Bad Situation synonyms. I will never scheme in the future because it is a bad thing to do. Find out the synonyms, antonyms and definition. Full list of synonyms for Bad situation is here. All rights reserved. Top synonyms for bad situation (other words for bad situation) are invaded, precarious state and trespass - Page 5. She was unable to find employment in the area. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'? Top bad situation synonyms (phrases) are difficult situation, complex problem and complex situation. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. He's going to be in a difficult position if things go badly. We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. More 70 Bad situation synonyms. a situation in which you lose control of what is happening, usually in an unpleasant way, used for saying that a person or situation has all the disadvantages that are possible. Synonyms & Antonyms of bad Such a locality is popularly referred to as a `hot spot'. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Do you know what languages these words come from? to have come to the end of all possibilities for action, to be badly affected by a very difficult or unpleasant situation, to experience something, especially something that is unpleasant but necessary, to be forced to experience something unpleasant, to suffer something difficult or unpleasant in a patient way over a long period, to experience something unpleasant as a result of something that you have done, to experience something difficult or unpleasant, to be in a very difficult situation, especially one involving a lack of money, to be in a position in which you have to choose between two things that are not good, to be in a difficult or unpleasant situation, a period of time in your life that is difficult or unpleasant, to be in a very small, weak, or unsuccessful state, to be involved in the most difficult or dangerous part of something, if you are caught or stuck in the middle of two people who are arguing, you feel as though you are expected to support both of them, to be forced to stay in an unpleasant situation, to have a particular serious problem that continues or is repeated for a long time, to suffer by being treated badly, especially in a relationship, to become unexpectedly involved in an unpleasant or annoying situation, to be or become involved in a situation in which you do not have the necessary skills, knowledge, or money to succeed, to be or become involved in a difficult situation, to find it very difficult to do something, to be in a difficult situation, especially one that forces you to make one of two choices that will each bring problems, informal to have difficulty in doing something, to be in a bad situation that will bring problems or defeat, to be likely to be affected by something bad, mainly journalism if a place or group of people is torn by an unpleasant event or situation, it is very seriously affected by it, to experience a problem that slows down your progress, mainly American to be in a situation that changes quickly in an uncontrolled way, to be in a situation that you cannot control because things are happening so quickly, to have responsibility for something difficult or unpleasant, to have to deal with something difficult or unpleasant, to have a bad experience doing something, often when this is your own fault, to be the person in a group who has to do an unpleasant or difficult job, to experience or deal with something, especially a problem, if you face a problem, or if it faces you, it is likely or certain to happen and you have to deal with it, to get into trouble with someone or something, to experience difficulties and be likely to fail, to experience something bad, which you deserve, to experience a difficult or unpleasant period of time, American to suffer, or to make someone suffer, an unpleasant experience, to be in a position where something bad might happen if you are not successful, to experience a very difficult period of time, if someone has had it, they are in serious trouble, or they are going to fail, to be in a bad situation that will not get better, if you have nothing to lose, you can try something because even if you fail it will not make your situation any worse, but you might gain if you succeed, to be in a difficult situation with few choices, so that you have to work or fight very hard, informal to have a problem when you are trying to do something, to exist or try to live in a situation where there are serious difficulties or problems, informal to be in an unpleasant situation or place, or to cause someone to be in an unpleasant situation or place, to remain in a difficult or unpleasant situation for a long time, informal to put yourself in a difficult situation, to keep having serious problems, usually caused by a lack of judgment, to unexpectedly experience trouble, danger, difficulty etc, to be in a situation in which your opponent is as good as you or better, to not have any way of proving that you are right about something, to not know what to do in a difficult situation, to suffer because of something that you have done, to suddenly put someone or something in a much less successful situation, or to be suddenly put in such a situation, to suddenly get into a particular state or situation, to be in a situation in which you feel loyalty to opposing aims or people, to reach a point in a process where there are problems that seem impossible to solve, to start to have trouble/difficulty/problems etc, to experience a difficult situation, for example a lot of questions, criticism, or attacks, if you run up against problems, difficulties etc, you have to deal with them, to face a difficult choice between two duties or responsibilities, someone has suffered a lot or has had bad experiences, if you are staring something unpleasant in the face, you are close to suffering it, to allow something to happen to you, especially something unpleasant, to experience something very unpleasant or painful, formal to experience loss, injury, damage etc, to suffer very badly, for example by being easily defeated, to be in a difficult situation in which a very small mistake could have very bad results.

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