Additionally You deal 2d8 extra weapon damage to creatures of at least one size larger than you. Your maximum pool of hunter points is equal to your proficiency bonus and you gain them back under the following conditions: Starting at level 1, That's not just a pile of leaves, its an implement of hunter's cunning. Using a number of hunter points up to 4, For each Hunter point you put into this strike your critical hit range goes up by 1 and your critical fail range goes up by 1.

Blademasters are a group of hunters that specialize in getting in the monsters face and screaming "LOOK AT ME!" Thieving Gits. Cookies help us deliver our Services. From Movement in the Adventuring chapter: While climbing or swimming, each foot of movement costs 1 extra foot (2 extra feet in difficult terrain), unless a creature has a climbing or swimming speed.

DC 16 to craft 3 charges) On hit, the creature makes a DC 12 Constitution save against the arrow or becomes paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.
To hunt a monster you must first understand what it is you are hunting. The drawback is that the range goes down from 80/320 to 60/240.

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background: Starting at level 1, you gain a pool of hunters points that can be used on certain features. Pounce (Recharge 5-6). The more successful Survival checks you make, the more you learn and the higher your modifier to carve from the tracked monster becomes. 2 Checks: Learn the monsters species and how old the tracks are. Starting at 18th level, you can imbue your blade with the pure, destructive energy of the wilds. Their lairs are invariably filled with stolen metal trinkets. Are they just the speed at which you can move if it's different from half your normal speed? 1. At the DM’s option, climbing a slippery vertical surface or one with few handholds requires a successful Strength (Athletics) check. No one will notice a spider. Foliage Camouflage. Hunters Heavy Repeater: Your heavy crossbow gains a magazine of 5 bolts and the ability to multi attack. +1 to carving checks. Hit Points Hit Dice: 1d10 per Monster Hunter level Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitutionmodifier per Monster Hunter level after 1st Proficiencies Armor: medium armor, heavy armor Weapons: Simple, Martial Tools: Hunters Tools Saving Throws: Strength, Dexterity Skills: Choose 3: Nature, Investigation, Perception, Athletics, Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Survival Equipment You start … Starting at level 2 You've spent enough time hunting with a small party in the wilds that you can climb and swim at full speed, are not affected by non-magical difficult terrain, and can always find enough food for up to 4 people. (I'm not aware of any creature in the MM that actually has a swim/climb speed less than half of its movement speed, so this is just my interpretation of the rules. Saving Throws: Strength, Dexterity By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. At the 3rd level, you chose an archetype. In addition you have proficiency in intelligence checks to repair and modify your hunter's weapons. When you make a carving check, you can automatically gain at least one material as a result, or two materials on a successful check. Latest 5th Edition Products in the Open Gaming Store! Gunners are a group of hunters that use bows and heavily modded crossbows to attack monsters from large distances, because going into melee with something 10 times your size just doesn't make sense.

Gain the ability to make a called shot on the monsters head with the hammer getting -5 to hit but +5 damage and the monster must make a Constitution save (DC= 8+ 1/2 damage done) or become stunned for one round. Weapons: Simple, Martial At level 5 the sword's damage becomes 2d8 and at level 14 the damage becomes 2d12. Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Monster Hunter level after 1st, Armor: medium armor, heavy armor

At level 11 you can spend 2 hunter points to cause your next melee attack to grant you temporary HP equal to half the damage dealt. Similarly, gaining any distance in rough water might require a successful Strength (Athletics) check. Deep Magic for 5th Edition © 2020 Open Design LLC; Authors: Dan Dillon, Chris Harris, and Jeff Lee. If using a gunner weapon, instead of dealing half the damage taken, you may move up to 15 ft away from the creature that attacked you without invoking attack of opportunity. Her two swords lash out in unison as they tear down the dragons stomach from throat all the way down. Hunters Bow: A modified longbow that allows for the application of 1 of 3 arrow coatings at the expense of the bows damage going down to 1d8. Climb speed and swim speed are USUALLY half of normal. Passing a Con save at the end of the creature's turn can end the effect early. These hunters use heavily modified ranged weapons to attack rapidly from far away while their blade wielding companions keep the monster busy. So if your speed is 30 a swim and climb speed of 15 is pointless. There's the tell tale vibrations in the ground and the sound of rustling plants: something's coming.

The save against your trap effects is DC 14. This is the hunt she craves, the hunt she lives for. Only 1 feature requiring the use of hunters points can be used on any given turn unless stated otherwise in the ability. Blue: Fantastic options, often essential to the function of your character. Waterborne Packs. The hunter's oasis is a device which sprays healing mist in a 15 foot radius.

In addition The blade can be used to block incoming melee attacks giving +1 AC. | 3.5e SRD

| 13th Age SRD Those who have been bitten by a wharfling rightly fear their needle-like teeth, but most coastal communities hate the animal more for its propensity for theft. If the attack does 18 damage or more, gain one Hunter point. Draft horse (CR 1/4).

Your choice grants you features at the 3rd, 6th, 11th, 15th, and 18th levels. Actions. At level 15 Your ranged weapon attacks do not consume ammo if you roll a 20, 19 or 18 to hit. A brood of adventurer who fight monsters of great size and power for glory, for nature and for balance. Wharflings have large, webbed hands and feet and oversized mouths. Starting at level 3 you gain proficiency in Intelligence checks towards modifying normal weapons and turning them into hunters weapons. 5e SRD >Gamemastering >Monsters & Foes >Monsters By Type >Beasts > Wharfling. You also gain proficiency in intelligence checks to modify and repair your hunter's weapons. | The Modern Path SRD Climb speed and swim speed don't do anything extra that someone with twice the walking speed could do. At level 11 you can spend one action and 2 hunter points to line up a sniper shot.

Aegis of Empires 4: Legend of the Burning Star (5E), D&D: Spellbook Cards: Druid Deck (131 Cards). Gain darkvision out to 60 feet (gain 30 extra feet of dark vision of you had it already.)

A human lies in wait in a tree, his repeater ready to let loose the moment he hears the trap go off. The drawback is that its range goes down from 100/400 to 75/300. When you pick blademaster at level 3 and begin to train in bladed and blunt weapons, all melee weapons you use gain +1 to hit and damage but do not count as magic. | Design Finder 2018 Poison: (Crafting: 2 Deathcap mushrooms, Monster Fluid. At level 15 getting a killing blow with a hunter's weapon awards 2 hunter points instead of 1. In addition gain advantage on Survival checks to track creatures of medium size or smaller.

You lose the ability to multi attack, but it can deal more damage the more attacks you lose out on.

They are refilled to full after a long rest. Gain proficiency in either Nature or Survival checks used to carve parts off of slain creatures. Get +3 to hit and if it hits it counts as a critical strike. When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. Starting at level 13 You can spend 1 Hunter point and an action to set up a hunters oasis.

Not sure if this is in the rules, but I allow creatures and characters with a different movement speed to ignore the need for checks while doing so (like climb checks) except in extreme circumstances. At level 20, you've spent so much time in the wilds that you have BECOME the apex predator. To qualify for multiclassing into the monster hunter class, you must meet these prerequisites: Proficiencies. This effect lasts for 1 minute, or until the oasis is destroyed. Climbing, Swimming, and Crawling While climbing or swimming, each foot of movement costs 1 extra foot (2 extra feet in difficult terrain), unless a creature has a climbing or swimming speed. Or does a climb speed guarantee climbing on any surface? The flay beast has advantage on Dexterity checks made to hide among plants or other greenery. If an allied creature starts its turn inside this radius they are healed for 1d12 HP. Starting at level 17, you gain proficiency in whichever trap type you haven't taken proficiency in yet. and gain advantage on Perception checks that involve scent or hearing. She rushes forward in one last desperate attempt to fell the dragon but it leaps over her, tearing into her shoulders as it passes, but also as it passes the dwarf finds her opening: The belly of the beast. | d20 Anime SRD Once per turn, you can use one hunter point to cause the next hunter's weapon attack you make to do an extra 1d8 damage on hit.

Its only a child but that makes it no less dangerous. With spider climb, of course, they get this, plus they can climb across ceilings and can also keep their hands free to do whatever, so those advanced climbers retain their benefits over regular climb-speed creatures. Masters of swords and blunt weapons (despite the name), these hunters throw themselves into vicious melee combat with monsters and don't leave until they're wearing a new coat, be it blood or hide. Dexterity save to avoid. Snare Trap: Halves the creature's speed for 30 minutes.

As a Monster Hunter you gain the following class features. I might allow creatures with swim speed or climb speed not have to make those checks when I would make others roll, or if they do make a check it might be with advantage, but that is all DM fiat. Elemental coating: (Crafting: [Element appropriate plant]x2, Gloamgrass root.

Skills: Choose 3: Nature, Investigation, Perception, Athletics, Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Survival.

As a reaction when hit with a melee attack, You can make a melee attack against the creature that hit you. When you begin training as a gunner at level 3 your ranged weapons have +1 to hit and damage but do not count as magical.

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