Follow me on twitter or facebook. They may have not been in an accident, but it’s still likely their bike is giving them trouble. Including other brands, there were 470,000 new bikes sold that year. 7. If they reply with a thumbs up, then everything’s good. In fact, touching someone else’s bike can mislead others to thinking you’re about to steal it! Maintain your position in the group, although you can and should wave faster riders ahead. Rules for Motorcycle Group Rides. Obey the rules of the roadWhen you're on a bike, you are a representative of every other biker. Generally speaking, bikers respect bartenders. You should also make a point to watch the leader of your group so you don’t miss hand signals, says Rider Magazine. Not everyone is a Harley rider, nor will everyone ride one of the hottest motorcycle models of 2019. You love your bike. We now have 17 chapters nationally. After all, you're already on a bike; you've got nothing to prove. There’s even a signal for letting the driver/rider behind you know there’s a hazard on the road. Here’s what to consider before heading out on a group ride: Group rides can become dangerous due to the following reasons, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF): It’s a good idea to create guidelines beforehand to reduce the unpredictability of a group ride. Consider having the most experienced riders be the lead and the sweep, recommends Rider Magazine. Passing in the same lane puts both you and the other biker in a potentially dangerous situation. Trust that. Lawless riding also includes driving under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol. Welcome to The Allstate Blog!

Respect that. This site is developed in conjunction with and The Allstate Insurance Company. You should also increase the following distance between riders to at least two seconds.

And not everyone wants a Kawasaki Ninja. If you can’t find the owner, then you have no choice but to wait and stare at it in wonder. Your motorcycle’s front wheel should be a few inches behind the other rider’s rear wheel. We’re talking about motorcycle hand signals used to communicate with everyone else. That can include putting on too much speed without you noticing. It’s even more severe for non-riders. It’s not only basic etiquette to wave to other riders – it’s a signal that connects you with the community. Check out our Rides and Routes page for insider info on where to head out with your pride and joy! Also, never ask if you can ride someone else's bike. That way, the rider won’t feel pressured to speed and catch back up to the group, says the MSF.

While doing this, riders move up to the next available position — and not pass each other. Otherwise, the other rider can accidentally hit your bike, sending it crashing on its side. If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you be glad and relieved someone helped?

But it isn't always appropriate. (One caveat is that if you are on a busy road, and there is room for another biker to safely pass you within your lane, you can wave them through.). You can also use this time to discuss the hand signals your group should know. Here's what to consider before heading out on a group ride: Dangers…,, Riders covering too much of the roadway, or driving side by side. Check Your Bike Before Riding. Most of it comes down to common sense and being considerate of other riders, but there are a lot of nuances. We’re not only talking about “the wave”, as that’s too important it needs a separate explanation.

While you want to keep your motorcycle group relatively tight, you should also maintain some space to give riders time to swerve or brake, if needed, says Motorcycle Cruiser. Respect other people’s sleds, and you’ll earn respect from their owners. This is because you may not have enough room if you need to swerve to avoid a car or oncoming hazard. 5.

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