Captive bred boa constrictor color mutations and morphs. The Boa List. Beautiful iridescent oranges and reds make up the various patterns on the snake, and a bright red orange eye brings the whole thing together. If you're breeding two morphs that are incompatible with each other, some dangerous side effects can occur -- often producing offspring that die within weeks. You also should start to see scale separation as she expands to accommodate the growing Kenyan sand boa babies in her belly. They tend to be light brown with dark brown, erratic patterns.

They are quite rare, but they do happen on occasion. As with any up and coming species, 'new' Kenyan sand boa morphs are being claimed. Albino boas lack melanin, resulting in a white to cream-colored body and red eyes. The last picture that shows two reduced patterned anerythristic Kenyan sand boas is an example of line breeding for a reduction of pattern that produces anerythristics that have more white than black or grey pattern. One thing I’ve noticed while researching morphs for this list, is that a lot of boa morphs have super awesome names. However, the existence and popularization of morphs has definitely changed the way boas have been viewed by society. Anery and Albino boas bred together will create double het offspring. This morph got its name because of its similarity to the Motley corn snake. VPI T+ … Over 20 years of experience in breeding, handling and … Whew! What we suggest using world of ball pythons genetics calculator to determine Kenyan sand boa genetic combination outcomes.

There are … Guaranteed. “Designer” morphs, which result from the genetic confluence of two pre-existing rosy boa morphs, e.g.
photographed and owned by StarDust Scales, produced by Jeff Kuhl), photographed and was owned by Dave Colling, (Super Candy stripe in photo, owned by Dave Colling). Example: The pair to bred is a Normal Kenyan sand boa het albiino paradox and a Normal stripe het albino paradox. 8 Ball Matter. Albino Boa. This can drastically affect its basic functionality and ability to go about day-to-day tasks. Christopher Gilbert: Gilbert Boas 2008-2020. (2020 Cost Breakdown). Compiled and written by Christopher Gilbert, © Gilbert Boas 2008-2020                                      Contact:

2. As you may have already guesses, they actually are lacking in scales and instead have skin. And like many popular reptiles, this means there have been many beautiful morphs created with them throughout the years. Anerythristic Kenyan Sand Boas lack the ability to produce yellow or orange color. Its hard to believe this pearly white snake with various pastel shades is real, but it is, and it is gorgeous.

When born she had light grey markings with a white base color but gained a light yellow tone as she matured. This is a recessive gene that is frequently combined with other morphs to create lighter boas. on Top 10 Brazilian Rainbow Boa Facts – a Snake With Rainbow Scales? Although this is a fairly small species with minimal care requirements, they do live for a very long time. How do I know When to Breed my Female Kenyan Sand Boa? Typically, the gravid Kenyan sand boa female will give birth to a large healthy litter of baby Kenyan sand boas at night. Boa constrictors, also known as red tail boas or columbian boas, are very large snakes that can get up to 10 feet long, although the average is between 6 – 8 feet. An Albino boa is absent or deficient in melanin (also known as amelanistic). Morphs and Descriptions. Despite their massive size, boa constrictors are still quite popular pets among experienced reptile keepers. This results in boas that allow the underlying colors to show through much more prominently, making it a popular breeder morph.

Plus, healthier and happier boas tend to have better success with reproducing.

​When you acquire your first boas, you need to keep them as happy and healthy as you possibly can. A boa's average litter is around 16 babies, with some producing litters over 50!

This co-dominant gene is a color and pattern mutation. Sometimes an infertile egg will also be birthed, these are referred to as slugs in the reptile industry and will appear like a hardened small egg, see picture below.

The Spider morph has been doing great in the ball python world since 1999 and is considered a staple morph by most hobbyists for any collection. Normal Kenyan Sand Boa - Normal Ball Python, Anerythristic Kenyan Sand Boa - Axanthic Ball Python, Albino Kenyan Sand Boa - Albino Ball Python, Albino Paradox Kenyan Sand Boa - Albino Lavender Ball Python, Hypomelanistic Kenyan Sand Boa - Hypo/Ghost Ball Python, Splash Kenyan Sand Boa - Pied Ball Python, *Stripe Kenyan Sand Boa - Pinstripe Ball Python. These days you can find normal, healthy boa constrictors for around $100​. Beautiful pale lavenders and pale yellows create a subtle contrast, and almost give the snake a glowing appearance. We recommend using an under tank heat pad to provide a hot spot on one side of the aquarium between 95-105 degrees. They are indigenous to the Northeast of Africa and are as prolific in their geographical range as corn snakes are in the United States of America. These exorbitant prices are quite uncommon, though. So what exactly are boa morphs? Not only is the pinky orange colour gorgeous, the unique pattern down the sides of the snake is a really different, cool look. If you're set on becoming a breeder for monetary gain or to just create unique boas for yourself, you need to first become as knowledgeable as possible. Note: We may earn commissions from the links within this post.  The subspecies of Boa constrictor, followed by all of the morphs, broken down by inheritance type or the number of mutations combined for a specific designer variant. 50 Shades Of Grey. ​In short, ​boa constrictor morphs are significantly more expensive than standard boas​. Albino Paradox Kenyan Sand Boas are very striking and genetically recessive which means they are one of the few reptiles that the characteristic black spotting aka paradoxing are predictably reproducible. maunfacturer or supplier? There is a good amount of variety in Key West boas, as their colors and pattern can be influenced by other genes. The purpose is to gain access to a Kenyan Sand Boa Genetics Calculator that will generate a list of statistical odds of Kenyan sand boa morphs that can be produced by a combination of Kenyan sand boas. For the first two months her appetite will increase and she will eat much more readily and larger quantities of mice/rats than in the past. Blood boas are considered "dwarf boas" as they only reach about 5 feet in length. Corn Snake Morphs – 27 Morph List, Pictures & Descriptions. is a collaborative work by readers of, breeders and some of the amazing boa constrictor morphs out there!!!! Pastel boas tend to have an overall reduction of black pigment. Anerythristic Kenyan Sand Boa Snow Kenyan Sand Boa. These beautiful boas tend to be a solid color, ranging from light brown to a dark brown/gold mixture. Updated April 1, 2020. To use the world of ball pythons genetics calculator you will have to select a few different ball python morphs to represent the Kenyan sand boa morphs that are not found in ball pythons. on Top 10 Mexican Alligator Lizard Facts – A Very Beautifully Green Lizard, 10 Things You Should Know Before You Get A Leopard Gecko. keepers of Boa Constrictor Morphs. Those offspring can be bred together to potentially create a Snow boa. Kenyan sand boa care is very easy.

Top 10 Brazilian Rainbow Boa Facts – a Snake With Rainbow Scales? Another small boa that only reaches 5 feet at maturity and is a recessive gene. The dominance of these mutations determine whether or not these changes will be visible in the offspring​, so it's quite an important aspect for boa breeders to consider. Plus, the lavender eyes really bring it all together! No matter which morph you decide to go with, though, all boa constrictors will cost roughly the same amount of money throughout their lives.

The Ghost Brazilian Rainbow Boa morph is a combination of the Anery and Hypo genes. Despite the fact that basically all morphs behave the same and have the same requirements, they can look extremely different and beautiful. The mutations that occur in boas, or morphs, affect the physical appearance of the snake by changing where and what kind of skin pigment is produced. Snow morphs are a result of crossbreeding an albino morph with an anerythristic morph.

A snow... Ghost Kenyan Sand Boa. This is a very desirable morph that has a pale background and pronounced colors. Champagne Mahogany.

on Top 10 Cat Gecko Facts – the gecko with a cat tail? Originally founded and proven by Outback Reptiles. Enclosed are photos, descriptions and historical accounts for each variation of these beautiful snakes. That month date range from earliest to latest is a fairly accurate estimation of your female Kenyan sand boas gestation period. They simply lack melanin to certain degrees. Today we’re focusing on just 10, but let us know in the comments if we missed out on your favourite! Kenyan sand boas give live birth.

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