Opening Attachments to an Email Message. You can even send pictures or music. There are many types of attachments that can be sent via email; however, not all email systems handle attachments in the same way. If what you want to say is in the attachment, that’s fine, but remember that the contents of an attachment don’t show up on the recipient’s screen until he or she double-clicks to open the attachment. Keep in mind that someone's mailbox on the Office 365 server will be prohibited from receiving messages if they exceed the maximum quota limit. 4. You may not have a message; perhaps you want to send only the attachment. Click the To button in the Select Names dialog box. The Security Office also has a lit of Best Practices for Email Attachments, When you aren't sure, send "basic" attachments. Common Attachment Types and Extensions (note that some of these extensions could be blocked if you try to send them via email), Microsoft Word                   .doc or .docx When you send an attachment be aware that the recipient may have a limit to the size of the attachment they can receive. The easiest way to send a file from a Microsoft Office program (such as Microsoft Word) is to open that file in its Office program and then choose File –> Send To. You can also send a file attachment straight from Outlook by following these steps: 1. ), page margins, headings, bullets and numbers, and several other formatting features. A better way to manage multiple iterations of the same document is to change the name each time by adding a revision date and/or time to the filename. 9. What is the attachment size limit for Microsoft Office 365? Sending attachments can be a good way to transfer a copy of a file if the sender and recipient have agreed on a format. Know About Gmail and MS Word. Sending attachments can be a good way to transfer a copy of a file if the sender and recipient have agreed on a format. Office 365 has a maximum send and receive message size (and optional attachment) set at 150 MB. If you receive an attachment and you aren't sure what it is, you should run your updated virus software before opening it. This is easy if the same hardware and software are in use. Another way to send an attachment is to find the file on your computer by choosing Start –> Documents, right-clicking the file you want to attach, and choosing Send To from the shortcut menu. In the list of files, click the name of the file you want to send. Self-extracting Archive          .sea You can spread a virus if you share files with others. GIF Graphics                        .gif

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