GOD personally promised that He would make Abraham’s name great (Genesis 12:2), that Abraham would have numerous physical descendants (Genesis 13:16), and that he would be the father of many nations (Genesis 17:4-5). I had my grandmother sealed to her husband; but he died not long after my father was born and she remarried.

This commandment is the way that the Lord would help fulfill the Abrahamic covenant. [9] In countries where a civil ceremony is required before marriage, the couples must receive their sealing as soon as practical after the civil ceremony. Should I Marry A Man Who Is Not A Member Of The Mormon Church? Gods people have always been a Covenant people, throughout the Bible. You might suggest that your sister-in-law check with her bishop or her temple president, either of which would be able to give definitive counsel in this matter. Is it traditional marriage?

Devery Anderson’s book called The Development of LDS Temple Worship 1846-2000 has some fascinating notes from David O. McKay’s diary which shows how this process came about. Ace.

I never understand this and every time I ask someone nobody seems to really want to explain it.

According to the terms of this covenant, if the people disobeyed, God would scatter them around the world (Deuteronomy 30:3-4); however, He would restore the nation (verse 5).

Argentina, Mexico, Germany) all marriages are performed at the local municipality by a registrar who is duly authorized to perform marriages. Since women can be sealed after death to any husbands they were married to in this life. ), E, that practice doesn’t seem to be following the Church Handbook of Instructions. A woman who's husband has died and has remarried typically has the choice between not being sealed to her new husband, or cancelling the sealing she had with her deceased husband and getting sealed to the new one.

He was first exposed to porn as a youth and had kept his addiction secret until it was accidentally discovered by his wife. However, if she was sealed to a husband during her life, all her husbands must be deceased before she can be sealed to a husband to whom she was not sealed during life. I was still temple-worthy as was my fiancée. Ace, The purpose of plural marriage (1 man to multiple wives) is explained here in Jacob: Jacob 2:30. Hahaha. But that is not the point of this OP.

Although plural marriage is currently prohibited in the church, a man can be sealed to multiple women, in the case of widowers who are sealed to both their deceased and living wives. Part of that Mosaic Covenant was the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20. )
However, verse 51 offers a vague reference: A commandment I give unto mine handmaid, Emma Smith, your wife, whom I have given unto you, that she stay herself and partake not of that which I commanded you to offer unto her; The subject of polygamy was quite controversial with Emma.

This seems to be related to verse 51 mentioned above. In the New Covenant, God promises to forgive sin, and establish a universal knowledge of the Lord. Also, according to Brazilian law, the sealing is recognized by the government as long as it respects the requirements for a civil marriage. We intended to be sealed.

Unless you're personal friends with a Q15. But Joseph H. Jackson, a non-Mormon opportunist who gained the confidence of the prophet in Nauvoo, recorded in an 1844 expose of Mormonism:  “Emma wanted [William] Law for a spiritual husband,” and because Joseph “had so many spiritual wives,” she thought it but fair that she would at least have one man spiritually sealed up to her and that she wanted Law, because he was such a “sweet little man.”, Although there is nothing to suggest that Law and Emma were more to each other than friends, Law later confirmed that Joseph “offered to furnish his wife Emma with a substitute for him, by way of compensation for his neglect of her, on condition that she would forever stop her opposition to polygamy and permit him to enjoy his young wives in peace and keep some of them in his house and to be well treated, etc.” (Salt Lake Tribune, 3 July 1887.). Only one of the sealings would be valid, and the man to whom the sealing woud be effective would undoubtedly be determined by the Lord, who is the judge of all. Was this instructed of the Lord?

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