Once you’ve got the Stencil CLI installed and the Cornerstone theme downloaded, navigate to the theme directory in your terminal. You can use the Fetch API to interact with the Storefront APIs and return a shopper’s cart, checkout, or order. Persistent cart is available on Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. This component is going to accept the data of an individual product as props and return a row.

Normally this populates with size values specified by the theme configuration when images are fed to the getImage helper, but in our situation, it just breaks the image URL. BigCommerce is the world’s leading open SaaS ecommerce platform for established and rapidly-growing businesses. The first part of this tutorial will cover using the Storefront Cart API to create a cart, add a line item, and delete a line item directly from the storefront. Add a new method within the constructor called addToCart. Featuring a GraphQL data layer, BigCommerce merchants will benefit from an enhanced Storefront API that is: The GraphQL Storefront API also unlocks information previously only available via the BigCommerce backend to be accessed via front-end javascript, which allowed Austin-based CBD retailer Canvas 1839 to leverage Gatsby—through the Gatsby-BigCommerce source plugin developed in partnership with Third and Grove— to build a PWA ecommerce website on BigCommerce in less than one month. The button classes and the arrow icons are borrowed from the default Cornerstone theme, so they look like the quantity selector you’d normally see on any individual product page.

Cost of cart’s contents, before applying discounts. Remember that empty array called “arr” I pointed out earlier (reminder)?

The createCart() function takes two arguments: To create a cart, execute the code below passing in productId values specific to your store. Next let’s copy the contents from the existing category.html template to use as a base for our custom template.

Make sure to replace the cartId and productId with your own values. By now, you should be able to add multiple items to the cart at the same time. Your result should be similar to the one below. The product data we’ll feed to the bulk order form props is built after looping through the product IDs in the jsContext. The inject helper will create a property on the jsContext object with the values we ask for in the pluck helper. Should either of the requests fail, we log an error to the browser console. I created the multi-layout.html file below with a modified version of product.html: The majority of the original template has been removed and now references `{{ > components/custom/multi-view}}`, a new component we’ll add next.

BigCommerce® is a registered trademark of BigCommerce Pty.

Did you find this helpful, or did we leave something out? Let’s swap back to the layout file. "https://{store_url}/all/able-brewing-system/", "https://{store_url}/all/chemex-coffeemaker-3-cup/", '/api/storefront/carts?include=lineItems.digitalItems.options,lineItems.physicalItems.options', "https://{store_url}/able-brewing-system/", "https://{store_url}/chemex-coffeemaker-3-cup/", "https://{store_url}/tiered-wire-basket/", "https://{store_url}}/able-brewing-system/", "https://{store_url}}/chemex-coffeemaker-3-cup/", `/consignments?include=consignments.availableShippingOptions`. A custom item can only be added to a cart using the Server to Server Cart API. Our Dev Center also has a guide for Working with Storefront APIs to test out these endpoints. Returning to product-group.jsx, we can map over the props and pass them into multiple Product components. Let’s add a message property to the state so we can update the messages when necessary. When you add less than a product’s minimum required purchase or more than the maximum allowed purchase to a cart. We also need to pass in a default quantity of 0 per product. There is an empty column on the add to cart button row where we can display messages to shoppers. If you don’t see a .stencil file in your theme directory, be sure to run the stencil init command in your terminal. A function I named “addMultiToCart” is declared in a JavaScript module file, custom.js, that also loads the aforementioned GraphQL product data. While there isn’t currently a public-facing Storefront API available to access Metafields for the app we’re creating today, using Metafields is the recommended long-term strategy for fields like this. AUSTIN, Texas — Nov. 19, 2019 — BigCommerce, the leading open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, today announced the open beta release of its new GraphQL Storefront API, purpose-built for creating faster, personalized customer shopping experiences that differentiate brands from competitors. “Working with BigCommerce’s open APIs allowed our team to build in our preferred environment using the tools we’re already familiar with, while benefiting from the reliability and ‘batteries-included’ nature of a SaaS ecommerce platform,” said Corey Ward, a full-stack web developer who worked with Canvas 1839 to architect and develop its online store using BigCommerce. We have the following: This first iterates for each custom_field within the given product’s context, checking if the field’s name is “foo”. Since we want to include several products in a bulk order form, we pass 100x100 into the image URL, which automatically returns a copy of the product image at 100x100 pixels. Due to an update around Babel dependencies between Cornerstone versions, you’ll need to install these dependencies based on your theme version: Since we’re introducing React into the theme, we’ll need to configure Webpack to use a loader for JSX files. A cart contains a collection of items, prices, discounts, etc. Next month in Part 2 of this tutorial, I’ll cover how to create a bulk order form for product pages to add multiple variants to the cart at the same time. To get full details of selected product options, use the following query parameters: A cart contains a collection of items, prices, discounts, etc. The custom field names I decided to use were “is_bundle” and “foo”, where the template will check if the “is_bundle” value is “true”, and “foo” will be assigned a product ID.
Have you used one of our Storefront APIs with a Stencil theme lately? In Brian Davenport’s article, “Build a Bulk Order Form using the BigCommerce Storefront API and React,” he demonstrates a React-based approach to creating intricate carts. This is due to images being returned with {:size} included in the image path. The BigCommerce developer documentation covers this in detail: https://developer.bigcommerce.com/stencil-docs/template-files/custom-templates/authoring-testing-uploading-custom-templates#authoring-testing-uploading_local-mapping.

Check the product for order_quantity_minimum and order_quantity_maximum for the correct amount to add to the cart. We use a Storefront API to accomplish this because we’re making changes on the front-end with publicly-accessible product info so no back-end work is necessary. Instead of logging the error message to the console, we can pass it as a message. If it is, use the Handlebars Helper {{inject}} with the value for the current page’s context. In the addToCart method in bulk-order-form.jsx we can set a message indicating items are being added to the cart. Implementing these APIs with fetch can make it seem easy, but we’re also neglecting any browsers that lack compatibility (I’m looking at you, IE!). If you haven’t tried applying your React skills to a Stencil template yet, Patrick Puente’s article, “Create Custom BigCommerce React Templates with Stencil” is another great resource to check out. Issue: Instead of simply logging the result of the cart API request, we’ll take the results and determine whether to invoke either function. import ProductGroup from “./product-group”; this.updateQuantity = (quantity, id) => {, const productRows = props.products.map((product, index) => {, async function addToExistingCart(cart_id) {, function handleFailedAddToCart(message, self, button) {, https://developer.bigcommerce.com/stencil-docs/getting-started/installing-stencil, https://github.com/bigcommerce/cornerstone, https://developer.bigcommerce.com/stencil-docs/template-files/custom-templates/authoring-testing-uploading-custom-templates#authoring-testing-uploading_local-mapping, Generating PDF from Images on the Client-side With React, Windows Survival Guide to for React and Web Developers, Spring Boot 2, Quartz 2 Scheduler Integration, Angular: Avoid the Subscribe() Method for Observables, 11 Ways to Make Your ES6+ JavaScript More Concise. In production, your credentials will depend on your app setup. We recommend using a Polyfill for Internet Explorer 10+ and XMLHttpRequest for earlier versions. To get the variant ID use the Get Products endpoint or the Get Variants endpoint. Issue: When a cart contains a product that has an incorrect or missing text modifier. Let us know on the @BigCommerceDevs Twitter or comment below! Resolution: We can set up a condition based on the length of the lineItems array, then make a request to the cart API to check if a cart already exists, or if we need to create a new one.

So far, so good. Persistent Cart works with our Storefront Cart and Server-to-Server Cart.

Next, we need to feed the product data into the ProductGroup component, and map the products to individual rows. To learn more about using the Fetch API with the Storefront see our Working with the Storefront Cart and Checkout APIs tutorial. Normally the category template uses Handlebars helpers to process the product data and feed it into components like the product cards. We need to pass the product id too so we can tie quantity changes to a specific product. See Request.credentials to learn more about other possible values. More info on using injection helpers can be found on the dev docs here. Make sure the optionValue is not blank. It lets the underlying Cart, Checkout, Order, and Payment APIs be called from a separate app, allowing you to create a completely custom checkout without touching the BigCommerce storefront. The Fetch API is an alternative to XMLHttpRequest for making http requests in JavaScript. Devs looking to completely customize the Product Display Page experience can use this as a specific example, but I encourage readers to build on this knowledge. This code iterates over all the keys and only pushes the actual product data into a new array, which we then set in the state after the component mounts. It also introduces the concept for future iterations where completely customized product pages could be displayed in a way that makes sense for their respective placeholder product.

BigCommerce’s Storefront API exposes storefront data to Stencil themes. Cart ID, provided after creating a cart with a POST. This will always be the same between cart and checkout. Leave us a comment or reach out by tweeting us @BigCommerceDevs! We’re going to create a new component to accept the product data and help render it to the page. First, pass the addToCart function as a prop in ProductGroup: In product-group.jsx we can then use the addToCart function passed as a prop and attach it to the add to cart button’s onClick handler: When you click the add to cart button, you should now see the results of the cart API request in your browser console. See Add New Consignment to Checkout for more information.

To learn more on setup, see Persistent Cart. Add the following to bulk-order-form.jsx: When the product data is passed in as props, this becomes an object with a children property, which we don’t need in our component state.

The cart API payload needs an … Options and modifiers refer to a list of choices on a product. Resolution: Issue: Create a file in assets/js/bulk-order-form named bulk-order-form.css.

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