At the end of the first season, will the audience understand how the show could continue on, or will that question remain?

"People are never shy about telling you what they fucking think," he calls back at me through the crowd.

I really feel that's part of the joy of watching and participating in the journey,” Mendelsohn explains the day after the finale. Even though we're seated, with a toddler in a rainbow cardigan twirling dizzily nearby, he is full of jittery vitality: he shifts in his seat, jiggles his feet, glances around. Ben Mendelsohn on The Outsider Finale, El Cuco, and Modern Masculinity The star of HBO’s hit Stephen King adaptation answers some—but not all—of your burning questions. He studied at Mercersburg Academy of Pennsylvania, U.S. but got expelled for burning things. That’s my hope, and I’m reasonably confident that that’s going to occur, from the interaction I’ve had with people that have seen quite a few [episodes]. Not in Animal Kingdom, his 2010 break-out film, in which he played the ferrety psychopath Pope; or 2012's Killing Them Softly, where he was a smack-addicted hood.

Despite his desire to let audiences sit with their questions, Mendelsohn is more than happy to clarify some mysteries from the finale (like that head-scratching “Who’s Terry?” moment). It's a great time to be a guy. He is the 2016 Golden Globes Nominee actor for the best-supporting role for Bloodline (2015).

Talos would kick the fuck out of him, and here’s why.

Because of you? There are many readings of it. I never felt that way about it.

", His memories of the bad times are still close to the surface. There are real opportunities for men in this time to actually get better at being a human. The 50 years old, Mendelsohn is a stunning actor, with an athletic body build. Image Source: Getty Images Ex-Wife - Emma Forrest. MENDELSOHN:  It would change. But after playing the bad guy in over 14 films, the Australian actor wants some light relief.

Where do you, Ben Mendelsohn, stand when it comes to belief in the supernatural? That journey of horrifying discovery made for one of the best shows of the year so far. Stay Tuned to Glamour Path for more Celebrities Fun Facts. the British writer and journalist Emma Forrest. He was in a romantic relationship with Kate Fischer in 1993. But after playing the bad guy in over 14 films, the 51-year-old Australian actor is keen for some light relief.

Over its ten episodes, The Outsider gave viewers plenty to ponder on their own—like the nature of evil, for starters—even if the finale left audiences with some questions that may or may not be revisited in a second season. Do you have a viewing strategy?

Did you ever feel like this became a different show than you thought you signed on for? I didn't know that, I say.

Weekend Box Office: INSURGENT Nearly Equals DIVERGENT with $54 Million Debut, Watch: New ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 Trailer Rightfully Praises Tatiana Maslany. But as things unfold, I hope people will be riveted by what is coming. I didn't like it. If people are interested in me doing this villain s**t then I am more than happy to provide,' he said.

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