You should know that this isn’t going to be a quick process.

Some rifle barrels have shallow grooves while others will have much deeper groves. When the final piece of the process fell into place for me I soon realized that all the top shooters in that club were practicing some elements of this method but not every one of them had a grasp of every variable in the total process.

Combinations of different ball size and different patching thickness. Since black powder substitutes are typically classified as smokeless propellents (instead of explosives), they are not subject to the same stringent rules and regulations regarding their transportation or storage as black powder. These nipples use a #10 Remington or a #11 CCI cap. A good rule of thumb is to measure black powder loads using a volumetric device (like the powder flask and spout that came with your Uberti) and smokeless powder by actual weight using a scale.

“Normal” means the powder is compressed slightly, with no air space between powder and projectile. The same is true with the 44, even with bigger chambers and bullets. Set your targets from 25 to 50 yards depending on the size of your target and how precisely you can aim. (saves hands from brusies), Two custom made short starters for use with mallet. It also roughly simulates the performance true black powder. Use the best powder charge from your previous range session, the balls you sorted by weight, and the same lube. For 50 caliber and larger use FFg or …

Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder Fortunately for us shooters the barrel makers have done the math to determine the best twists.

If you load the ball with the sprue to one side it will wobble and fly outside of the group. These were the first legitimate repeating carry pistols and these sold the best in their time. For our 50 caliber rifle that translates to 50 grains of black powder. substitute. For these reasons American Pioneer Powder and Jim Shockey powder are the choice of many cowboy shooters. Though there are many excellent 36 caliber pistols on the replica market today, the Colt 1851 Navy is easily the most famous and the most represented. Now I have to scratch that itch! Hope this helps.
I haven’t had a jammed cap since I… Read more ». Set your powder measure at 50 grains.

By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Dead blow mallet to start tight loads. Moisten your patching strip with saliva by placing it in your mouth or spray a little of your cleaning solution or moose milk on it.

Soak one strip of your best thickness of patching material in this mixture, squeeze the excess out of the fabric back into the jar. If you were to measure a different fabric you could very well find that it also measures .015 thick uncompressed but that its compressed measurement is .010. If you hang them to dry the water/oil solution will run down the strip leaving more oil at the bottom and less at the top. To other people, part of the pleasure of using a Hawken or Sharps rifle involves stepping back in time: A modern Sharps reproduction might be perfectly safe when used with smokeless powder and jacketed bullets, but that’s not the way hunters in the 1800s did it. After that discovery, he always emptied his horn back into a powder can following every event. On the difficulty getting real black powder, I like to make my own. If you neglect to do this fouling builds up with each consecutive shot. This commission comes at no extra cost to you.

The guns can be extremely accurate. The better you can see your target and sight alignment the better your results will be. That being said, it is probably the easiest black powder substitute to ignite, so it’s a good choice for hunters who want to use a black powder substitute in a sidelock muzzleloader or certain inline muzzleloaders with a musket or #11 cap.
Use the smallest targets you can see well. As for cleaning, yes, in a lever-action rifle, blackpowder can be a bit of a pain, but it’s easily washed out using warm soapy water.

With the action open, the black gunk is easily pushed out of the muzzle with a wet patch wrapped around a bore brush. The reason this works is because the oil mixes evenly with the water and the fabric will only absorb so much of this mixture until it is fully saturated.

You can accomplish this by using JB bore paste on a tight cleaning patch. All these details have an effect on where the ball strikes the target. You must log in or register to reply here. Start by putting one measure of oil in a glass jar. In fact, unlike most competitors, Blackhorn 209 burns clean enough that it’s not necessary to swab the bore between shots.

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