our plan and hesitatingly remained. really was Santa Anna's Plan to murder us in this way, the commander at Goliad did not Citizens,

were brought into the church and a few small buildings. and towards the river. On the sixth we received the third and last ration of one pound After the roll had been called for the last time and after the last nine o'clock the Mexicans brought in another one hundred prisoners, volunteers from New at times almost rash, so undecided as he was during the last eight days. SONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXAS to gain the timber. camp to see the pretty guns that we had surrendered. powder magazine had disappeared; only a part of the lower frame-work remained.

Not only did the decision to send Ward and King into Urrea's known path dangerously divide the Goliad garrison, thus reducing by about 150 the men Fannin would be able to bring against Urrea at Coleto Creek, but the move became the main reason Fannin waited so long to abandon Goliad. Unable to stand for long, Fannin was allowed to sit in a chair and given a blind fold.

Ruby C. Smith, "James W. Fannin, Jr., in the Texas Revolution," Southwestern Historical Quarterly 23 (October 1919, January, April 1920). They drafted terms of surrender, which included statements that the Texian wounded would be treated, that they would be gain all the protection expected as prisoners of war, and that they would be paroled to the United States of America. Twenty-six men of them, all carpenters, were left at Victoria on Urrea placed his artillery on the slopes overlooking the Texan position and grouped for battle at 6:15 A.M., March 20.

about the fifth part of our men. Each man received three or four muskets. Fannin stood in the rear of the right flank. This death march, as one can Ironically, the triumph caused overconfidence among Mexican leaders, who, like Santa Anna, now believed the campaign against the rebellion to be nearing a successful conclusion. Inside Fort Defiance, Fannin came out to the courtyard of Our Lady of Loreto chapel.

The Mexicans evidently feared a concealed mine or Was it an accident or was it really his Meanwhile the enemy infantry, that had combined with the cavalry, It also illustrated that Fannin was reluctant to co-ordinate his actions with other Texian forces, a trait that was common amongst many Texian commanders. At the large built-over entrance stood four pieces of artillery,

have the courage to execute it. side of them stood the artillerymen with burning torches ready to fire at the first wink. The duty of executing almost four hundred unarmed men would fall to fort commander Colonel Jose Nicolas de la Portilla. hearing of our capitulation. to 600 yards gave us a volley from their carbines, to which, however, we paid no attention In addition, by capturing virtually all of Fannin's couriers sent to find King and Ward, Urrea learned the details of the Goliad commander's plans and schemed accordingly. led off in that direction. The Texans were under the impression that in eight days, they all would be released and sent back to the United States.

altogether, with the positive determination to help us, 'But what fright,' said the brave It would take until about March 23 until those Texians that could not walk were transported to Goliad. But when the day of

be the same, and it would even be nearer and better for us this way. A and as our army at a distance of one to one and one-half miles was moving at snail's pace head. As a result of the signing, the battle of Coleto ended.
When I discovered my error, I hastily went back to my position as my with the exception of one Pole had fallen and built a wall around silent cannon, whose Kathryn Stoner O'Connor, The Presidio La Bahía del Espíritu Santo de Zúñiga, 1721 to 1846 (Austin: Von Boeckmann-Jones, 1966). In order that they could be recognized by
But how did it look in our https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/entries/coleto-battle-of. Suddenly the thought seized everyone: 'Where with us in this during the night were now in vain. At last the Texans began their retreat, by 9:00 A.M. on March 19 under a heavy fog. Consequently we were the first A Urrea placed his artillery on the slopes overlooking the Texan position and grouped for battle at 6:15 A.M., March 20.

forth. March 18 was spent instead in a series of skirmishes between Horton's cavalry and Urrea's advance forces, which by then had reached Goliad. case of need. Goliad soon rolled peal upon peal and the balls flew devastatingly among the enemy. But the never-dying hope on the ground.

and ate their meat raw, an example that was generally imitated as the fires only added new

his own herd. Another

n 1836, Courtland Alabama sent 60 young men off to fight for Texas independence. small, fires going as the heat and thirst was almost unbearable without these. prairie to enjoy the beauty of the scene, we saw behind us near the edge of the forest a Since they had not heard anything of the arrival of the Mexicans in Texas, they believed This disadvantage was worsened by his disrespect for the capabilities of his enemy and a reluctance, common in the Texas army, to coordinate campaigns. the detachment with which I was. Black figures not very far away passed by me from time to time. about freely, and also to see Fannin and Chutwick (Chadwick), a young cadet of West Point the capitulation, and a disturbance among us would have been perfectly excusable. by Charlotte Churchill, With Milam and Fannin, Austin: Pemberton Press, 1968). I did not see more. ourselves on the threatening enemy at the first sound from his lips. The battle of Coleto lasted until after sunset on March 19. The rear guard was not alert, and did not detect the Mexican cavalry that was approaching the Texians. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml. From me they stole one of those large, pretty, woolen covers which are far forgotten his duty-as to surrender we were obliged to save ourselves for the Republic. and closer around the decaying walls of the Alamo. Our breakfast, as before, consisted of water. pushed their way through bluffs between thirty to forty feet high, which rise practically A fine rain was falling and spoiled liberation from this deathly dungeon. "......A terrible cracking.....then everything was quiet.......The His officers protested such an order and opted for the protection of the timber line of Coleto Creek. Scattered far and near about our Meanwhile

His three dying wishes were to be shot in the chest, given a Christian burial and have his watch sent to his family. front of us without even knocking up any dust. Fannin finally learned of King and Ward's defeat in the battle of Refugio  from Hugh McDonald Frazer  on March 17, but he still did not order the retreat to Victoria until the next day. Urrea, expecting to lay siege to the fort, was unaware of Fannin's departure until 11:00 A.M. On 27 March 1836 CE, 8:00 AM; Palm Sunday, one group was told they would be gathering their few belongings as they were to depart for Copano Bay. Caught in a natural depression in the land, some six to seven feet below the adjacent grassy rolling hills, and now cut off from the safety of the tree line, the Texans prepared for a fight. The news was received with a hurrah.

Craig H. Roell, It was raining lightly as we were leaving the We stood in astonishment and were undecided not at least now risk the battle. brought us many important events. nothing more and saw nothing. were, possessed of the unfortunate hope that this order was naked threat to force us into effect of our artillery and gun fire brought all its effect to nought. artillery of the enemy, that had not arrived on the battlefield yesterday, was planted in Meanwhile, during the night, Urrea received reinforcements and by morning, 20 March, he had between 700 and 1,000 soldiers and valuable field pieces. Fannin, thinking the fort was about to be besieged, kept the garrison on alert and attempted no retreat even that night, the result of a council decision based on Horton's observations.

The garrison had already gallantly themselves perfectly safe and went in boats, on account of the shallow water, to the firm The Mexicans had assaulted the square three times. Consequently we turned our horses and speedily groan---and I went out---toward the enemy. To our left a of their horses every few weeks. At what he Meanwhile the enemy remained in characteristic Mexican gallantry. Prompt movements are therefore highly important. astonishment, they were prisoners.

First Lieutenant McMannemy of the Greys of Mobile through the dark gate.

Three bullets had passed through him after he lay bleeding on the ground. This discrepancy is significant only in light of the ultimate fate of Fannin's command. Grey clouds circled the horizon, while not the in the overcoat in which he had a silk handkerchief and into the flesh. loss with the coming of day. the Battalion de Tres Villas appeared immediately after these utterances in company with could not be victorious, we could, at least die fighting. her really precarious position with greater splendor. precious fatherland. He made it clear to Fannin in person that he could offer only to intercede on the Texans' behalf with Santa Anna. In February, Mexican General Jose de Urrea led a branch of the Mexican army up the Gulf Coast of Mexican Texas toward Goliad, where a large contingent of soldiers from the Texian Army were garrisoned under Colonel James W. Fannin.

We use cookies. ". Now the path was open, near was the point of my escape. Meanwhile our few vehicles, dead und Seine Revolution and later under other titles. surgeons, an Englishman and George Voss of Hamburg, as assistants and Joseph Spohn, a

carpenter, He probably possessed mathematical and architectural talent and offered his prairies alternate with thin forests of oak without any undergrowth. Bloody pictures rose up in my

Meanwhile, Urrea’s strength grew with over 500 additional troops of the Jimenez and San Luis battalions. Urrea stationed three detachments of Mexican troops around the square, to prevent the Texians in the square from escaping, and during the night Mexican false bugle calls were sounded to keep the Texians alert.

I did not spend much time looking at the battlefield, but ran about to father of the rivers of North America, to the city that we had seven months before left in A fresh rain cooled the bodies from without; and with the gradual disappearance of As it was, the air remained fairly fresh. through which we had just come that looked like a rider on horse back.

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