Thanks to Arthur Pereira, Phil Chen, and Peter Cole for providing info. The band released five albums between 1967 and 1978. * The A-side "I Don't Care" was written by Mark Dayton (aka Jim Petrie), who sang with the Dundee beat group Mark Dayton And The Honours and also briefly fronted The Mystery Men. The band continued to tour the UK into the new year. Ronnie Thomas (ex-The Hamilton Movement) -bass (from Sept 1967), For a more detailed history of The Fantastics/The Sovereigns see. The band's label, Music De Wolfe, were involved in film soundtracking and several Electric Banana tracks ended up in some horror and soft-core porn films. During their 5 month stay in France, this lineup recorded as Nino Ferrer's backing band, Leggs. The first track is “Hold That Thought” which comes from the album “Something Else” which is to be released on 1st June 2018. I didn’t start playing piano till I was 16 and didn’t write my first song till I was in my mid 20’s. By early September, John had left the group and was replaced on lead guitar by Roger McKew (Brian's ex-Meantimers bandmate). Thanks to James Payne and Dave Walmsley for providing info. Explore releases from Brian Johnstone at Discogs. The album, Arthur Pereira (aka Raffi Pereira) - guitar, "Wind Of Change" (Keith Foster) b/w "First In Line" (Keith Foster), Up Front, 1970. “when I left home and moved to san francisco, first thing on my mind was joining a band… the problem for me was that there were not any bands that would have me or even played the type of music I imagined I wanted to hear… so I decided to start my own… They soon joined Garnet Mimms as his backing band and recorded a live session at the University of Sussex, which was released on LP in 1967. The band was then renamed Simon K & The Meantimers and by the summer a full lineup change had taken place.

", there was an eventful ride home after the Plymouth gig. After several lineup changes, Brian Johnston joined them in 1978 and recorded their last album, The Return Of The Electric Banana.

The band went on hiatus after the death of Gary Holton in 1985. The band then returned to the Continent to play gigs in West Berlin and Torino, Italy. These tracks remained unfinished and the project was abandoned until a regrouping took place in September of 1978.

Pete Nelson - vocals, rhythm guitar, piano (1969-1974, 1978), Ricky Wolff - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, flute, sax (1969 - early 1971), Robin Shaw - bass, vocals (1969 - late 1973), Robin Box - lead guitar, vocals (1969-1974, 1978), Brian Johnston - keyboards, vocals (Spring 1970 - Autumn 1970), Julian Bailey - drums (Spring 1970 - mid-1970), Roger Hills - drums (1969, mid 1970 - mid 1973), Brian on TOTP with White Plains, 14 May 1970. Music is the universal language. Brian, in a brandy-fueled haze, managed to get under David's skin enough to get kicked out of the van a mile out from his house.

Roger Chapman had released 30+ studio, live and rarity albums between 1979 and 2012. They played one of their last shows at London School of Economics' Festival '71 on Wednesday, 3rd November. Thanks to Martin Sack and Tex Marsh for providing info. Everything I do has music involved in it to some to some degree. At the same time, I would make demo tapes and share them with friends… endless demo tapes… In 1960, Tommy started his solo career and was a regular player at New York's Apollo Theater. The band performed songs from the album throughout the European leg of the 2018 tour. They soon changed their name to The Crusaders, but then added "Golden" to their name to avoid being confused with another band from Edinburgh. It's not certain when Brian left the band. The Return Of The Electric Banana, Music De Wolfe, 1978. In 1969, Brian Johnston participated in at least one recording session at London's Morgan Studios under the Production of Alan Moorhouse. Ex-Procol Harum keyboardist, Pete Solley, was quickly recruited to take over on keyboards.

It's possible that Brian did make yet another TV appearance with the band, as they had performed on The Best Of Basil Brush show on 22 Aug 1970. This lineup was essentially the same as The Fallen Angels (minus Wally Waller).

Watch the video and learn a wee bit about why I make music and why I make the music I do.

Brian Francis Johnson (born 5 October 1947) is an English singer and songwriter.

In 1975, Tommy performed at the Wigan Casino for their 2nd anniversary. Your life can change in an instant... the space between. Multi-Genre Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Producer, Entrepreneur. Thanks to James Payne for providing info. good times… this album is one such tape from 1990/91 I can’t remember. I am a musician, songwriter/composer, producer/arranger and music fanatic. The band went their separate ways in early 1966. In August of 1967, Brian left the group to join Pip Williams' band, The Sovereigns, and was replaced by Mike Fraser.

Brian cut an album with the group early in the new year at a 4-track studio in Willesden in NW London. It’s hard to define, rationalise and understand but, you know what it feels like when it hits, They never worry about future security They never use the word ‘unprecedented’ They only think about the here and now They wake up and enjoy. I didn’t want to be in a classic country group, this is a document of my learning process.

Just as the Streetwalkers had been, Roger Chapman and The Shortlist were especially popular in Germany. John Edwards (aka "Rhino", future Status Quo bassist) - bass. The rising sun, the perennial sound of nature un-affected by humans. In early September 1967, bassist Mick Tomich left the band and was replaced by Ronnie Thomas. Pete Phipps left the band just before their French tour started in May 1972 and was replaced by ex-Long John Baldry drummer, Keith Boyce. A few years later, Brian's credits on the Roger Chapman LP, The Shadow Knows, appears as "Brian (don't call me Jock) Johnston".

All tracks were recorded at Cobra Studios , Berlin in 2017 . L to R: Brian Johnston, Ronnie Thomas, Mickey Finn, Terry Scott, Pete Phipps and Norman Leppard. Heart is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington.Formed in 1973, the group originally consisted of vocalist Ann Wilson, guitarist Roger Fisher, bassist Steve Fossen, drummer Brian Johnstone and keyboardist John Hannah.Shortly after the group's formation, Wilson's younger sister Nancy joined as rhythm guitarist, Johnstone was replaced by Michael Derosier and Hannah by Howard Leese. Brian's brother, Bobby Johnston, played alongside him as the band's bassist. This is the new single which announces the band’s forthcoming two albums to be released this year. The Sovereigns/House Of Orange (Aug 1967 - early March 1969), Simon K & The Meantimers (Spring 1969 - Autumn 1969), Joyce Bond Review (Autumn 1969 - Spring 1970), Tommy Hunt Band (Autumn 1970 - early 1971), Accrington Stanley (early 1971 - late 1971), Nino Ferrer & Leggs (mid-late 1972, 1977, 1979, 1995), Phil May & The Fallen Angels (July 1977, Sept 1978), Electric Banana (aka The Pretty Things) - (1978), Roger Chapman & The Shortlist (May 1984 - Sept 1985). Simon K (Kennie Simon) - lead vocals (early 1967-1970), Roger McKew - lead guitar (late 1968 - 1970), Brent Scott Carter - tenor sax (mid 1967 - Spring 1970), Tony Hall - sax (early Oct 1968 - Spring 1970), Brian Johnston - organ (Spring 1969 - Autumn 1969), Tex Marsh - drums (Summer 1968 - Spring 1970), For a more detailed history of The Meantimers, see.

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