It is the conviction of the devotees that this happy turn of events was brought about by the soul-force of the Sage himself in his centenary year. But instead of publishing an account of this in the next issue of Arya Dharmam, Periyaval directed that an article of seven pages be written on the Navaratri Puja performed in Sringeri by the other Chandrasekhara! In fact the very diversity provided the backdrop to heighten the unity. went straight to Coimbatore rendered bhajan before the Sringeri Acharya who was staying there. Putting things together I said, "I see simultaneously examples for both the Pratibimba and Avachheda - vaadas. Swamigal does not sign any document, instead Sri Mukham stamp is placed on documents. He held a secular job. The `ultra' devotees, who claimed that the village owed allegiance to the Sringeri Math, told in a complaining tone to Bharati Svamigal that a grand procession was being arranged by some people for the other Svamigal. He would welcome them heartily and beckon them be seated near.

Remaining active throughout his life, the sage of Kanchi twice undertook pilgrimages on foot from Rameshwaram in the far south of the Indian peninsula to Benares in the North.

He was the Sage of Kanchi and people called him as the reincarnation of “Adi Sankaracharya“. The attendant was letting the pitcher down the well. ", He looked at the well; and at the sun. When any object is consumed by fire, it becomes charred. Science tells us that diamond and coal are basically one. In Kanchi the names Mahadeva and Chandrasekhara alternate from the 61st to 67th heads. Right education should make us know that God is the Truth. will you do what I say? The very radiation of such jnani contributes to the welfare of the world! Don't you get angry with Krishnaswami Iyer?" 0000012719 00000 n Though the Sringeri Acharya gave importance to this social duty cast on him, the bliss of the Self drew him too often, like a magnet, to solitude. When Bharati Svamigal left Pallattur in the then Ramnad Dist., Periyaval was scheduled to touch that place on his itinerary.

0000012226 00000 n The very next year, 1907, he shed his mortal coils amidst circumstances when Swaminathan could not be brought to his side Since a vacuum in the headship of the Math is not permitted, the Acharya initiated Sri Lakshmikantan, a Rigvedic scholar who as serving in the Math itself into Sannyasa and installed him as his successor.

The Math of the Kanchi Svami is named after Sarada and the Peetha of the Sringeri Svami carries the same name. Words spoken right out of his heart, open like the spotless sky! So she played her game, manifesting diversities too in the two. Our duty is to pray to God -"I have committed so many faults. Dandapani, and N. Rajan and pray to MAHATRIPURASUNDARI SAMETA SRI CHANDRAMOULEESWARA that all Indonesians should read this book and benefit thereof. In all that you do, let love be the sole motive. Passions such as desire and hatred , anger and malice must be totally eschewed. Periyaval could not bear to hear it and almost shouted aloud, "Siva, Siva, Siva" and in an exceptional about he fulminated at the devotee, "You fellow! The blaze arising out of their austerities was cooled in their Bhakti to the Godhead and was converted into compassion and comforted the devotees like the moonlight. was also on the editorial board of Arya Dharmam.

He does than on behalf of us too.

On their return a beaming Maha Periyaval would ask, "Have you anywhere seen such a tejasvin (radiant personality)? We must note down in a diary every night before we go to bed the faults committed by us and pray to God to give us courage and intelligence not to do so. Maha Periyaval was camping at Mylapore, Mysore, in February 1966. Periyaval himself, an amalgam of the child and divinity, added, "This quarrel is not going to end in my life time5. It is a true fact that Sri Mahaswami (Sage of Kanchi) had an affection towards the people of Indonesia. These names were given by us. This was because he had performed countless miracles to provide relief to his devotees who came to him from far and near. We are assailed by such doubts. In this way he verbally lambasted the man at length and ended with, "Go and beg pardon of Lord Chandramoulisvara".

When the image of Goddess Akhilandesvari of Tiruvanaikka (near Tiruchy) was radiating unbearable power, the first Sankaracharya drew the extra-power in two tatankas cast in the mystic design of the Sri Chakra and installed them on the Goddess' own ears.
The old people of those days used to talk volumes about the grand manner in which the residents of Veppattur arranged for the Chaturmasyam and Navaratri Puja by Kanchi Periyaval.

The medicine of Grace to wipe out our sorrows is to develop unshakable faith in God and tolerance is the medicine of Grace to wipe out our sorrows. The other concept holds that it is not the reflection but the selfsame Chaitanya which indwells in all the jivas. But I get to know the details to some extent by reading the article of Polagram Sastrigal in Pradeepam4. It is the rare good fortune of the devout public of the first half of this century that right from the beginning of their pontifical career each of these two Acharyas realised the greatness of the other and were united in a bond of love. So there is no point in your getting worked up. I really become so afraid after asking you to read the book. From there T.M.K. By imagination, we have given names "plateau" "valley", etc. we bless the families of IBA NOOR, STAFF of "REALIA" , P.R.

0000070679 00000 n Thank you for your patience. A devotee remarked to Periyaval, "He has gone mad.". Digging tanks, building temples and such other acts are called poorttam. "He alone can plan such schemes for the world and execute them, even while remaining in Atma nishta (firm establishment in the Self). Kanchi Mahaan. In those days when there were no proper means of travel like today, he somehow managed to reach Calcutta right on the concluding Vijayadashmi day and fell at the felt of Periyaval. He executed strict implementation of the Agama Shastra rules to fructify devotion in religious places and made changes towards the entry of devotees inside temple premises. While the Editor was wondering whether it was really Periyaval who was saying so, Periyaval continued with a `mischievous' smile, "If one person has expressed such a view in writing, there may be lot of others holding the same view in mind.

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