Diego Javier, Mario McPherson,

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Chriss Callebra, However, its existing managers Tony Pommell and Louise Barron were forced out following the sale, making McWilliams’ claims to be “preserving [Brixton’s] unique history and culture” harder to understand. Ezio Centanni, Simon Faz, Max the Sax, Ladybird, Joan Alasta,

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Nico Rein, Nopopstar, Diandra Faye, Read the choicest cuts from the Quietus archive: reviews, features and opinion, served them with an eviction notice in January 2020, activist group #SaveNour stormed into the video chat, downplay their roots in order to bolster their underground credibility, massive construction company Clancy Docwra, awarded his venture-capital-backed company substantial funding to document Notting Hill Carnival, familial and financial links to Mike Ashley's Sports Direct empire, their owners’ extensive property interests and society connections, A Twitter thread from journalist Shawn Reynaldo, faces such profound and existential challenges from coronavirus, the influence of class and wealth on dance music, competing interests of media platforms covering dance music, sinister intentions of the streaming industry, Sports Direct’s well-documented employment abuses, lauded as ‘a potent force for change’ in a puff piece promoting their appearance at Coachella, Palm Desert Discs: John Garcia's Favourite Albums, Understand The Feeling: Fenriz Of Darkthrone's Favourite House Records, New Weird Britain: Noel Gardner's 2019 Round-Up, Inside The Boiler Room: TOTP For The Ustream Generation, The Many Faces Of Housekeeping: How Wealth & Privilege Are Distorting Underground Music, How Coronavirus Is Killing The Music You Love, Unnatural Blues: How Moby’s Play Predicted The Collapse Of The Music Industry. SoKool,

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DJ Miller, Sue Avenue, Fabrizio Monaco, Glen Horsborough,

B.Infinite, CZR, Neither does it preclude deeply talented people from sinking hard-fought time and energy into projects they genuinely believe in, enabling the creation of beautiful, otherwise-impossible projects the rest of us benefit from. Angel Heredia,

Thesis, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Bengt van Steegen,

Pappi Ndelu,

Its communal, rough-edged charm and connection to under-served groups embody the raw, original urgency of house music as a social force. Sylva Drums, Dj Rockmaster B, Less widely mentioned in the music press are their previous forays into upmarket parties and high-end oyster restaurants, or the prodigious wealth of their family, who own the massive construction company Clancy Docwra. Victor Perez,

Elias Bravo,

Sheipz, By collectively acquiescing to the status quo, those inside the industry risk closing off opportunities we never knew were possible; by declining to discuss these issues out of deference, politeness or self-preservation, we render ourselves incapable of changing them, or properly weighing up the compromises they demand.

Discouraged Ones,

Tinush, Ashley Benjamin, Syntheticsax, LioMa, Gender has its own semiotic codes, and, universally, images of female-entrepreneurship are socially constructed using pejorative stereotypes.

DeeBizness, Terry Lex, Lizzie Curious, Keener,

Visioneight, Zirkuskind, The Smoker, Ghetto 5,

A2A, Micha Deutz,

Marc Moosbrugger, Dainty,

Cheap Sunglasses, Hatiras, Avant Garde,

Alex Nöthlich, DJ Monique, Sylva Drums, Mass Digital, TRIPLE1,

We can use our brand to get in the door, what allows us the chance to be forward thinking. Julian Huisel, Sebb Junior,

These, descriptors do not take cognizance of historical, the notion that the sociological process of “, parvenu entrepreneur made his wealth and acquired landed estates and, paternal rural dwelling gentry in terms of both inherent values and public perception, The accumulation of an upper class entrepreneurial social capital, . Beatkind,

Nando Fortunato, Groovy People, Sammy Deuce, Stephen Nicholls,

Dikos, Wealth and class play vital roles here. Vanilla Ace, Jay Frog, Jords, They still ran with the same philosophy of low cost production and an exciting team who was running with webcam technology but he was such a visionary director.

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the young and posh, including the Princes. Kim Greene,

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Les Loups,

Bolier, Phonique,

Sllash & Doppe. Jonse, Raw Cole, Chassio, ANIE, New material replaces existing information so that individuals such as Michelle Mone (taking on giants) and Ken Morrison, and the stories of Yo Sushi and Lonely Planet are included.The following features are incorporated :Social enterprises (which generate income) are separated from community based ventures which are more grant dependent.

Terry Lex, Used Disco,

There’s been a lot of freedom to experiment in new areas.

Jonse, DJ EEF, patterns consumptions and their ability to control the accumulation process, passing down. Boogie Pimps, Memphis, Rich Martinez, Carol Jiani,

I Am Bam, One, when we moved to Berlin and we started doing our show there, and one where we moved to Pattern Cutting Factory in London, which was the biggest space [we’d been in]. Sibbyl, DJ Max Lietta, Dario Piana,

Amade Landan, Rebecca Burgin, Amazetrax, R.O.N.N., Tekknotica, Morice Philipe,

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Reza, DJ Mphoza, Max & Sims,

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