between any phase and the neutral line, then we get Vrms of 120, 220, 230 or My question is, can you connect All phases together for more power, and would it give you more power or heated generator coils ? You can find more information on power factor here: As a note, it is possible to have a different power factor in each phase of a three phase system. As the magnetic field reaches its maximum more and more electrons begin to flow, but then it passes it’s maximum and heads again to zero. We can calculate how long it takes for a single rotation to complete using the formula Time T = 1 / f.f = frequency. Current I = kVA per phase / phase voltage between other copper atoms and they do actually move all the time but in random I do have my 'Motor Starting - Star Delta' post drafted which explains this in more detail. If the voltages become unbalanced or there are other considerations (i.e. That definitely clarifies the error in my calcs. or need modification on the motor.'s AC Power Calculator is an online electrical engineering tool to calculate the power consumed by the load connected in single phase, three phase or two phase four wired transmission lines or circuits. to the first phase, so it’s wave form will be the same but It will be delayed. VA is simply the current times the voltage, so knowing this and the voltage can give the current.

This concept is really difficult to grasp and I could never understand it completely, especially the calculations. thanks. Enter the power factor of the load.

Please check it .if u divide kw by p.f u will get kVA not KW. V Line-Line = 380 V kVA = kW / power factor = 12/0.86 = 13.9 kW (13900 W) thank you very much. If I connect an oscioscope to the single phase I get a sine wave. I believe that as you lower the voltage across the lamp, the current would reduce and the brightness (think of the lamp as a resistance). Thanks for explaining three phase voltage in an easily understandable way. I1, I2, I3 = current of phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 in ampere (A) The power taken by a circuit (single or three  phase) is measured in watts W (or  kW). can i connect single phase motors to line-neutral?like air compressor & pump motor? tian, There is always more than one way to do things. Some devices are able to be connected to either. Thanks. While there are a vast array of cable insulation materials, these are often divided into two general types; Thermoplastic or Thermosetting. voltage at each point during the rotation.
The power p converted in a resistor (ie the rate of conversion of electrical energy to heat) is p(t) = iv = v 2 /R = i 2 R. . We call the smaller voltage our phase voltage, and we get that by connecting between any phase and the neutral line.

The kW per winding (single phase) has to be the total divided by 3.

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