And we mentioned Rama-Tut, an early enemy of the Fantastic Four, and Nathaniel Richards's first villainous identity. The Prime Kang from Earth-6311 kills one of his alternate selves after telling him that Ravonna is alive, then pins the murder on the Avengers after bringing them to Limbo. Kang is imprisoned by the Avengers, and actually accepts his fate, happy that his son will rule in his stead. His plan works, and he is able to access that timeline and defeat the twins, as well as absorb energy from the Celestial executioner, Exitar. Ready to move onto another story? In Kang's first appearance, captured in 1964's Avengers #8, he takes on the Avengers. Newsarama staff writer who learned to read from comic books and hasn’t shut up about them since. Kang the Conqueror is a time-traveling warlord who has been one of the Avengers' most dogged nemeses since the team first formed. Most obviously, he shares a name with Reed Richards' father Nathaniel Richards. It’s also rumored that Majors is going to be part of a movie called. All of that said, Kang does have one major weakness – his strict and strange code of honor, which has often led to his downfall. In fact, Kang has had so many different identities that there's literally an entire organization of his different incarnations, many of whom really don't get along, called the Council of Cross-Time Kangs. Kang eventually finds a way through by projecting the minds of his pawns, the Chronos Corps, into the 21st century. Kang destroys him, restoring the timeline. This object powered Chronopolis, and gives its wielder the power to alter time without creating a divergent reality. This plan is foiled when the Black Knight attacks him, and Kang is left with nothing but regret. But the latter-day Avengers triumph, and the Scarlet Centurion is promptly sent back into the timestream. So, please bear with us as we do our best to parse out only the most necessary information on who Kang the Conqueror is. The Fantastic Four arrive to set things right, a battle ensues, and the Four triumph. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe haven’t had much news for a while now – and what news has popped up hasn’t been particularly good news – like the delay of, movie, it’s believed that the new big bad guy is going to be Kang the Conqueror. That weaponry includes his vaunted Damocles Base, a massive time-traveling starship shaped like a sword, which holds a massive arsenal of its own. Eventually, he is finally ready to go back to ancient Egypt and become Immortus, as he is destined to do. Kang is one of them. Kang creates a time bleed and time loop around his battles with Ultron, forcing Immortus to step in. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. He helps her win the defenses to the Avengers' side. Of course, the Avengers oppose him, but Kang is not playing around this time. Kang teams up with an Avengers group whose members are all plucked from different eras against Immortus and his endless armies from across time. Unable to time travel, he sets about conquering Earth.

He raises them harshly, telling the young mutants that they will never live in peace with humans. Kang doesn't expect Ahura to ever discover this morbid fact, but he does. It is the Avengers, in fact, who first inspire him to look beyond his own peaceful (and boring) era of the 30th century and find a way to go where the action is. The problem with being a time-traveler is that you end up creating pesky alternate versions of yourself. Luckily, the Thing gets loose and brings down Rama-Tut's kingdom. Richards is a genius from the 30th century who ends up time traveling, and his shenanigans across all of spacetime lead to the creation of. Superman: Kingdom Come Story with 3 roles.

The Celestial Messiah, Apocalypse, and the various Marcuses are all the focus of this tension at various times, but his obsession with the Apocalypse Twins nearly tops them all.

Kang's inclusion as a villain for Ant-Man is interesting – aside from Kang's run-in with Wasp as part of an Avengers team, Kang doesn't have many specific comic book connections to Ant-Man's world. Nathaniel Richards is who we have to start talking about before we can begin to even talk about Kang. While the origin of many of Richards’s alter egos is interrelated with his other egos (it’s seriously a mess), the basic bare bones (we think original version) of Kang the Conqueror comes into being because Nathaniel Richards, the time traveler with extensive weapons tech knowledge, eventually travels to the 41st century and then takes over a whole galaxy. Spanning 600 years, it all connects through the city of Chronopolis. They then found a new world just for mutants, and not only leave Earth to be destroyed by Celestial retaliation, but also set up a tachyon dam to prevent anyone from altering history. Oh, also Kang is blue and kind of looks like he could be related to Nebula – but he isn’t.

Thanos captures Kang, but Adam Warlock frees him. Complicating things even more, the original Nathaniel Richards (Reed's father) is also a time-traveler and in some realities has also been Kang, though in most cases they are descendants who share a name. Kang goes on to use the Avengers as pawns to gain the power of life and death from the Grandmaster. Kang reveals that Marcus is actually the latest of many cloned attempts at an heir, and kills him. In the Marvel universes, it’s just a bad idea to become evil because it’s apparently hell on your skin health. This is when Kang learns that he is destined to become Immortus, a time traveler who gives up conquest and makes mysterious moves from Limbo, a dimension outside of time. Doctor Strange is also around within this era, looking for a soul shard that threatens all of humanity's dreams.

Kang also once teamed up with the Apocalypse Twins, mutants who were twisted by the X-Men villain Apocalypse to be his successors. He attacks the Inhumans with a huge army, but Ahura possesses Kang and fixes all the damage he has done to his family. Here are a few more to browse. Richards is a genius from the 30th century who ends up time traveling, and his shenanigans across all of spacetime lead to the creation of many different alter egos – all with different names. This era of Egypt turns out to be Grand Central Station for time travelers. He is tasked with maintaining the integrity of the timeline, something he's often taken harsh and downright villainous tactics to pursue. Shockingly, he later returns to the Avengers' era, to seek their aid after he falls in love with the rebellious Princess Ravonna. He immediately abandons that identity and resumes his Rama-Tut guise, once again trying to make it back to the 30th century. So, please bear with us as we do our best to parse out only the most necessary information on who Kang the Conqueror is. And of course there's Kang's Iron Man connection, not just through Kang's time as Iron Lad, but through one of the most notorious (and disliked) Avengers stories ever. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The Time-Keepers try to physically force Kang's transformation into Immortus, but Kang resists and kills them. Whatever comes – and when Kang is involved there are countless possibilities – Marvel casting current breakout star Jonathan Majors of the hit HBO show Lovecraft Country is another example of the studio's media savvy, and their usual mode of snatching up rising stars for multi-movie deals. Then we’ll guess what he could look like in, Nathaniel Richards is who we have to start talking about before we can begin to even talk about Kang. Kang determines a strategy to get rid of his time rivals, and destroys the technology that allows him to transfer his mind to a new body upon his death. It is the most thorough defeat of Kang's career.

In the end, however, he ends up taking his original course of action: He discovers his ancestor's time machine and goes to ancient Egypt.

Case in point: When Adam Warlock is forced to act to prevent a catastrophe, he creates a future where he becomes the sinister Magus, and wipes out other timelines — including many that include Kang's rule. They consider teaming up against the Fantastic Four, but Doom thinks it would be too risky. Kang is one of them. Rama-Tut flees in his time machine, attempting to return to his original time. Cookies help us deliver our Services. At this point, Black Bolt is chiefly worried about the destruction of the universe, so he allows Kang to keep him safe. We’re going to entirely ignore all the other incarnations of Nathaniel Richards because we fully expect the MCU to do the same thing. (There’s a reason everyone finds Loki so compelling, they actually put thought into his character. 2020 got you down? Immortus, ever the spoilsport, sends his own team of Avengers to stop him, with Havoc cutting Kang off from the energy.

However, he sees a vision of his servitude to the Time-Keepers as Immortus, and it enrages him.

Kang's overall scheme to gain ultimate power fails, but he does manage to successfully protect his timeline. At first glance, he might not stand out: Kang is an ordinary man with no special powers, other than his keen intellect and boundless ambition. There's also the possibility that this version of Kang/Nathaniel Richards actually is Reed Richards's father, who abandoned his son to travel the timestream when Reed was young - which would open up a whole other can of worms about the future of the MCU and how the Fantastic Four may come to join the film franchise - and when, especially since Ant-Man 3 director Peyton Reed is an avowed Fantastic Four fan, and even once pitched a version of the film to Fox. He cannot abide an heir who lies. After years of happiness with Ravonna, Kang grows old and bored. He's often coy about his real motivations, with regard to the Avengers — are they really his most hated enemies, or just a fun diversion he pursues when he's not conquering vast swathes of time? This time, he overshoots it by a thousand years, ending up in the 40th century. Kang escapes, and entrusts an object called the Heart of Forever to the Avengers. It was created from Galactus' dead body by the scheming Black Celestial in order to collapse the entire universe. Are you excited about Kang the Conqueror as a new MCU villain? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Newsarama is your source for comic book news. He's Kang the Conqueror, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's newest villain, to reportedly be played by Lovecraft Country's breakout star Jonathan Majors in Ant-Man 3.And if …

And if Ant-Man is going to play around in the timestream, he's bound to meet others who have done so. They eventually fight, and Kang sacrifices himself to save her. We're here to jump into the timestream and see where Kang's path has taken him, one jump at a time.

Kang reacts by rescuing every reality's surviving Starhawk and the Guardians of the Galaxy and using them as his forces. One of them is Mr. Gryphon, who is trapped in the early 21st century.

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