NeNe – Maine Coon Mix Cat For Rehoming in Austin TX. Share . is doing to help other shelters, rescues, and communities across the nation. We keep our cats in a clean, family environment. She is about fifteen months old and has been found abandoned in the s... I’ve had Autumn for almost three years. NeNe is a Female Maine Coon Mix Cat for adoption to a very loving home in or near Austin, TX. NeNe will be rehomed with all supplies, including a 6 month supply of food,, all accessories (including a small cat tower) and veterinary records. Canyon Lake Location: Austin, TX, 78736 Text “NeNe” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected]. We are a closed cattery that is free of genetic disorders. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Her anxiety gets very intense when she is in the car. Princess is a gorgeous girl and super adorable too. Seguin. So last year I had committed to turning in homework assignments to my mentor everyday and each day that I’d study she’d be there. Gets along with dogs: Unknown We look forward to hearing from you. Adopt this sweet Maine Coon Mix Cat in Austin TX today. For a pup with an absolutely unrivaled enjoyment of life and all its bounties, Rhino is the number one choice! Got her from a shelter and she was huge and still is. Her cat carrier as well as a small cat tower if they’d like to have it. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Category: Maine Coon Kittens Tag: Pure Breed Maine Coon Description I am Robin, and just from my name I am the son of a don’t have to worry I will be for more than a year without having any health problems because I am very healthy. I will also be moving from Austin come August and will not be able to bring her because I will be moving in with family. Most of my days I don’t get home till late. Email [email protected] with the name of the cat you’re interested in for next steps on setting up your virtual meet & greet. Finding good homes for preloved dogs, cats, puppies and kittens throughout Texas. Our volunteers make lifesaving possible -- become a volunteer today! When your application is accepted, we’ll connect you in real life! Shelter Information (APA!) She loves to play, particularly with her lazer toy. Pflugerville : Yes Georgetown We test all breeders since Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is common and we do not want other defects to become common. This technology uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart’s chambers, valves, walls and the blood vessels (aorta, arteries, veins) attached to the heart. Category: Maine Coon Kittens Tag: Pure Breed Maine Coon Description Austin is full of love and happiness and is so energetic.Be sure to take him for sports some times as he likes to run around.He will lick your toes the whole day. Adoption Fee $0. 3 Adoptable Maine Coons in Austin. © 2020 Austin Pets Alive!. Health Problems: No PipandPaws is located in Comfort, Texas which is near San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, Texas. Sometimes shit just has not be done so just know that you will be challenged. Pick me up in your arms, and I'll purrr ... Tinker is a stunning, 16 lb, fluffy, orange tabby tuxedo female. House Broken or Litter Trained? Anything Look…Weird? Maine Coons are kittens in big cat suits, gentle giants who are playful well into old age, as well as jumbo-sized packages of loving devotion. Maine Coons are the largest domestic Cat Breed. Post Doc is a gentle, calm, and cautious lap cat who loves her human friends. Laid back. © 2020 Austin Pets Alive!. I have a brother amp sister cats and I m looking for a good home without having to separate them. Email [email protected] with a short description of what you’re looking for and what your home environment is like. Maine Coons are the largest domestic Cat Breed. in Austin, TX on Petfinder. We want to make sure that he has the best chance at a long, happy life. Her favorite food is Tiki Cat brand and likes to eat all flavors of that. relies on the generosity of our community – find out more about the different ways you can support the animals who need us most! She LOVES the laser and will go wild for it. She also does not like car rides or trips to the vet. Adopt Me. Maine Coon fans say that the popularity is due to the breed’s large size, intelligence, luxuriant coat, hardy disposition, and devotion to their human family. She is not overly needy like some cats, and loves to just be near you, acting as a small, furry cheerleader in everything you do. A family that can be patient with her personality and understand the different dimensions of her. She also enjoys catnip and sprouted grass that I plant her sometimes. Cedar Park Ethical Maine Coon Breeder only allow kittens for sale to go to new homes only after twelve weeks of age or older per CFA & TICA request. She is clean and well-behaved – just a great companion for a special cat lover. Whether it be early in the morning or late at night she’d just hang with me quietly without bothering my mission. I am currently in school and still working full time. 5. Extremely smart and down to f... See what APA! I will share that she can get an attitude when you try and comb the dead fur out of her coat. PipandPaws was started in 2001 by Pip Quinn due to a passion and love for Maine Coons. Help us by clicking below to see what we need most today. Questions about NeNe? is a nonprofit animal shelter and rescue organization pioneering comprehensive, innovative programs designed to save the most at-risk homeless companion animals and educate others to do the same through its American Pets Alive! It’s just me. She is pretty compliant with nail clippings. Purchase your #savepetsinsweats merch today! Featured Cat. Austin Pets Alive! Maine Coon / Mix. Maine Coon Kittens leave already altered, micro-chipped, vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated with age appropriate vaccine shots. Support shelter pets while flattening the curve! Lars Ulrich is a BIG, sweet, Maine Coon cat with a sweet heart that has a bit of a problem. Maine Coon Kittens will be micro-chipped to ensure safe return should your coon get lost outside. Please come and meet Wednesday. Lars Ulrich is a BIG, sweet, Maine Coon cat with a sweet heart that has a bit of a problem. Current Weight 8 lbs. : Unknown Accessories Included: I can purchase 6 months supply of her dry food. Adoption Fee $50. There’s a slight murmur in his big ol’ ticker, and we want to take a look with an echocardiogram. Questions about NeNe? Adopt Bella a Brown or Chocolate Maine Coon / Mixed (short coat) cat in Austin, Adopt Wednesday a Black (Mostly) Maine Coon (long coat) cat in Bertram, Adopt Autumn a Calico or Dilute Calico Maine Coon / Mixed (long coat) cat in New, Austin TX - Pretty Maine Coon Mix Cat For Adoption - Meet Ne Ne, Adopt Notche a Domestic Long Hair, Maine Coon, Brother quot;sister cats. If there is something the new owners would like me to get I can do that as well. is featured in a new documentary series that follows the animal rescue community in and around Austin. All Rights Reserved. Cats For Adoption By Owner - Rehome or Adopt a Cat or Kitten Near You - Cats For Adoption in Texas TX - Cats For Adoption in Austin TX - Maine Coon Mix Cat For Adoption in Austin TX – Supplies Included – Adopt NeNe. Friends, I foster a kitty who is looking for a loving home. You know how everyone has a threshold well so does she when it comes to these things. Kyle Watch on CBS All Access! Location Foster. Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes It has been a difficult decision that I have battled with for some time but I know it will be the best for both parties if I can rehome her. nationwide education and outreach division. I will provide a couple of cans of wet food that show you her likings. Leander Don't miss what's happening in … There is a $35 adoption/rehoming fee. Contact our Maine Coon Cat rehoming team today. She is a ready to love cat – just adopt and enjoy! Lakeway Don’t wire money or take advance payments. She appears to be almost purebred Maine Coon. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or looking to make a tribute gift, our Dedicated Donors program will ensure it's special. If you are interested in adopting this special Maine Coon Mix Cat For private rehoming in Austin TX, please fill out our online meeting request below. 'Values are like fingerprints. We look forward to hearing from you. Current Weight 12 lbs. San Marcos Toll Free: (888) 720-3322 Text: (888) 833-2128. Text “NeNe” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected]. Maine coon and black cat - Price: Free. A laser and cat feather. app brings the talents of our matchmakers to your handheld device.

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