In 1958, age 21, Biff soon became very rich and powerful, spending his money on women and cars. She often took Einstein, Doc's dog, for exercise daily. It is clear that Biff is quite bitter and resentful as a senior citizen.

As the October 2015 date featured in the films approached, media outlets began noting the similarities between the older version of the character and then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

However, unknown even to him, he was used for another purpose, to be hypnotized by Edna Brown as a henchman, as later seen when he roughed up George McFly. He was feared by most of his schoolmates. Lorraine did not return the sentiments. Бифф родился в Хилл-Вэлли , Калифорния .

(According to some sources, Biff had a son, Biff Jr., who, it is suggested, owned the Cafe 80's). Marty, using the anachronistic name "Calvin Klein," also managed to get on the wrong side of Biff by standing up to him, something which Biff was not used to.

Biff's crush on Lorraine still lingered, as he told the young man, “Say hello to your grandma for me.”. Marty McFly Dr. Emmett Brown Biff Tannen Back to the Future DeLorean time machine, others PNG size: 1024x640px filesize: 225.01KB Back to the Future Marty McFly Universal s YouTube, back to back PNG size: 512x512px filesize: 61.37KB Biff married her later that year, giving her financial support and offering to help the widowed Lorraine through her tragedy, but he apparently did not adopt her three young children as his own. George came along, as part of the plan he and Marty had made where George would find Marty "parking" with Lorraine, but soon realized that the pretend rescue was now a real one. Although he was most angry with Edna for brainwashing him, Biff also remembered that Marty made him do embarrassing stunts and threatened to deal with who was in his immediate line of sight, in this case being Marty. Biff's first wife was Marilyn Monroe. (Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm). However when Marty fixes everything by going back to 1955 and burns the almanac before young Biff can use it, everything goes back to normal. Biff and Lorraine got married after 1973. Biff's rampage would not last long, as he was soon captured and remanded to the Citizen Plus Ward under heavy guard.

Thomas F. Wilson: Height, Weight & Body Stats. Tanen accused the two of attempting to produce an antisemitic work with their 1978 film I Wanna Hold Your Hand. It is unclear whether Biff found someone else to bully or whether being knocked out by the supposed weakest kid in school had ended Biff's days of bullying people and also installed at least a rudimentary notion of humility in him.

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