Several companies offer complete brand new harnesses that are configured for stand alone operation. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); Welcome to LSx Everything!As our name implies, we are your one-stop shop for everything related to y

Using an aftermarket A/C compressor bracket will also typically not allow for the stock air intake tube to be used as they would be occupying the same space.

MSRP: $1,899.99 $889.99. This method works well but is not something everyone has the ability to do since it pretty much requires a lathe to be done. Includes motor mounts, frame brackets, transmission crossmember, transmission mount, and hardware.

Original GM oil pickup tubes are fastened to the pump with only one bolt with a tear drop shaped mating flange on the tube. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecb9ee06cad0621 Transmission crossmember, transmission mount, and hardware.

For this you can use the vacuum port nipple on the passenger side of the intake manifold. Another benefit to these mounts is increased oil pan clearance.

complete line of fuel, air, exhaust and accessories for your LS swap. You bring the gumption. Below and in other sections on this site we’ll take a closer look at the details to try and make it easier. Now you... Hello LSx Guys! Now you have the perfect option for your under powered Chevy/GMC Truck!

They say the devil is in the details and that is definitely the case here. 1970 Dodge Challenger Full Rebuild in Minutes! This achieves the same results, for free, but you have to be willing and able to drill and tap the original sensor base as opposed to removing the sensor and simply installing an adapter.

This is the most cost effective method. They're laser cut, precision bent, powder coated and feature polyurethane... Now you can take your Chevy/GMC Truck or SUV to the next level! Generally the original C10 radiator will work perfectly. On trucks with a th350 or th400 transmission, you’ll also need a vacuum line down to the vacuum modulator on the trans. The “F Body” manifolds are common ones that hug a little tighter. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Fuse Block Included:Yes Ignition Key Location:Dash Headers at this price are obviously going to be coming from overseas places like China. Get your C10/C20/Blazer/Suburban on the road with this swap kit! Circuit Quantity:28

Speaking of flexplates, Action will need to be taken if using the old style trans/torque converter.

If you need to get headers and oil pan later, you are always welcome to come back! Includes new full length windage tray, pickup tube, hardware, gasket, dipstick, and our pickup tube girdle. To solve this issue there are a couple options.

Harness Length:Standard

This style is super simple to install and extremely affordable.

63-72 Chevy/GMC C10 | LS Swap Kit. Anything along the lines of a 2002 Silverado will work for both upper and lower hoses.

and install an adapter to go from the stock metric size on the engine, to the 1/8”npt thread on the stock C10 oil pressure sensor.

For a c10 swap there are a couple things to consider when choosing the right mounts for you. In either case, you cannot go wrong! Regardless of the route you choose to take, you need to know that its going to be an issue that you will need to solve. You are probably dreading going through that old wiring harness and pulling out the various pins and wires and making everything work together yourself.....or worse yet, sending your... Now that you are ready to install your new LS engine into your non-LS based vehicle, you need to have the computer cooperate with its new surroundings.That means elimination of VATS (security),... Free Shipping NOTE: If you have a 62-63 Chevy/GMC Truck, please read this important note to determine if you can still use this kit. DeWalt vs Milwaukee vs Makita vs Bauer, Antique Car Auction In Old Illinois Ford Dealership ~ Zephyr, ’36 Roadster, Pinstriping Demonstration, Tips, and Tools, How To Bench Start an Old Hot Rod Motor ~ First Start In Years, Hot Rod Chassis / Body Swaps ~ An Overview, Engine, Transmission, Chassis Swap Donor Vehicle Look-Up, Bringing an Abandoned C10 Project Back from the Dead, Crown Spoyal ~ 1964 Chevrolet C10 Shop Truck Build, DIY Cab Corner Replacement on a Chevy C10, How To Replace C10 Truck Inner & Outer Rocker Panels, How To Shave/Fill a Gas Cap Filler Neck on a Chevy C10 Truck, Pure Patina and Right Hand Drive, This ’64 C10 Blows Our Minds, 1965 Chevy C10 Longbed to Shortbed Conversion, DIY Tips for Running, Flaring, and Bending Brake Lines.

There are endless companies offering conversion engine mounts for this swap. Last is the little ¼” coolant line that passes through the bottom of the throttle body. Check out more on stock manifolds on the “exhaust manifolds/headers” page. These kits provides a complete fuel system for GM LS-series engine swaps in muscle cars, street rods and off-road vehicles. Failure to use one of these crankshaft spacers with an old style trans (th350/th400/etc) would result in a torque converter that is not properly centered which could cause serious damage.

It's no wonder this is one of our best-selling kits. Manufactured from the highest grade American made steel.

Take out that tired engine and put a GM LS engine in there for real power.

This sensor installs in place of the factory LS temperature sensor. These mounts typically mount the engine in a different location relative to stock for a c10. There are a few ways to solve this one.

If you have a 62-63 Chevy/GMC Truck, please read this important note to determine if you can still use this kit, LS Swap Transmission Crossmember | 63-72 C10, 64-72 Chevy/GMC Truck/Blazer 4WD | K10/K20, 24x Gen III | LSx Wiring Harness & ECM | DBC, 63-72 C10 Motor Mount and Crossmember Kit. You can remove the LS oil pressure sensor, break off the plastic portion, and then drill and tap the remaining “base” to the 1/8”npt required for the C10 oil pressure sensor.

The other issue is that the stock mechanical cooling fan cannot be used.

Last there is the three wire temperature sensor. They generally come with any hardware required. The Square Body is the gold standard muscle truck. Fuse Block Location:Front All Rights Reserved. Turn Key for 4WD/2WD and big power and reliability. Hello LSx Guys!. If you’re into DIY and on a budget, you can accomplish the same thing for essentially free. All that is needed to actually get the engine bolted into the truck is a set of motor mount adapters. They even provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to make this process happen. In order to get the engine running in your truck, you will need a harness.

Instead, only electric fans can be used. Virtually all trucks will have one large vacuum hose going from the back of the LS intake manifold right over to the brake booster unless it’s a truck with hydra-boost brakes. There are other stock exhaust manifolds that will work with less effort.

For more than 600hp we offer 1 7/8” long-tubes and for big cubic inch monster engines our 2" is a perfect match. A more ideal option would be to buy a new conversion flex plate.

It has dual outputs where the original only has one.

They tend to run around $500 for these higher quality headers. That really is it from a bottom line stand point.

For a c10 swap there are a couple things to consider when choosing the right mounts for you. Take out that tired engine and put a GM LS engine in there for real power. There are some mounts which allow for the stock LS air conditioning compressor to be kept …

This includes engine and transmission mounts, oil pans, headers and/or exhaust manifolds, exhaust systems, accessory drives, and fuel tanks. These adapters bolt onto the engine in place of the factory engine mounts. CPP makes one specifically for 1963-1972 Chevy trucks (PN 6372AGT-20BF-FI).


Mainly that the A/C compressor typically will not fit in the stock location. Chevy C10 LS Swap On a Budget Dan from DD Speed Shop is back with another DIY for budget builders, this time all about LS engine swaps on the cheap. Instead, there are these common solutions.

The iconic performance parts maker offers everything you need to swap an LS powerplant into your 1967-1972 Chevy C10, all in one convenient place. Some trucks use a vacuum line for the HVAC controls in the C10. Typically one will remove this stock sensor (this special tool will help a lot!)

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Many people have done this method repeatedly with good success but many are unwilling to take the risk of messing up their head if something bad happens during the drill/tap process.

Unlike most LS swap parts on the market this kit replaces the frame brackets in addition to the mounts so you'll have clean mounting of your engine and not a mix of parts that are weak and don't work together properly.

No matter what the platform, one of the most popular modifications for the C10 is a modern LS engine swap, however, and now Holley Performance has made that process as simple as humanly possible.

The other is a little more substantial and is a part originaly developed and used by GM themselves. Next up are sensors/adapters needed to use your stock water temp and oil pressure gauges. This is the turbo kit you have been looking for! Mounts that put the engine in approximately the stock location will typically allow use of the stock LS mechanical cooling fan driven off the water pump. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Optional LS Swap Headers (Pick Your Power). Luckily, at this point there are endless sources of parts, products, and information that pertain to this swap which can make it a lot easier and take the intimidation out of the whole process. There are a great variety of option here. You can drill and tap the water pump and install a fitting that the hose will go onto. But is the added cost in your budget? You can get a simple adapter that converts the LS thread to the C10 thread of 3/8”npt.

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