His work involves physical volcanology and fieldwork, geoscience education, experimental volcanology, interpreting volcano monitoring data, measurements of volcanic rock properties, and calderas and magma plumbing. My kids loved it. I took the whole thing very seriously. As DOC didn’t want a high risk that hikers visiting the toilet might get hit by flying volcanic rocks! So in 2012 there was a series of earthquakes on Mount Tongariro and I was kind of joking with my class, “Oh, this happens a lot. I quickly hid the bag and went to my wife and, “Oh, so everything is okay.”  I rapidly grew up. Ben indique 7 postes sur son profil. We managed to clean out the drone and got it flying again. He looks about twelve.”. It took me more than a year to get hired and I always kind of wondered why. Mauris fringilla dolor vel condimentum imperdiet. We recently worked together with Department of Conservation on assessing the hazard of being hit by rocks thrown out of the volcanoes when hiking the Tongariro crossing track in New Zealand’s North island. It was a great moment of pride for me. So if anyone is walking the Tongariro Crossing and they kind of get halfway and you're dying for a pee, and you're like, “Why the hell isn’t there a toilet here?”  You can blame me. So I’m sitting there in the front looking rather silly and she gives this classically wonderful speech about this building is going to be the center where child adults can discover the joys of science.

216 having a … Postal Address: I have a fun project trying to work out if earthquakes can trigger volcanic eruptions and we are trying to design a way in the lab to shake actual magma, like shaking a can of coke to see what happens. I had one trip. And he's experienced. Ben collects a lava sample as part of his work as a volcanologist.

He's kind of a proper… the way a volcanologist should look. Most of the important science went to the serious people but I managed to carve off a little bit related to the rocks that come flying out of the volcano, the ballistics. I had this Lego man and I would get the kids to tell stories with the Lego man, the Lego scientist.

I was going off to Hawaii to take part in various serious piece of TV called Lava Chasers. I can remember one of those moments where I’m like, “Now, I've got to grow up.”  It was a couple of days after the earthquake and I was hunkered down in my house and we were out in Sumner. Job: Volcanologist. “After crunching the numbers a bit there, Harry, I’m going to work out what to do.”. She pointed right at me and she went, “You, the first-year student with the silly hat. We couldn't do this without you! Ben Kennedy is an associate professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Canterbury. He gave me the bag, I opened the bag and looked in the bag and I’m like, “Oh, shit.”  It’s a home birthing kit.

DOC actually used our data to help them decide where not to build toilets! God, I wanted to grow up. We recently worked together with Department of Conservation on assessing the hazard of being hit by rocks thrown out of the volcanoes when hiking the Tongariro crossing track in New Zealand’s North island. Image: University of Canterbury. This is example content. The Story Collider is made possible by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science, as well as support from The Kavli Foundation. I think, for that reason, I really wanted to thank that old, stuffy, British supervisor that gave me that reference that time that really hurt me but it meant that I ended up with a guy who valued the fun in science and that set me on the path to New Zealand. SwimSwam Podcast: Caeleb Dressel Challenges Himself to Say No. but I have worked at universities in UK, Canada, Germany and New Zealand, I also work in collaboration with GNS Science. Do you want to come on stage and help me open the building?”. And, as is often the case, I was massively wrong and the volcano went boom and I had to backpedal with my class. Meet Ben Kennedy. He travels to various volcanoes all around the world to collect rocks, then takes the rocks back to the University of Canterbury and does various experiments to learn more about the eruptions in which they originated. Image: University of Canterbury. “I've got some information for you,” and his information was that the road out Sumner was now closed. Ben Kennedy is an associate professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Canterbury. We made a real difference here. Being on an active volcano, hiking around and picking up exciting looking rocks and watching volcanoes erupt.

We were very grateful to this brave man (who It turned out knew much more than us about the volcanic hazards of his local volcano).

I arrived there wearing my silly hat and my shorts and my t-shirt. Découvrez le profil de Ben Kennedy sur LinkedIn, la plus grande communauté professionnelle au monde. I started doing outreach with schools wearing this silly hat.

Work background: I have never left University! I've also got a giant cannon, I forgot to mention. Praesent id libero id metus varius consectetur ac eget diam. Then basically, by the end of the conversation, I realized the question he's asking me is, “Ben, can we make volcano-proof toilets?”. Later, when I found out they had this reference letter from my British supervisor and this letter had a whole section in the middle that started off, “Ben has a tendency to behave immaturely.”  Then it kind of went on into various details that I won’t share with you now. We decided to put them in a safer area.

PO Box 13 678, So we've been using some of these machines and mapping where the ballistics had landed. I have a giant cannon that I can fire rocks with. It had a big, fancy, new science building and they're having a big grand opening for the new science building, the Rutherford Building. Donec efficitur mollis dui vel pharetra. They were going to bring school teachers in for the opening so they wanted some fun things so I was going to do my little volcano demonstration. Our mission & history Our team & board Our eventsOur podcastNews & updates Job openings, WORK WITH US Sponsor a show Tell your story Host a workshop Register for a workshop More options... (in development!). There was a knock on the door and there's a guy from Red Cross and he's just going door-to-door. Then a local in bare-feet t-shirt and shorts suddenly appeared over the rim of the volcano emerging from the ash cloud with our drone in his hands and a big grin. I love wearing this hat.

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