Products: engine blocks and automatic transmission cases and housings, 2019 Production: 1.6 million engine blocks, 870K automatic transmission cases and housings, Operations: high pressure casting, die making. You have permission to edit this article. Bodine Aluminum, Inc., an aluminum manufacturer owned by Toyota, is shutting down its St. Louis location and offering 88 affected workers jobs at its Troy, Missouri, plant, about an hour away.

2003: Customer demand for Toyota vehicles results in Bodine’s expansion and groundbreaking at the company’s plant in Jackson, Tenn. 2005: The Tennessee plant starts production on engine blocks and transmission cases. Constant standing, and HOT environment. Bodine’s first products ship to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) for the Toyota Camry. I actually took the risk to leave $18 an hour to start a new life so n New York because I have faith that it will get better for me and my family.. On the other hand Bodine has been great to me and my family. TROY, Mo. V�Ä��r=�/��si+����F���k��9G�V�-�^b�$��/�����.J��f�/�o�-������s��tcNA|�z� 2017: Toyota announces that investments totaling $31.6M to be made in Tennessee and Missouri to help produce the first ever U.S.-made hybrid powertrain. Just about everything is done by seniority, there is some favoritism in that. 2019:  Toyota announces a $62M investment in Missouri and a $50M investment and plant expansion in Tennessee. The agency on Thursday presented Bodine with a birthday gift of sorts when it awarded a $756,894 grant to Troy for road upgrades near the aluminum plant. Get our lowest intro subscription rate ever. In contrast to employees represented by the UAW, Bodine currently does not pass along a partial cost of health insurance and other benefits to its employees. Does anyone have details on the second part the technical test for the maintenance positions? For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Discover more about these opportunities with our Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri, Inc. (TMMMO) location. Management needs work, but the key is to communicate with them. Short breaks, very strict, no compassion towards sickly family or children. B. Bodine Aluminum, Inc. shall emit less than 250.0 tons of voes in any consecutive 12-month period from the … Unpaid lunch, 40+ hours a week if manpower is low. Daily updates on the latest news in the St. Louis business community. Businesspersons Between Jobs still helping the jobless after 40 years, Exiled in Kansas, former Wentzville GM workers yearn for home, Franklin County auto supplier poised to add 200 jobs, Back from the brink, GM plant manager heralds Wentzville revival, GM expansion gives hope to St. Louis construction industry, GM starts $380 million expansion in Wentzville, Loss of Corvette a turning point for St. Louis manufacturing, Full access to and the award-winning journalism, Faster-loading pages with no more surveys.

Photo by … See more Bodine Aluminum reviews by job title, Can’t complain about the pay but the work gets tiring at times. Many people complain about it being fast-paced, but that's not entirely true.

Summer time is pretty hot, if you make it through your first summer you'll be fine.

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