It disappeared and no one could figure out what happened. I won this camera from Kevin Spacey from a short film contest. The problem is that we are pumping up to fifteen times more water from the ground than is returning back into it, creating a global crisis. 2 0 obj Um, military industrial complex type corporations but, you know, these companies….these companies are huge they are just a little bit more behind the scenes. Uh, just because there are no nutrients getting to it. Sean Daily: Regarding the Lake Naivasha issue, that was her, that was her cause. Ironically, implemented to counter a diminishing water supply. we now pump approximately 30 billion gallons of ground water every day. When all is said and done, people need water to survive. Is holding our governments accountable for just not selling the water in the first place. And uh, Dr. Kraftcheck again, he did a….he did a sample….he started studying since world war two and when we really started paving everything after world war two and things got more and more industrial. Found online at Mexico is having to go further and further and further away from its local water sources. And um, you know, that’s when we put down the project. And we are essentially desertifying . I devote the film to him because of this. They realized it’s easier…cause it was easier….you know…it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. And it was a…it was a retired….a group of retired people, um, you know, deer hunters, republicans, which I love, there just these old people and they, and they fought them out. And it uh, it seems that uh, again, I there are so many areas that are covered, it, it’s almost at some point you’re like stop I can’t believe that there are this many crises around one topic you know, but certainly Maude and Tony, both who appear in the film as on camera experts and they really represent two different perspectives and I appreciate it. ������\=���j�t��u�:=��,[5{ҿk���e}e��_��EF�Ln�|�|CH�1`l���R��I���T[_��O��d)60�Ӫ��^k�>���k���|1�R��l�Z�8������]>���s�B�]�=�1F� Our soil is eroding, simply meaning that overgrazing, winds and flooding damage the top layer of earth. But it’s really there to try to intimidate um, activist from speaking their mind. In films, like the one created by my guest today, are beginning to change that way of thinking. 3. The way forward. Sam Bozzo: Yeah. Which have lobbies and political power. Yeah…what I liked about the book it’s broken up into three parts. The way that the law works is that they're allowed to use limitless qualities, and then the added kicker is that the law said, "if you don't use it,if you don't defer all of this water, you may lose your water right.".

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