Boyhood should be required watching for any student of child and adolescent development, as well as for all parents of boys AND girls. She has become a successful psychology professor herself; settled into a reasonably content life sans marital woes. He spoke at, not to, people. In fine bohemian spirits, he showers gifts upon the kids who obviously love him madly and miss him terribly. Absolutely critical to learn the craft of screenwriting. Linklater infuses his film with empathy, humor and soulfulness. In one interview, Linklater describes how he asked the boy who stars in the movie to occasionally write down notes about his everyday conversations just as they happened in his actual life (if he talked to a girl in high school, for example). Mason and Samantha get along with their new brother and sister but all are shaken when their stepfather turns out to be an alcoholic with a violent streak. Boyhood is one of the Best Films of 2014 with top-drawer performances by Ellar Coltrane as Mason, Patricia Arquette as his mother, and Ethan Hawke as his father. Certain characters who play prominent parts in young Mason’s life simply vanish as we jump forward in time. A critic observed that reading a Chekhov story was like holding a tiny, fluttering bird cupped in one’s hands. Richard Linklater began his remarkable project in 2002 when his unknown lead actor Ellar Coltrane (who plays Mason Jr.) was seven years old and kept on shooting at regular intervals until late 2013. What were your brothers and sisters like? Mason hangs out with his buddies spraying graffiti on walls, collecting arrow heads, and secretly ogling the breasts of models in the lingerie section of mail-order catalogues. Futile, often hilarious, attempts to bridge the generation gap constitute one of Boyhood’s many keenly observed themes, such as Mason Sr’s hamfisted tutoring of Samantha on birth control at a restaurant, utterly failing to register her squirmy “Geez dad, what if!? Mason bikes, sprays graffiti, leers at brassiere ads with his latency-age buddies-but he also muses over a dead bird and wonders if elves are really real. Perhaps not coincidental to our mutual enjoyment of the movie, a central feature of the story is the boy’s relationship with his biological father, who divorced Mason's mother early in his childhood. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. Mason remains equally detached and respectful with almost everyone, whether his ultra-religious relatives or his father’s wastrel musician friends. In the book Unlocking the Secrets of Your Childhood Memories, Kevin Leman and Randy Carlson state: The director often focuses on incidents which, of themselves, seem banal but when added together are very revealing of Mason’s changing character. His schizoid-like distancing also enables him to endure considerable traumat-ic events, such as Olivia’s move to Houston.

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