| Source: Wikimedia Commons. there was a hilarious SNL parody of the Twilight Zone with the original as where Ricky Nelson (the gues host) kept wandering from the wrong 50s TV family to the wrong 50s TV family. Otherwise, you'll just have He's also smoking hot in SOME LIKE IT HOT, as the hotel bellboy who chases after Jack Lemmon in drag... r32 As good as Gray would've been, the screen credit goes to Al Breneman. After he left acting, Billy Gray became a speedway motorcycle racer. Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: I was just thinkin' what I'd do if I was a pig eatin' peoples ribs. If you are interested you can take a look at A friend played the family's maid. Anyway, it was a long, happy marriage. Any nudes or sex tapes of Billy? Young ended the show which had decent ratings and spent a couple years in prime time reruns, which was very odd. "I almost died" the former 'Father Knows Best' star said as he relayed his life-threatening journey of these last two months. And they're endorsed by Jeanne K. Russell, DC , who played little Martha on "Dennis the Menace.". He said that Wyatt spoke of him fondly and said that it was a shame he wasn’t able to transition more successfully into adult roles. [quote]And they're endorsed by Jeanne K. Russell, DC , who played little Martha on "Dennis the Menace.". Billy Gray, like Steve McQueen, acted and lived a life of action in So Cal., an accomplished actor and professional Motorcycle Racer. Dwayne Hickman was very hot on Dobie Gillis. All you have to do is listen. Using arm against arm I do (1) Bicep curls. absolutely nothing. Right wing gun nut Tammy Bruce was present when benets supposedly shot herself. Billy Gray was the heartthrob of every young American fledging gay boy of the 1950's. Of course, she survived more gracefully. One of my favorite Lucy/Ethel moments is when Lucy picks out an outfit for Ethel (a pair of hostess pants) that Ethel hates. $25 + $5 USPS ShippingMoney Back Guarantee©2019 Patent Pending. Billy Gray in 1977. Shortly after Billy turned 15 on January 13, he got his first motorcycle, a 500cc Matchless British racing bike in 1953. But that show gave me an even worse inferiority complex about my hopeless family. Please click here to register for free. She was occasionally on "The Real McCoys.". [quote] He sells his own "personal massagers" on his website. Can we get back to talking about Billy Gray when he was young and beautiful? Last modified : 2011-10-03 Always thought Billy Gray was a fine actor and nice-looking guy. I can't believe it's actually being referenced here. Here she is singing. Said the kids favorite shows were "Leave It To Beaver", "Andy Griffith", "Donna Reed" and above all "Father Knows Best" When asked why they all liked them so much the kids said it was nice to see calm families without real worries and that got along. I only ever saw it in reruns and always thought it was less watchable than "Ozzie and Harriet" (the original show about nothing) or Donna Reed (the likeability of the characters overcame the often sanctimonious material). The "Father Knows Best" part had John Belushi doing a funny imitation of Bud, with a ripped t-shirt and being surly and out of it, and Laraine Newman being even funnier as an extremely neurotic Elinor Donahue ("I know I'm not very pretty..."). Well, Elinor Donahue was already a well-adjusted adult by the time she was cast in Father Knows Best. Interestingly, he was married (first wife) to Brenda Benet...who later married Bill Bixby. Someone up thread mentioned how popular the show was even after it stopped production. and a guest star on many others (even Golden Girls.) He then left after a few episodes to become a movie star, allowing Dwayne to revert back to his darker locks. Billy and Lauren were still kids. I just knew I wanted to go to that camp! Yep, ol' Bud certainly got a pounding! The show really collapsed after she left and Patti Petersen was adopted into the family. A friend of mine met Jane Wyatt a few times, and Billy Gray’s name came up. My mom couldn't figure out why a little kid would want to watch shows like that and "Family". I loved that they unapologetically wrote Betty as a high riding bitch. Was he considered hot back in the day? Billy Gray's mother was actress Beatrice Gray, a longtime character actress with small roles in such films as Otto Preminger's Laura, and Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff. So Bud turns up and want to go in, but someone tells him he needs to take his clothes off. for your pointless bitchery needs. That was some hard livin'! Heart O' Texas Speedway will be hosting the 23rd Annual Fall Classic October 22-24, 2020. Three days later it was back into intensive care. [R112] - I can't believe Elinor Donahue is 79! Rushton won both the main events he took part in at the speedway, winning the 602 Crate Division and Limited Division races, and took both races with relative ease. [quote]She used to be on Days of Our Lives and ended up committing suicide after the death of her son (by Bill Bixby). Nice to see him receiving DL love! Bill Gray's Bypass SurgeryBy Howie Zechner. Even young Dick Crenna as Walter Denton on Our Miss Brooks was somewhat of a young heart throb to desperate little gay boys in the early 1950s. "The owner came to me one day and said, 'I'm going to sell this house, and you should really think about buying it.' Pretty cool. So, let's have the rest. Hard livin'? So true about the likeability of The Donna Reed Show characters r78 and the actors portraying them! However, even then I found "Ambitious" dreamy. Jerry Mathers had a chance to continue his career with some movie roles. Elinor Donahue was pregnant during one of the seasons. Although still weak he is walking and almost able to breath properly. Co-star Warren Beatty insisted he would be the only brunette on the series. site without all this bureaucratic nonsense, Did Elinor ever write an autobio? He was extremely popular with the racing crowd -riders, crews, and fans. Is that really him? But tv in every home was a new and novel thing in the early-mid 50s, so programming was somewhat limited; there were blocks of time when Off-Air Test Patterns were all there was. The producers of Cheers had Shelley Long study the character of Betty before filming on Cheers began. Shelley Fabares' aunt was the late Nanette Fabray (real last name Fabares). Hello. They were really, relatively speaking era wise, some funny kids with all their lying and schemes. When asked what he had to say about this experience the former #99 was blunt. Close to death the doctors immediately inserted a stent to get blood flowing. I had such a crush on Billy Gray. The lesson seemed to be that the outward appearance of permanent domestic bliss is more important than admitting that grown-ups quarrel too sometimes. It is the best and easiest way to get me back onto the stage! Back, from left: Billy Gray, Jane Wyatt, Robert Young, Elinor Donahue. Billy Gray became known as the teenager, Bud Anderson on the 1950s sitcom “Father Knows Best.” However, a conviction for marijuana possession shortly after had his life take the corner into his childhood passion for motorcycles. Young and his wife were alcoholics, which would have been compounded by his depressive problems. Oh, and the guest star was Carleton Carpenter, of "Abba-Dabba Honeymoon" fame. (5) Thighs –  by bending my knee and then straightening my leg. Agreed R6, watching the show now, Billy Gray’s nipples poking through those tight t-shirts should get co-starring billing! They'd arrive drunk and arguing like children. Father didn't always know best...he was sometimes rude, and the kids sasses back. Ethel then accuses Lucy of calling her "a hippopotamus." Jane Wyatt would later find success as Angela Channing on Falcon Crest. I saw a Father Knows Best episode today where Bud tracks down a professor who was supposed to interview Betty for a scholarship...in a steam bath! If he says there is nothing wrong see another doctor. "Billy Gray was cute, but I think Ronnie Burns of the "Burns and Allen " show was gorgeous! Series Finales, up until today, still regularly feature clips from the series. They played siblings. One of my favorite Youtube clips is she and her two (film) sisters singing The Dickie Bird Song with their "mother" Jeanette MacDonald. He would've been a junkie and killed himself regardless of what he did with this life. Would it? Just looking through a photo album as an excuse for a clip show. But that was the magic of Betty. Billy was always a man of the people, just another guy, he raced into his late forties. on LITB, always fucking kill me. His character ‘Bud’ was an icon, we never got tired of his smart ass remarks, a true roll model. our privacy/terms or if you just want to see the damn Pamelyn Ferdin, a child actress on every other TV show from the mids 60s to the mid 70s, said on a DVD extra interview (of Family Affair), that when she turned 18 she told her mother she wanted to quit acting and use the money she made to go to college and become a registered nursed. He goes in, wrapped in a sheet, and starts chatting up strange men, and then he follows the professor into the massage room and has to get a massage as well, by a well-built man. R150, that's because family sitcoms like FKB , the Donna Reed Show, Leave It to Beaver and the Andy Griffith Show often tried to teach a little lesson along with the entertainment. He also got busted for marijuana possession (seeds and stems, according to Gray) which tarnished his image. I remember her short lived 70s drama, "Mulligan's Stew". Chapin had a terrible home life and later had a drug problem and was a prostitute for awhile. Monty was so beautiful, he could have a micropenis and I'd still have gone in there happily. She was a high riding bitch. He turned his attention to child advocacy and started a non-profit to help protect child stars. I'd never seen the show before. R23 The first scripted series to have a proper finale was Leave it to Beaver in 1963. And the perkiest nipples in all of TV. Martha was the first Mr. Wilson's (Joseph Kearns) wife. Gray's Bud was a big part of that - focused, not very bright, sincere, silly. Elinor Donahue says in an interview included as an extra on the DVD set that producers eventually made her wear a fake ponytail. R46, if you're still around .. I remember reading an interview where she said she was behind the couch leaning over a lot to hide her condition. They had her in pigtails and little frilly dresses way into puberty and she cried every episode, toward the end probably because of cramps, but she was dressed a little girl. | Source: Wikimedia Commons. The officer found a bag of seeds Billy had intended to give to a friend and forgotten about along with residue and arrested him. Former USA Speedway star and actor, Billy Gray had quadruple bypass surgery. Father Knows Best was a Screen Gems show but Ackerman didn't produce it--Robert Young's company was the producer. I was about 5 or younger when I watched MMC and Spin and Marty. That Billy Gray who played the son Bud sure was hot. I guess they decided to be a bit more respectful on the tube. Watching “FTB” today on Tubi-TV — Billy’s so cute and appealing! r92, I've got some swampland I'd like to sell you.

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