Oasis Community Learning is the part of Oasis global family © Oasis charitable trust, 2020 Oasis Community Learning is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales number 05398529 and an Exempt Charity. Exclusions in Kent Schools, 2019-20: Astonishment and Predictability.

at the schools. Tickets are now available for Fair Banding Test at Brompton Academy, Gillingham on Thu 16 Jul 2020 at 1:00PM. Brompton and Strood Academies set the Fair Banding Test for all applicants. Two are in Kent: Rearsted Primary Academy and Snowfields Academy, a secondary special school. Sign up for the fair banding test now. at the schools. Surprisingly, therefore, both schools appear to be losing pupils to the struggling Aylesford School down Bluebell Hill into Kent. », https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/free-schools-successful-applications, Fraudulent Applications for Admission to Schools, Kent Secondary Statistics on Admission & Appeal, Medway Secondary Statistics on Admission & Appeal, Primary School Statistics for Kent & Medway. Fair Banding Test - Registration open now! One is in Medway, Leigh Academy, Rainham, a secondary mainstream school. Probably the biggest Medway story is that of St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive, whose popularity has declined every year since 2014, with just 46 children placing it first choice, with 101 being allocated there by Medway Council, having been offered no school of their choice, presumably few if any having a Catholic background. The pipeline spreadsheet can be downloaded here: You will find the full table of appeal outcomes below. Fair Banding Testi Brompton Academy is an all ability school and in order to secure an all ability intake that is representative of the national ability range, all applicants for admission must take a fair banding test, which is prescribed by GL Assessments (formerly NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research). Do you know if there any truth that St John Fisher will be moving just off of City Way Rochester? Dates for the Fair Banding test are to be confirmed. If places in a band are not filled or become vacant, for example, because parents/carers accept offers of places at other schools, and no applicants in those bands remain without a place, they must be evenly filled by children falling into the next nearest bands (i.e. This also impinges on chances of success at appeal which are again likely to be low. Please note that there will be some 'churning' as successful appeals for grammar school places remove some children from the non-selective schools. Fair banding is designed to ensure that children have a good chance of gaining a place at a school regardless of their academic ability or their family circumstances. It turned away 72 first choices this year. It is not a pass/fail test, but designed to give each school a fair spread of abilities in its intake. The Medway Academy (secondary) was also approved by government in 2017 for opening in 2019, but I can find no further trace of it, including the website of sponsors Leigh Academies Trust. What’s Happening at The Rochester Grammar School? The Maritime Academy, for all ages, sponsored by the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, was planned to open in September 2019, but the last mention of it was on the Trust, You will find the parallel article on Medway grammar schools, 41 pupils from outside Medway took up places in Medway non-selective schools, the large majority at Greenacre and Walderslade Girls.

This is the lowest number of first choices that I can find for any Medway school, in my records dating back ten years. With Walderslade Girls’, the two Walderslade schools are the furthest south in Medway, without the building development taking place across the rest of the Authority producing pressure on places. This test is usually a cognitive ability test(s) – it is not a pass or fail test. Basic HTML code is allowed. The way our family of academies work together to provide exceptional education is part of what makes Oasis so special.

The most oversubscribed school is Brompton Academy, as it has been for many years, turning away 218 first choices. Re unopened free schools: Maritime Academy still appears on the DfE free school pipeline list (updated April 2019). Make sure you enter the (*) required information where indicated. Victory has really established itself in the last two years, aided by a strong 'Good' Ofsted, Popularity continues to fall with problems in leadership, reflected in a, Last modified on Friday, 13 March 2020 18:56, posted by Nicola Webb, posted by Janet Downs, Can I Help You, and how much will it cost, « Oversubscription & Vacancies in Medway Grammar Schools on Allocation 2019, Medway Council vote for new Grammar School: oblivious of the facts.

This allocation is carried out randomly by the Local Authority. Usually holds an initially group session for appeals then finds it has room for all. A very popular school, run by the Leigh Academy Trust, attracting pupils off the Hoo Peninsula, with 48 first choices turned away. Receive all the latest news & blog posts from this site via email. Oasis operates in 11 countries across the world striving to achieve our vision of community where everyone is included. Has had a troublesome history, but seems to be settling down, reflected in a Good, Always popular and as usual, third most oversubscribed school in Medway this year. Its very Catholic, Two new academies are supposedly in the pipeline. As a result, there were only 34 vacancies in three schools, just 1.4% of the total. Leigh Academies Trust has three free schools in the pipeline. If your child has not taken this, they will be the last children to be considered for places.

How do banding tests work? Registration for Brompton Academy's fair banding test is NOW OPEN! You will find the parallel article on Medway grammar schools here, and on Kent non-selective schools here. Registered Address: 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HS. Has just taken  over the failed Riverside (Previously Medway) UTC. Subscribe now!

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