Bode - Foundation but no longer produced by the ranch The Kensings also have Texas Longhorn crossbreds who are fiercely protective of their calves against any dogs that may show up. Our first pair came from OldHoltwood Farm in Silk Hope, NC. Then in the 1960s, Angora production became unprofitable. A primary trait that these goats are scrutinized for is fertility. The bucks are never separated from the does, and mate selection occurs naturally. He enjoys them. These smaller herds evolved unique adaptations to the specific challenges of their environments. Armani Wins Best of Breed Wesminister Kennel Club Apr 3, 2012 10:41:08 AM. Billy kids that are not good enough quality for breeding are altered. When there are thousands of acres of pasture, pastures are hard to defend. your own livestock was probably grazing on theirs. Predation is fought through Wildlife Services employees, private aerial services, observations in sign and livestock behavior, and diligence on the part of the rancher. The Morefield herd is trained to respect electric net fencing. However, he prefers the Great Pyrenees, and finds that the Akbash (as a breed) will run off deer. They are more vigilant during spring and autumn when the ground is very soft and muddy (hence the farm name). Thus Uno found a reprieve from the BBQ pit and a new home on Shurley’s ranch in Sonora, Texas. The Kensings had just purchased property in Menard, and although they still lived 60 miles away, they put the goats on the new land. The Spanish goats were a weekend hobby, but right from the start Kensing began selective breeding and culling. Most of their goats are brown or dark tan with a black line down the back. When the shearers came, the crew would camp out on the ranch. Shurley passed away in April, 2009. She passed away on September 26, 2010. Kensing So the Spanish are a little bit lighter (but that doesn't mean Boers. The goats avoid eating the latter, but they will sometimes tiptoe in to eat the Prickly Pear fruit. ?Live Oaks and Shin Oaks factor greatly into their diets, and Robert Kensing keeps an eye on the Shin Oaks to make sure that the goats do not eat them all down to the roots. In the early 1970’s Mrs. Betty Joe Rudder began to concentrate on improving the family’s goat herd. You must log in or register to reply here. During the summer, they reduce the grain or provide it every other couple of days just to keep the goats used to coming for food. Body weight, body condition score, and FAMACHA scores were determined. Low Country had a higher Haemonchus contortus egg count during the summer season. Nannies tend to weigh 130?50 lbs, billies weigh approximately 200 lbs. The dogs are Great Pyrenees, Akbash, and Anatolian, and Syfan asserts that it’s not necessarily which breed of livestock guardian dog is best, but whether or not the dog itself is effective. Named after Ann Wood, Ohio Some areas on the island became impassable over time due to dense brush encroachment or impassable swamp. They are only fed enough to keep them following a feed sack when it’s time to gather. Nanny kids are weaned about 5-6 months old depending on weather and available forage for the nursing mothers. Tom Syfan has raised purebred Spanish goats for many years. However, solid colored bodies are preferred. Posted February 2013 Farmers were used to wandering livestock, and if someone else’s livestock was grazing on your land it was fine. The goats are expected to be hardy—there is no deworming, and natural forage is only supplemented when necessary by 20% protein blocks. Bode would cull the smaller goats, and preferred greater length and height. The Adcocks are putting their efforts into keeping their herd of purebred black Spanish goats going strong for generations to come. The billies grow to be 230-250 lbs if their diets meet their nutritional requirements, but average under 200 lbs. That’s what the Spanish goats were for—you needed a small animal that you could eat before the meat went bad, because in the Kensing’s area, farms didn’t have electricity until the late 1930’s. Blood and fecal samples were collected monthly for lab analysis. Shurley does not use any livestock guardian animals, relying solely on traps and snares. Gene Bode is a man who has always loved Spanish goats. That’s what the Spanish goats were for—you needed a small animal that you could eat before the meat went bad, because in the Kensing’s area, farms didn’t have electricity until the late 1930’s. Does are expected to have twins by their second year, or they are culled. The Papes use government trapping and control programs, including aerial shooting, to help with predators, but these methods are not completely effective. Due to tough outdoor living, local strains arose through natural selection and regional isolation. The goats were tested for parasites and found to have an almost non-existent parasite load. He found out that Eugene Bradshaw in El Dorado, Texas had put together a group of 900 Spanish nannies; Shurley chose what he considered to be the top 49 nannies out of the bunch and bought them. However, they were not considered a breed. Then all the does are put back together, with only a single cleanup buck, for another week Does are exposed to kid in the late Spring (May/June) so that the slaughter kids can be sold in the late Fall/Winter, when prices for milk tooth kids are highest. Does are given shelter at kidding time, but usually take refuge in the shelter of the oaks. Local Goat Breeds in the United States. Koy Ranch nannies kid unassisted at the rate of 28% singles, 70% twins, and 1.6% triplets. History of Willingham herd by Jim Willingham, February 2008. Previously, Spanish goats made themselves useful clearing pasture underbrush. Sawyer also keeps a “best?herd—those that he believes are superior to the rest. Stallworth Ranch. They adapted to their new home immediately and without any signs of stress. Easily the most adaptable meat goat on the planet.” Matthew Calfee, Calfee Farms, TN. Bradshaw has always demanded good conformation and breeding ability from his goats. Sawyer - Foundation Neely-Sawyer Ranch Weather plays a large role in the Kensings?operation. It is this attention to detail (and the bottom line), that enables Smoke Ridge to evaluate each goat and cull accurately. More blue than grey. Syfan’s herd consists of several groups: three groups of does, one group of bucks, a group of young bucks, and a group of young does. Despite a nanny’s conformation, she is no good without a live kid. This male and his son—who looks exactly like the original Valera buck purchased in 1996—have sired much of their present herd. Some served homesteaders for milk, meat, hair, and hide, whereas others became feral.

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