Former PhotoWorks Customers-Most Popular, 35mm Color Print Film - Proline - Our Premium Service, 35mm Color Print Film - Seattle Film Works Brand, Medium Format Color Film Developing, Printing & CD's, Color Print Film Process & Printing 120/220, 110, 126, Disc Color Film. I’ve also heard that Walmart is guilty of this too. Can’t recommend enough. I want my next camera to develop to have vivid colors and i don’t know how to achieve this, any suggestions?

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