This is crucial especially if enemies have their wide range defenses that cover the beach. This type of base is built to be good against all attack strategies in general and defend especially well against Smokey Warrior attacks. View Mobile Site Season 8 Warship design and Strats. When you are farming or raid attacking other players, always note and estimate that amount of losses that you may incur. It is hard for attackers that flank to one side to gather energy. Different base types call for different placements which you can read about below. You need to know how much damage that your units can take, how long it takes for your units to take down enemy building, their walking speed, and their damage range. Recommended for around Headquarters levels 1-9. Having higher probability to carry out your raids and playing frequently yields better resource return most of the time.
And take out cannons first if you have heavy or tanks.

Alternatively, it's a special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well, e.g. Update: At tier 12 with this strat, after tier 10 you lose stars for losing. For the lower HQ levels, the best place is to have your HQ on the right edge of your base, next to your pier so that it is easier to protect with lower level defenses. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. I am very inclined to do this as well. In addition, you are more likely to receive much weaker opponents that can provide you with the resources you need when the time comes. With economy and support buildings, it is okay to have some of them touching because it is not typically worthwhile to use a Barrage or Artillery to destroy two non-defensive buildings purely for the energy. Lol i made that mistake once. Army Statistics Calculator; Artillery-Barrage Efficiency Calculator; ... Boom Beach Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

However, using just one of them can get costly real quick in terms of battle energy. For instance if you use Hooka usually, also try to level up your riflemen so you can use them in place of heavies if you run out. Other people are reporting how they've overcome it in other threads:,, You can also predict how the defenses will target your units too. Attacking troops are thrown right into the fray, and the sides of the base are defended with Boom Mines and all of the many other defenses in range which makes it very deadly to flank around the base. However, if the enemy defense has a sore cannon at the beginning, dropping off a swarm of infantries first may work. Tanks also move incredibly slow. This is the basic of the basic, without proper units and a good number of them, you will almost never be able to break even a mediocre defense. The end of the chains typically get less coverage from other defense buildings. I know this is pedantic, but flares are the pyrotechnic devices that we use to signal troops in Boom Beach. Dont use Kavaan to quick when spliting armies.

All of this need to be practiced and observed through using them. HQ Rush: If enemy’s HQ is not properly defended, use flares to quickly route your units straight to the HQ. Another good strategy seems to be to have multiple troops that you can use instead of just relying on one. Dropping Location The location of the initial blue flag drop matters. Warships. This base makes Warriors take a longer run before reaching the HQ. I don't care to check every YT or Reddit post on the subject to keep up with the cheeky bullshit. It is the only item for you to “control” your troops once you unleash them. By dropping units too early or too late, your units will either suffer unnecessary damage, or your units cannot destroy the defenses on time. This way you can save your troops from the time and trouble of going deep into the base. Nearly every good attack strategy involves destroying critical defenses either with the Gunboat before landing troops, or very quickly afterwards.

Alternatively, it's a special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well, e.g. No it doesn’t completely stall your progression. Yes it’s a disadvantage. It goes strictly (and only) by your rank. I matched up against people that have 4 engine rooms while I only had 3. All of the defensive buildings are placed right against the beach, and the non-defensive buildings are spread out around the perimeter of the base, making it harder for attackers to gain energy by destroying those buildings.
Warships. Placement of non-defensive buildings is important because the Gunboat energy an attacker gets from destroying them can win or lose the attack. First hero unlocked is kavan, ice shield rifleman zooka, arty out 1 core and choice flamethrowers and mortars, beat every HZ user on time. Half of the battle is to under how your own Boom Beach offensive units function. You generally want to stay away from Zooka because their HP is too weak and die too easily, more importantly, the Zookas are time consuming to be replaced. Each section will discuss that base's strengths and weaknesses and the general type of placement it should have. Warships. In theory, you should be able to scout and find other users who have done the same exact thing. However, if you are really good at maneuvering your troops, Zooka + tanks or heavy strategy can be deadly. Alternatively, it can mean stylishness and originality, e.g. This way you show up less in other people’s radar and you will be able to build faster without being attacked all the time. This way your troop don't have to waste time walking to it once they are done with other generators. There is no point to toss all of your units into a base that cannot be raided. They destroy while restoring their HP. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The HQ can be placed all the way in the corner once you unlock HQ level 13, which allows the removal of all Obstacles. Supercell is updating their Support Page FAQ with Warships questions that cover basic gameplay: By having that additional couple seconds of incorrect rallying point and ship drop, your attacking troops take unnecessary incoming fire. Flair is the stuff after your name on Reddit or on Discord.

This and thus rifleman zooka is king. You will have to use them at the right time against the right buildings to succeed.

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