Kinsey remains committed to the connection he’s made in the Glass City.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

BEWARE: Rodney (6 On Your Side) seeks out people to sabotage and damage people's lives.

An outstanding storyteller, Kerry has a passion for community issues. Local, national and international news that matters to people in and around Columbus, Ohio. Kerry’s first day on the air will be Monday, June 15th on NBC4. I know this is cruel and may say bad things about my personality but so be it. 10 Wisconsin cancels game with Purdue due to outbreak, Ryan Day discusses Ohio State’s game against Rutgers, Open Market Health Insurance Changes for 2021. I do, sometimes tune in at 5:30 AM because it is the only local broadcast.

My favorite daily duo is Gabe Spiegel and Yolanda Harris. This morning you aired a teaser for a show tomorrow night at 10:00, featuring a story about the work of Judge Hawkins, the environmental judge. That's only something the communist LEFT Democrats want to do. He attended Columbus Public Schools and graduated from Linden McKinley High School. 3601 Seymour Highway Wichita Falls, TX 76309. This was at 5 pm! I went on their "Six on your side" website and tried to alert people of an ongoing fake rolex & gold jewelry scam (which I was suckered by) allowed inside Hollywood casino columbus (even left call back phone #) and never heard anything..... [maybe it should be "six on Casino's side"]. Just saw WSYX making fun of a mentally disabled woman who thinks she is a mermaid.

Kerry takes pride in mentoring young reporters and is a member of Phi Beta Sigma and the National Association of Black Journalists. But no, all we here is about the gun used -- I would think a high-powered bomb would have been a better choice for someone who "really wanted to kill people", but instead this station emphasized the gun instead of the person using it. WBNS-TV is our TEGNA sister station and CBS affiliate here in Ohio. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. You can do this. Channel Six has always been the number three station in Columbus. They have also never hired a good editor as almost every story has grammatical mistakes that create awkward pauses from the anchors. I know this is cruel and may say bad things about my personality but so be it. Sounds innocent, right? Kerry is co-anchoring NBC4’s evening and late news with Colleen Marshall. Just caught the story on 6 o'clock news about a stabbing in the parking lot of the LA Fitness, Hilliard. He should be taken off of the ABC station. Listen to your heart and don't become dishonable trash. He never called me back. I wouldn't even give this news station 1 star, more like ZERO stars. ABC 6 is a fine news station. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. Sign up for our Breaking News email alerts! #             #            #             #. Andrew Kinsey reporting from the field during a visit by President Donald Trump in Michigan. Kerry went on to earn a degree from the University of Cincinnati. If you want to listen/watch real news, watch WBNS-10 TV or WCMH NBC4i. Let's talk about the nationality of the shooters, I really want to know, as does everyone else (I hope).Very poor reporting when all you hear about is guns, and not who the killer is/was and what their intention is/was. Let the record show only one of those came true.Call me harsh, but channel six will probably be number three forever. Toledo will always hold a special place in my heart," he said. ), proof that WSYX/WTTE is only in it for the money/ratings, not for the public's well being. Just saw WSYX making fun of a mentally disabled woman who thinks she is a mermaid.How is this any different than an 8th grade bully making fun of a mentally or emotionally underdeveloped kid?WTH is wrong with you?!!!! “NBC4 has a long history of respected anchors, people who make Columbus a better place to live, I’m confident Kerry will continue in that proud tradition.”. I emailed them with information about sub-standard roofing work being performed by a company using sub-contracted workers who could not speak english and were not properly trained. I never thought I would have to change the channel during the 5 pm news because my 11 year old was in the room! Columbus Weather | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | WSYX In the meantime, if my cable operator permitted a menu of channels to choose from, I would delete anything Sinclair or FOX related in a heartbeat.

Whenever there is a mass shooting of any type and they know the gunman is shot dead, they never tell who the gunman is or the nationality of the gunman.Just the fact that "somebody used a gun to kill", but never mention the fact that the gun wouldn't have killed anybody if the shooter didn't pick it up and shoot. No news service is completely unbiased, but ABC 6 gets about as close as it can. So far just in Columbus, Ohio they have control over channel 6 (ABC) channel 8 (FOX) The CW and some kind of channel called THis. Gender divesity racial diversity -- not so much    Won't be watching until you better represent the central Ohio area. It shows a shadow image of a naked woman moving seductively like a stripper and then an actual naked person, not a shadow, sitting with her legs positioned so you can't see  her chest. West Toledo man indicted on two counts of felony rape for alleged sexual conduct with child, NFL: Masks mandatory at halftime, before and after games, 'LeBron James sucks' chant breaks out at President Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump wins Ohio, AP and CBS News projects, ELECTION SEASON 2020 | AP projects Ohio & Florida go to Trump, 11listens: Voices of Change | Law enforcers and lawmakers discuss the demands for social justice, 11listens Voices of Change | 3 generations discuss the challenges Black boys face growing up in America, 11listens: Voices of Change | School leaders highlight the effects of racism felt in the education system. They handle their job with a professional air while evoking calm, easy-going, caring personas. Where is she now?Tyler has spent nearly 25 years at New York's CBS 2, where she currently anchors the 6 p.m. news. 17 reviews of WSYX ABC 6 "The funniest newscast in Columbus that isn't actually trying to be funny. It concerns me how the segment on other media outlets was discussed by your channel. All I got out of the story was that a guy, using a high caliber gun with extra magazines shot and killed 10 people dead, with about only 20-some others wounded? ABC 6 typically shows fair and equal coverage of all sides of the story. 406K likes. Nexstar’s community portal websites offer additional hyper-local content and verticals for consumers and advertisers, allowing audiences to choose where, when and how they access content while creating new revenue opportunities. Kinsey joined the WTOL 11 news team in 2014, at the dawn of the Toledo water crisis. !If you hadn't shown the picture maybe it would have been funny, although I don't understand the need for that level of cruel immaturity.But showing a picture of a disabled woman and making fun of her and laughing!!!!Really!!!!!Really!!!!!

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