Some of the main attractions include a the entrance where a massive mountain is built cloacking the front of the house, enough elevated surfaces to satisfy any rager, a 10 foot tall faux mountain triple hosed beer bong, neon rivers and waterfalls, a foam pit (what happens in the foam pit stays in the foam pit), a DJ fully decked out in a yeti costume spinning from an iceberg, and of course, sexy sorority girls in retro ski wear. It's sheer ridiculousness.”, “@brianrquick: A beer was cracked every 4.35 seconds for 2.5 hours last night. See more ideas about Ohio state, Ohio, Party. it’s a sad world in greek life when ato and phi delt are upper mid tier, Phi psi, Sig Chi, Kappa Sig Talk about girls fighting over guys. This year we donated our proceeds to The USO. Local and regional political circumstances often influence party strength. It was just an awesome day full of just alcohol driven chaos. Governors as of December 10, 2019[update]: Party control of state legislative chambers as of January 2020[update]: Results of the 2016 Presidential election: Current standings in the U.S. Senate and in the U.S. House as of the 116th Congress: Number of state legislatures controlled by each party. The state Democratic or Republican Party controls the governorship, the state legislative houses, and U.S. Senate representation. Before you type:  Remember, do not post names, initials, or any derogetory content. The smaller house also allows for an incredible set up. Irrelevant dudes, Tier 1 - Sig Chi, Phi Psi and Kappa Sig(Phi Psi and Kap Sig might not last long because of all the trouble surrounding them) Always is and forever will be.”, “Every year, our chapter hosts a week long philanthropy event called “FIJI Islander,” a tradition for every FIJI chapter. There were 10 kegs and nearly 3000 dollars worth of alcohol distributed river side and on our top deck. Ohio is considered a swing state, being won by either the Democratic or Republican candidates from election to election. After sifting through hundreds of entries, we've finally narrowed it down to the 20 best fraternity parties in the country. Its primary campus is located on a 1,391.54-acre campus in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. There was even a midget who the brothers put in a floating raft and then threw across the crowd. The party starts whenever the boys are done setting up so usually around 10 AM and it goes until campus safety shuts it down (usually around 4 AM). There were thousands packed into the parking lot, neon lights flashing, and the music bumping. Transforming the entire house both inside and out into a giant snowscape, it’s hard for sorostitues to imagine that they are stepping foot into a fraternity house. Round-Up Weekend is full of neon clothes, old school rappers, crawfish boils, and extremely intoxicated hot girls. Really diverse group of colleges represented here, Im pretty disappointed with the lack of KA houses on this list.
No two ways about it. Hundreds of cases of beer, sun-dresses, beer bongs, ice luges.

Find colleges with the best parties and a fun campus experience. #FijiIslander“, — Rolf Ieuter (@ieuter_rolf) April 21, 2013, I want to be featured in the next episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive. Handles and beer everywhere. Cook PVIs are calculated by comparing a state's average Democratic Party or Republican Party share of the two-party presidential vote in the past two presidential elections to the nation's average share of the same.

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