Make a note of that. This showed her that the police simply were not going to make the effort of helping her.

The women are victims whose lives are completely changed due to Joe’s doings. Carl: But sir, it's not that bad. Johnny's mother: I made them a crumpet.

Hey, Ferb! Carl: Sir, I-- It's dangerous! He was assigned to Dr.

Candace out! Vanessa: Oh, would you get off that? Buford: Pretty much sums it up. It's a quarter! Buford: Sure, it's like when you have two sets of keys, and you keep one in the car.

She broke my heart.Beck: Oh my God. Despite her trying to get out of this traumatic situation by coming up with a logical reason, she cannot. Like, if you want to say "Okay", you reach for the sky. Good luck with that llama legislation. Skateboarder: Ugh, dude, what happened? Which -inator zapped him? Baljeet: I have never gone so far into deep dull before. Baljeet: (angrily) The singular is "die"! I saw you in your car.

By the way, Ferb left this clue for you.

to Candace in a serious but in a sarcastic tone. Perry shakes his head. Wear these. I was happy to see her come back for revenge in You season 2, but the series completely messed that up. Isabella: How can I panic when I'm holding your hand? Phineas: Wow, look at that! Candace: Right, from Drusselsteinia. Stacy: That's just a birthmark. Is that the girl again?! It's back! You've done more damage inside the agency than you ever did outside. A ray from the Gimmelshtumpinator hits the car, transforming it into a donkey. Candace: There's bacon. (He runs up and hugs her) Thank you Candace! It's the octopus who ate me pancreas! (A huge mound of sand falls on Doofenshmirtz). Linda: Ugh, I can't wait until my new contacts come in.

(Turns to dust and is blown away by a gust of wind) Ah... People: Woo Hoo! Buford: She has a patio.

Where's my change? Mog: Ni, Can-tok. Baljeet lookalike: And spoil my carefully calculated air of selfishness and unconcern?
Isabella: Yeah, I once saw Ferb play an entire game of soccer using a pumpkin! Hey, what does this one do? Candavere: Phineas and Ferbalot, you are so busted! Follow. Candace realizes the correct pronunciation. French Audio Teacher: Vos enfants sont à la hausse dans le vaisseau spatial aujourd'hui. I think boots should come in pairs, like people. Who made these, M.C. What's with all the plastic plants? Phineas: Hey look, there's Mom! Candace: Um, sorry. are you a... busy? Norm: (spits out tokens similar to an arcade game) Lawrence: Phineas this is Uncle Adrian (waves to Phineas) A.D. for short, Aunt Lucy. Carl: (with normal voice) Sir, Agent P doesn't have his tools. That's almost left-boot-trap crazy! Major Monogram: Get out of here! We haven't come up with any ideas about what he's up to. Linda: Ew! Carl: links: '#FD5B08' Future Candace: Gotta go, Stacy. Carl: I think we need to take a little break here. Hey, bitches are going to be bitches, right? Candace: Jeremy's mom is hosting a benefit for endangered animals this evening and I wanted a new look. Michael: You no longer drink the blood for those you love. Things don’t improve when she ultimately leaves the group to be alone in her own yurt. A sonic boom later follows the voice projection. Phineas: Guys, guys, we have limited time here. Linda: I didn't see it, Candace. Joe is just hyperfocused on his love for Love Quinn and for letting nothing stand in the way. She was the first love of his that we know of. Monty: At least my dad's spy network isn't funded by monthly alimony checks. Carl: That's a delivery guy, sir. Ferb: Well, has he been wrong before? Yes I am. Hoarfrost:(motionless) So cold... Doofenshmirtz: No no. Curse you, unknown rocket helmet transportation thing! Who does that?! (Cake-inator fires) Linda: Sorry Candace. The whole harem.Beck: How many have their been by the way?Joe: Girlfriends? Baljeet: Because this dweeb spent two weeks in psychology camp last summer. Baljeet: I, too, feel a certain element of kebabism. Betty Jo Flynn: You have a book on monotreme manners? I got something! Candace: I’m in charge! Though things take an unexpected turn and things go out of his control. Rodrigo: Extremely well. Isabella: But Buford, you've been in a space ship. Linda: Really Candace? Customer: Hash browns! There was nothing of that there. Candace: Giant Skiddley Whiffers?!? Joe: Who's Elijah?Candace: Give me my phone Joe! Norm: Well, Boris owns a car dealership now, and declined to appear on this show. Doofenshmirtz: Okay, then we also have the Galaxy-inator which- Isabella: So what you saying is; you think I'm cute? Carl: About the -inator, or just in general? Carl: Enough of you mindless prattle minion. Doofenshmirtz head 1: Really Thats the best you got? Phineas: Wait a minute. Look, man, she's been on me from the second we met. A life where she’s always in fear. Carl: He wrote a letter by hand, then put it in an envelope.

© 2020 TV Fanatic Benjamin "Benji" Ashby Jr. III is a guest character in the first season of You. Candace: Uh, not in the house! Buford: So, you play with dolls? I call it my 'Pick-em-up-inator'. Set me back a week but totally worth it.

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! Phineas: I think the DNA in Buford's saliva combined with the potato DNA to create some sort of Buford-potato hybrid. Dude, is this cake? 2 syllables, cow. (he presses a button, which launches a missile) Whoa!

It looks a little like a rhesus monkey wearing a powdered wig. Carl: Sir, all I did was turn the cushion over, the stain was already... Phineas: "Lawn gnome beach party of taffeta." (a close-up on a house with dramatic music, then Phineas and Ferb move with only their eyes and noses showing) Paul: Looks like he doesn't want to be in that cage. Even though we’re tricked into believing he’s trying to better himself in season 2.
Did you bring the hypnotism stuff?" Paul: Thanks, but no thanks. Isabella and Buford: slow motion No! Buford: There was nothing to it. (Ferb opens his jacket and shows various kinds of tools) Carl: '74? Shows clips of Candace trying to bust her brothers. Joe Goldberg better get the hell to jail in the upcoming seasons of Netflix’s You. Candace: I'm just taking in the ride and not worrying about what Phineas and Ferb are up to. It’s apparent when he utters: “I really think this has all been some big misunderstanding,”, And his narration is speaking that he won’t hurt women especially at the moment ‘where they are out of their minds.’. Woman: The cake is hugging us! Lacie: Me. Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Norm, you're in my light! Candace: (continues stuttering) Phineas: Sure. Baljeet: How does dangling me from a rope lighten our load? I know it's been a long summer, and you're runnin' outta ideas... Lawrence: What is what? Carl: And how many attacks since I came on board? Teenager 1: Yeah, my dad said I could drive it, just as long as I don't get a scratch on it. Baljeet: Oh yes, this is much less humiliating. Carl: Weak. Buford: He's doing it again. Doofenshmirtz: What?

Isabella: Extras.

But I recovered! (He skillfully jumps over the bridge with his motorcycle, flying into the sky. You're going to get the building's super? Gucka-lucka, gucka-gucka-lucka! (a close-up on the football with dramatic music in the background) Do you like pushing girls around?Joe: What are you talking about, dude? Spirals from in Baljeet's eyes and the background turns grey Greg LeMond: Hey, true story. You sure are a handful. Narrator: He's also kinda mean. (With his Mechanical dragon, Doof grabs a house and raises it in the air). Carl: (Presses the slow motion button and Perry is in slow motion) Look sir, it's even funnier this way! Major Monogram: Any who, our surveillance operatives have been getting some mixed signals from Doofenshmirtz. (A boat is seen passing through a drawbridge)

Danny: Hey, we know them! Vanessa: No problem... Bro. (hears Buford talking) Save... Buford.

Phineas on his laptop checking. Anyway I’m putting you on noise patrol, You’re in charge. (Takes off the back up emergency translation mustache.) Doofenshmirtz: We have a fort? You forgot the "ninja" part.

What's that? Stacy: See, Candace? (Flashback ends). Phineas: Don't worry! Men, they go off to war, kill people every day then come back and move on with their lives. And the plastic man? Look who's here, it's Doctor-Doof-degree-purchased-on-the-internet-with-my-wife's-money-enshmirtz! Candace: Jeremy? Phineas: They're impossible to find. Suzy: Oh, uh, it's my lemonade stand. Never thought she would do it. Buttons. Buford: I got a card. Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Really, I like that? (Perry opens the door to let himself out, then closes it again) That's a soccer ball! Norm is sadly listening to music in a closet

I know. Did you say "Skiddley Whiffers"? Ohio: Isabella! Monty: Genius? Doofenshmirtz: Ha! Candace: You're havin' fruit!

Phineas: How was the train ride? And yet, so tempting. It'll teach you karate. And both end up dead. (Reaches behind Phineas's ear.) Joe: Do you get all of your clients to sleep with you, or did my girlfriend just seem like easy prey?Elijah: I'm sorry, who is your girlfriend?Joe: Candace Stone. Candace joins Forty, Joe, and Love on Quinn’s holiday getaway. I won a bike race! All Rights Reserved. Ferb: Time to change the batteries on the tiger excluder. Jeremy: Can you think of any examples? (shows reactions of Buford, Isabella, and Baljeet respectively) I know!

Phineas: Actually, I didn't want to say anything in front of everybody, but it's I don't like zucchini. Dr. Doofenshmirtz: You know Norm it occurs to me that though I've never had a son, there is someone I can always count on to be there, someone I've begun to think of as family. I'd sooner slam my nuts in a door, but anything to stop screaming her name in my sleep. Norm: Yes? Who told on me? Buford: Hey, get that camera out of my face! Linda: What about busting your brothers? Major Monogram: That's not why I called you in. (Outside the subconscious) Buford: That's great news! tweets: { Stacy: (pulls out two sticks from Candace's hair) Uh... are these chopsticks?

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