Theresa is the first person to admit that nobody can truly predict what will happen in your life, We are the only ones that can control our fate.

Her accuracy is unprecedented. Her reading actually blew my mind. Hire her with the quickness.”. Tarot is a powerful tool when it is facilitated by a skilled, empathetic, experienced coach such as Theresa to help interpret the messages the cards communicate. It was a time in my life when a lot of things were changing and I felt like I needed some direction. More often than not, I’m not that impressed. Further, her readings and her style are very motivating and uplifting. With important shifts happening in my life, I needed honest insight and confirmation from someone outside from myself, and I never had to think twice when I decided on Theresa. I have had several readings already and will most definitely continue to be a client. “I had wanted to get a Tarot reading for many years, but was a little apprehensive. The cards never seem to indicate that I need to fret as much as I seem to think I need to. I’ve always been a little skeptical of online readings but I was quite impressed with the information you provided to me. I’m not yet done with my 10 questions but it has been a surprising little please to realize I have “this many left.” I can just spontaneously send a note which is not my usual style. I called a plumber and the problem turned out to be more of a fiasco that I had imagined. And, hands down, Theresa is that someone. “Theresa, The Tarot Lady reads the cards like no other! You won’t regret it!”. The cards never seem to indicate that I need to fret as much as I seem to think I need to. Very intuitively, she has connected me to my own wisdom, and shed light on some areas that were previously quite dark. You’ll get my practical strategies and proven techniques to help you access (and trust!) I was beyond amazed by Tashi’s precise ability to interpret and communicate the interworking of my chart—with so much patience, compassion, empathy, and insight.... If you’ve never experienced Theresa’s prowess for yourself, you’d better get to it, pronto!

Her readings are so much fun, I hope she never stops reading cards!”~ Alana S. “My very first reading with Theresa was approximately 10 years ago, and I’ve been a client ever since. Don’t believe me? So Theresa does a great job of presenting the reality of a situation, while still being very positive and focusing on the good.”  ~Kim K. “I have been a client of Theresa’s for 15  years. “I am always astounded by Theresa’s accuracy in her readings. When I was contemplating letting my life whittle away to nothing, Theresa provided me with spiritual clarity that gave me hope to keep getting up and continue moving forward despite the odds. I find Tashi’s readings especially helpful when I am at a crossroads and not sure which direction to turn. I cannot recommend her enough.” ~, Master Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker, While she reads incredibly sophisticated Tarot spreads — this woman is no beginner, she’s an EXPERT at her craft — I do my best to keep up with the AMAZEBALLS information that comes out of her mouth as I’m furiously trying to write down her incredibly practical nuggets of wisdom. I was very surprised by the extremely precise nature of the reading, as I often think of psychic readings as more intuitive and less specific. I finally got a new job! Each image became a labor of love, taking up to three months to complete. I wasn’t sure what kinds of “predictions” I would get, if it would be ominous and weird, or if it would be cheesy and obvious. If you’ve never experienced … She was kind and patient in explaining everything as we went along. Also, it was really easy to order, and my reading was delivered to me super quickly.

I live across the street from Massachusetts General Hospital. “I have been seeing Theresa for private readings since 1997. Thanks Theresa.” ~ Elizabeth Mendelsohn, “I was 11 years old when I discovered the Tarot. I truly enjoy her company when I have an appointment with her. THERESA WAS ABLE TO GIVE US ENOUGH CLUES TO ACTUALLY FIND MY BROTHER! When I did resign – I was so at PEACE with it – it was an awesome experience for me! I will be a loyal customer as long as she is in business. Her involvement and input are priceless, yet her prices are super affordable. In addition, as you will have the ability to enjoy your life in a way only few people can, we can clearly see that you will realize the majority of your dreams (real estate acquisition(s), extended vacations, memorable trips, etc.). I knew immediately that I had to book a session with her. So thank you again, from deep inside my heart,  for a great reading and the courage you gave me when I was low. I left her that day feeling a lot stronger and more grounded. This happened to me in Bir, India when Tashi did a spontaneous Tarot reading for me. What she says may not make sense immediately, or maybe it will … but it will blow you away when you listen after some time has passed! Her divinations are sensitive and always true. Check out the garden’s website to get the adventure started.

I will absolutely be incorporating this into my life by coming back every cycle from now on for this service. And then, in 2002 a major life change happened. Poking out of the treetops in Tuscany, and spread across Etruscan ruins, is the sparkling masterpiece of French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, Il Giardino dei Tarocchi — The Tarot Garden. Let us clear things up! Many “guru’s or psychics” try to “play all knowing” in a condescending way with tons of inaccurate babble. Here, you aren’t in control of your feelings. And because of her caring demeanor, I’ve referred many friends and family members to reach out to her whenever they are facing a personal dilemma or life crisis, or are just looking for answers. Tashi is an incredible source of wisdom and kindness in a world that so desperately needs it. Her humor, graceful heart, and specialized intuitiveness continued to amaze, as it grounded me with the knowledge and balance. My neighborhood encompasses the finish line of the Boston Marathon. He/she no doubt has a very concrete obstacle to overcome (one that you may not know about) in order to get to where he/she can approach you. Her insights really helped me to get past my own doubts, biases and assumptions, and see what I really needed to see in my situation. Even when the cards bring a message that I don’t want to hear, the message is delivered with an underlying current of love and kindness. Her approach – one that recognizes that we have free-will, has helped me to listen to what the larger world is trying to tell me and what I know to be true on the inside and has helped me to think about problems and possibilities in new ways.

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