In her confessional to Alison, Charlotte says that she did date Jason, but that she didn't have sex with him because he is her brother. Spencer Hastings - (see: Sparlotte) Spencer is Charlotte's biological sister, although Charlotte was unaware of this fact for a long time.

Kate Middleton previously said that she calls her middle child by the nickname “Lottie,” but it seems Prince William has a different nickname for the 4 year old. She was later released after a court hearing where the Liars testified. Jessica adopted Charlotte shortly after her birth and raised her as her child. What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person... What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Shot by... What Does It Mean to Dream About a Guy You’ve Never... What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father. She was surprised to learn that Jenna had been blind before. Since learning of Charlotte's real identity, he has turned his back on her and anyone who supported her. Secret(s): CeCe taught Alison how to be wicked, and Alison told CeCe secrets about the girls. He also did not attend her funeral or help in the investigation after her deal was ruled a murder. When Charlotte was friends with Alison, she dressed up as her sister and admitted herself to Radley under the name Alison DiLaurentis. I don’t know if there are any names where this would be a natural nickname that people would gravitate towards but you could maybe do something like a first name and middle name that both start with a C so that would bring you to CeCe as her initials? Charlotte then attacked Alison in her home to make the Liars know the 'A' game was back on. Nicknames for Charlotte.

Mona planned to sabotage A by finding out their identity, returning, and becoming the hero of the story. She may have been the reason why Spencer didn't get into UPenn as revenge for her expulsion. If you struggling to find the right nickname, we can help.

Pet(s): Here are 30 of the the best nicknames for Richard! She sent Sara to the church during the funeral as The Black Widow to confirm Wilden was dead. 1 0. Charlotte thought going to school would be fun but it was easy for her as she already knew what she was being taught. While disguised as Vivian Darkbloom, Charlotte wore a black curled wig, a large black hat, and a black coat. I had a friend named charlotte and we called her Char.. said like SHAR... not sure if i think it's an acceptable nickname or anything but it stuck for her! It is a name that was given to a small, diminutive female. Don't be bored this summer! I'm sure the adorable new Princess Charlotte might have had a bit to do with that!

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