Be aware that many of the parks, forests, and refuges in Alaska have closed their visitor centers in light of these events. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 26.97ft will be at 6:16 pm and the lowest tide of 1.67ft will be at 12:04 pm. It's pretty easy to predict when the bore tide will hit a given point if you know when low tide in Anchorage begins: Finally, here are some times for specific areas when the bore tide typically arrives after low tide in Anchorage: The best times to see a good bore are when the low tide in Anchorage has a high negative value, particularly if the good low tide is followed by a large high tide; this maximizes the "sloshing" effect that causes bore tides to occur. Cook Inlet has a huge tidal range, and it’s the only place in the U.S. where such a bore tide forms. Please call ahead if planning to visit and continue to check back for updated information. Be sure to enjoy this phenomenon from a safe distance, however, as they can be quite dangerous (see audio below) due to their height and speed of approach in addition to the mudflats mentioned above. Best seen at the … A unique combination of hydrology and geography forms these waves. It's amazingly accessible: you can see it by road along its entire 40- to 50-mile length along Turnagain Arm near Anchorage. Bird Point offers a small interpretive panel dedicated to the tide. In particular, Beluga Point, Indian, and Bird Point are easily accessible by road and are within an hour drive of Anchorage. Also, all other bore waves run up low-lying rivers in more southerly latitudes. The "bore" is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide clashes with the flow of the outgoing tide to form a wave that travels up a river or narrow bay.

The largest bores occur during extreme minus tides with the full and new moon cycles. Be safe, and enjoy! The bore tide is a huge wave or series of waves that advance down Turnagain Arm in a wall of water up to 10-feet high. amenities. Bore tides occur all over the world—there are around 60 of them—but only a few are large enough to make a name for themselves. Well, it’s huge—one of the biggest in the world, actually.

This means your chances for seeing a large bore are best during the five-day window that surrounds the new and full moons. You won’t find many surfers on Alaska beaches, but you’ll find an intrepid cadre of locals who surf the Turnagain Arm bore tide. If the wind is blowing down the arm (the way it always blows—just look at how the trees grow), add another 10-15 minutes.

The best spots: Tidal bores occur on Turnagain Arm every day, but most produce relatively modest waves. These extreme tides hit the narrow, shallow and gently sloping floor of Turnagain Arm. Don't stop with just one.You can watch the bore go by at the first pullout, then drive your car down a pullout or two and watch it come by again. We're thinking if tide changes 30' in a 6 hour tide change, you won't see it all at once. On a big day, you might hear a roar of water as the wave passes by. The tide is currently rising in Beluga Shoal. Next, realize that wind plays a factor - a westerly wind means an earlier arrival, while an easterly wind means later. The bore tide is a huge wave or series of waves that advance down Turnagain Arm in a wall of water up to 10-feet high. It’s also amazingly accessible: you can see it by road along its entire 40- to 50-mile length. During this window, get the times for the two Anchorage low tides occurring each day either from tide charts available at gas stations or in the table below. The bore tides are a must-see experience in Southcentral Alaska, as they occur in so few other places in the world.

Look for beluga whales rolling in the surf. Due to COVID-19, Alaska Public Lands Information Centers have reduced hours and programming for 2020. Rushing along at speeds of up to 24 miles per hour, tidal bores are an unusual, unforgettable sight in Southcental Alaska.

The Turnagain Arm bore wave is the only one that occurs in the far north and the only one bordered by mountains, making it the most unique and most geologically dramatic bore tide in the world.

It takes over five hours for the bore to travel from the mouth of Turnagain Arm to the end of it. The bore tide is a rush of seawater that returns to a shallow and narrowing inlet from a broad bay. Bird Point is a good place to watch the bore tide. Alaska's Turnagain Arm and Knik Arm, that surround Anchorage, boast the second highest tides in North America after the Bay of Fundy. Imagine one wave stretched out like a wide carpet, unrolling in froth as it sweeps into a basin of water. Free personal GPS–driven travel guide to Alaska. Click here to see Beluga Shoal's tide chart for the week These tides, which can reach 40 feet, come in so quickly that they sometimes produce a bore tide wave that can reach 10 feet high. Alaska’s most famous bore tide occurs in Turnagain Arm, just outside Anchorage. This is an excellent spot to watch the bore tide. The Ketchikan visitor center will be closed indefinitely for the health and safety of staff and visitors. View this from the Seward Hwy 4-5 days a month, Bird Point Bore Tide Table | Beluga Point Bore Tide Table.

Patience is key; it can vary up to 30 minutes or more depending on wind speed and direction. Plan your journey with this gorgeous printed map. Our bore tides are dangerous. Arrive at least half an hour before the predicted tide will arrive; bore tides may not arrive on time. The first thing to take note of is that an average tide, without any wind, travels roughly 10-15 miles per hour. We went to Beluga Point 40 minutes before the time and stayed 40 minutes after. You don’t want to miss this wave; failing to catch it as it rolls by can mean a long float back to their starting spot. © Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau DBA Visit Anchorage, The Star on the Mountain: An Anchorage Holiday Tradition, 5 Amazing (but Hidden) Spots Near Anchorage, New Beer Tour "Hops" Aboard Alaska Railroad, Better with Experience: Classic Anchorage Restaurants Still Delight, Top 10 Fall Travel Ideas for Anchorage, Alaska, Top Culture and History Attractions in Anchorage, Anchorage Beer and What's Brewing in Alaska, 10 Best Winter Activities in Anchorage, Alaska, A Guide to Anchorage's First Friday Artwalk, 5 Best Spots to See the Northern Lights in Anchorage, 8 Favorite Festivals for Year-Round Anchorage Fun, 6 Ways to Enjoy Anchorage At a (Social) Distance, Anchorage is One Big Classroom: Here’s How to Make the Most of It, Where To Find Take-Out and Delivery Dining Options in Anchorage, Road Trip to Anchorage: South of the City, Road Trip to Anchorage: North of the City, 5 Recipes for Enjoying a Taste of Alaska at Home, Top 10 Spots for Lake Fishing in Anchorage, How to Take a Self-Guided Public Art Tour of Anchorage, 4 Safety Tips for a 2020 Visit to Anchorage, 3 Ways to Explore Anchorage by Foot or Bike, What to Expect on a 2020 Visit to Anchorage. It takes not just a low tide but also about a 27-foot tidal differential (between high and low tide) for a bore to form in Turnagain Arm. Watch for kayakers and surfers riding the wave for several miles. It’s a dramatic show of nature’s power that’s easy to see using our guidelines below. Excellent spot to watch the bore tide.

Belugas are often seen here from mid-July through August. It was just a couple feet ripple - no surfers. If you reach a point and the water is already rising, the bore has passed. Depending on conditions, the bore can be up to 6 feet tall. Be sure to check tide schedules for the best times to view this natural phenomena.

Browse All National Parks and Public Lands. Adventurous locals have taken to riding this wave out on a kayak or board - talk about extreme surfing! The bore wave typically shows up after low tide in Anchorage. CAUTION! Drive east to the next point and check again - water will be calm immediately before the tide comes in.

In theory, you would expect the largest bore tides to occur on tides with the highest tidal differential.

Disclaimer: These data are based upon the latest information available as of the date of your request, and may differ from the published tide tables. Free parking. Beluga whales may come in a half hour or so later once the water gets deeper. The incoming tide stretched the entire width of Turnagain Arm and can be six feet high as it rushes in. Plus, it's a wildlife-spotting opportunity: harbor seals often ride the tide into Turnagain Arm, and beluga whales may come in a half hour or so later once the water gets deeper to feed off fish that come in on the tide. Adventurous locals have taken to riding this wave out on a kayak or board - talk about extreme surfing! This chart of prime bore tide dates in 2020 estimates when a bore tide arrives at Beluga Point and Bird Point, two of the most popular vantage points.

And it’s a wildlife-spotting opportunity: harbor seals often ride the tide into Turnagain Arm.

The bore can only occur in long, narrow channels. Get the dates for new and full moons from the NOAA site. Important COVID-19 Update [as of August 3, 2020]. Due to the quicksand-like mudflats that make up the beaches along Turnagain Arm, hikers may get stuck in the mud and drown or die from hypothermia. Alaska travel information on everything from outdoor adventures to metropolitan If you reach a spot and the water is already rising, move further on; it's already passed by! In an hour or a whole day, tour companies and their professional guides have a long list…. Extreme low tides promise the largest bores because of the amount of water rushing back into the inlet. The longest exists in the Amazon River in South America. Bore tides come in after extreme minus low tides created by the full or new moon. The best place to see the Alaskan bore tide is along Turnagain Arm, just south of Anchorage. Look for beluga whales rolling in the surf. ... Best Bore Tides of 2020 Bird Point Bore Tides. Rapidly rising tidewaters are forced up, forming a raised front.

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