Dragon of the earth: can be obtained after his participation in 30 deductions; Dragon of nature: can be obtained after participating in 30 derivations; Initial Dragon: Can be obtained after participating in 30 leads; Dragon Victor: Can be obtained after participating in 30 leads. Touch the Summon button on the altar of summoning!

This is a new way to collect dragons! Relics are needed to open the Union Chest; To do this, they need to be charged. Make sure the diamond waste confirmation option is enabled! This is the center for all inference events in the game. Each quest may have special requirements that must be met in order to join the battle. If you see a player who uses offensive words or spreads information about hacking the game, you can always use the "Report" button. You are solely responsible for the account you create. Once your Dragons have found all of the pieces to rebuild the Tower, activating this Tower will skip 6 hours of Hatching any Dragons! Carefully choose which dragon you want to return, and look at the level of the dragon: perhaps it is better not to return the strongest of these dragons! The tree of life: questions and answers. You can always see how many trophies you already have: You gain or lose trophies when you attack other players or when they attack you. More gain stars mean a more powerful dragon and give you various advantages - for example, those mentioned below. Broodby, The Birth Watcher.

By activating it, you can speed up the removal of dragons by 6 hours! Reduces hatching time of all dragons in the Hatchery by 6 hours.
They just get some rest. The tree of life is a huge tree that mysteriously grows from magic seed thanks to Gaia. But if you are just taking the first steps in the game, the "Sell" button will only appear when you have more dragons. Touch the Support button in the lower left corner of the offer wall. D&D Beyond It is directly applied to the player who received a certain number of complaints from other players.If the number of complaints exceeds the established limit, the system automatically blocks the player for a while.

Spheres also vary in color depending on their rarity. What are joker spheres? A new tab in the Tree of Life, where you can create new queries. Video Games: Advice To Help You Beat Them, Achieve New Video Game High Scores With These Top Tips, Clash of Clans – TOP CLAN TROLLED ME! Please switch to a modern browser like Prev Post. To contact the company, follow these steps: Trial Pay: Tap the "Support" button in the lower left corner of the offer wall. Each type of rarity has its own essence of exchange. are often made by scammers who want to steal your data. Tap the Dragon Book icon at the top of the screen. Follow these steps to give your dragon a truly legendary name! For players who have just joined the union, there are no restrictions. "Heroic" is the rarest type. If someone bothers you, threatens or forces you to do what you do not want, ignore such messages and immediately report them by clicking the "Report" button. If you accidentally choose a low level account, the application will warn you: click "No" and select a Facebook account. However, try to invite as many people as possible into your union: the more people will participate, the faster you will advance in the race! By activating it, you can collect resources (food and gold) from all of your islands. Touch the album and find out which dragons you still need to get to collect the collection. Recent Posts. For example, the fourth house of Metal will always be more expensive than the fourth house of the Earth. All types of exchanges created by members of the union will appear in the chat of your union.

Do not meet with those whom you know only on the Internet! For example, in a warehouse. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 23 level. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

There is no official developers here to tell you otherwise. Receipts for these transactions will be emailed to you by Apple or Google after each purchase.
There are several towers available and some of them are more and some of them are less useful, so I took the time to give … To collect these spheres filled with incredible power, you need: To summon dragons, you first need to collect their spheres! Can I transfer my game from my Facebook account to another Facebook account? Keep in mind that there are several requirements that your friends must fulfill: I have more friends than indicated!

You can also return the dragons that are in your Dragonaria, right in the Tree of Life! The same goes for home improvements. Legendary Dragon Pack: Food + Gold + Diamonds + 1 Legendary Dragon. It is very simple: The following is a list of islands that are currently available in the game: Why do not I see all the islands? Dragon City is primarily a game. What is gain? How to exchange? For example, the second on the list is a level 2 gaming account, and the application says that this is not recommended! A completely new version of Dragon City has been released, which will allow all players on the PC to play a version specially designed for Windows with all the functions available in the mobile version and faster graphics loading in high resolution. Violation of any of the above rules will lead to verification of the accounts used for this and their possible blocking. General instructions are as follows: How to disable notifications (iOS)?

Is there a diamond confirmation button in the game? Trophies are awarded for defeating other Dragon Lords in arena battles. Select the offer whose reward for which you have not received, and touch the "Report" button.

The remaining time is shown on the island! You can strengthen any dragon, provided that you have the necessary number of spheres for the corresponding type of dragon. You can create a new exchange request using 2 essences, or accept a request published by another member of your union using 1 essence (it works the same for all types of rarities!). You will be able to use such dragons as jokers. Deus created the Warrior Chest with the help of his Staff of Wisdom to keep the spheres for summoning new dragon warriors.

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