*Must use at least a 2.0 tip on your spray gun to spray out this thick type filler. So than do I put a second finish primer down before I paint? Use it For a Final Sealer – A cool trick we’ve been doing for the past few years is using our epoxy primer as a final sealer before our base coat. Very informative,thank you.Trying to learn the basics.

Learn How To Restore Your Own Classics, Collectables & Hot Rod’s From Home! Etching primer is a type of primer paint that has a high acid content that allows it to form a superior bond to bare metal. Did you enjoy the video?

Pros – Very thick and can fill over 60 grit sand scratches, even up to 40-grit although I …

It’s been 25yrs since I painted cars, and techniques/ materials have changed a bunch! The car sat for about a year in that state. This means you can hit an area with epoxy primer that’s been sanded down to bare metal, repaired with body filler, and then feathered into the original paint. To take to bare metal would require sand blasting which is not available in my area. However, in the past 5-10 years you’ve probably been hearing more people talk about epoxy primers and their use as opposed to self-etching primer. And now he wants to help and teach you so you can customize, fix or restore any type of project you desire with professional auto body instruction and materials.

Recommended cutting with a 150-180-grit paper. Then you can apply more epoxy primer over top and repeat as needed. ‍♂️, Can You Spray Directly Over Evercoat Featherfill G2 Polyester Primer? Pros – Very thick and can fill over 60 grit sand scratches, even up to 40-grit although I would sand until at least 80-grit if possible. Stacking Coatings – Since epoxy primers adhere mechanically, they will grab onto most anything that has a good texture to the surface.

Check out some of the links below for more auto body resources. Will be painting whole SUV so to match everything. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We would start with an epoxy primer first and build up from there. This means you may have to push the project outside overnight or while you do maintenance on the daily driver. 1. Yes, you can if you prep and do bodywork close enough to where you only need a basic 2k filler primer/sealer. Can you spray over an epoxy primer?


If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it! An even, heavy coat of etching primer will form an excellent base coat that will allow one to either paint over with a regular primer right away, or wait a couple of days before adding any additional coats of primer. I plan to do a color change and want to know what the best primer is to cover the Urethane and other parts of the. 3. Alternatively, you can apply filler or primer surfacer over the epoxy to fill any minor imperfections and block flat before you paint. Alternatively, you can apply filler or primer surfacer over the epoxy to fill any minor imperfections and block flat before you paint. And what is it, anyway? Same with a 2k filler/sealer primer. Please give me your input on this. My 84 Bronco has a totally rusted Hood and Cab top.

Epoxy primer actually seals out the oxygen from the metal, leaving no chance of rust or corrosion forming on the surface like some cheap spray bomb type primers. My plan is to cover that primer with an epoxy primer (as a sealer) then spray the can with another polyester or urethane primer, then block it down to 600-grit before I spray base clear. Hope that helps. The primer has excellent adhesion to most topcoats and will help keep actual paint from flaking or peeling. P.S. Same with a 2k filler/sealer primer. Enamel can not only be painted directly over epoxy paint, it requires it as an undercoat. Should YOU Apply Body Filler Directly Over Metal or Epoxy Primer? 4.

I have sanded with 80 grit and sanded thru rust to where I have a speckled or salt/pepper look ie (very very shallow low rust spots and partially thru the top of original oem primer). 2.

2k DTM Expoxy . Mixed Surfaces – Some primers and coatings need the entire surface to be uniform and all the same material.

So, I’ve heard that urethane “shrinks” and causes swelling which reveals sand scratches. Now in his 30's Tony pours his everyday passion into LABAP VIP to help teach this amazing skill to anybody who want's to learn auto body and paint.

Etch primer included, epoxy primer is about the only bare metal primer you could leave a vehicle outside in without rust forming back under the primer quickly!

I can only do 1 piece at a time, like the roof, then the doors and then the side bed of the truck, am I going to have a problem doing it that way? HOWEVER, we are talking about the base coat, not the top one. Can You Paint Over Epoxy Primer and Etching Primer? , Auto Body Planning – How To Start A Classic Rust Bucket Project!

Advantage, Speedocote, PPG.

Just abrade with sandpaper, apply your filler, sand flat and feather the edges. can i put epoxy primer over rust encapsulor. Especially bare metal that has been exposed to the elements for more than a day or so.

My ’61 Ranchero (see photos) was initially sprayed with a primer by Napa Auto Parts and blocked down to 140-grit paper.

Autos.com - Join the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program! Subscribe for Free Auto Body Lessons by Email, https://business.facebook.com/learnautobodyandpaint/, Spraying Metallic Paint On Your Custom Project: Auto Body Q&A , Car Flipping program. Epoxy primer can be applied on either new bare or old rusty metal surfaces and is compatible with top coats made up of other substances. Because epoxy painted surfaces don't allow adhesion, they must be abraded before they will accept new paint. After bondo what do i seal it with,just primer, or apoxy primer filler? I’m buying used doors and hood for a trailblazer so I’ll be stripping them to bare metal so using 2k apoxy primer should go first correct?

Its color can fade after some several years. Can you spray over an epoxy primer? Pricing: $70 – $80 a gallon.

What type of prime should I use ? How To Flip Cars For Profit.

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