It is and it isn’t and the why of this is because (1) we’re new to all this physical level Diamond NEW Earth NEW and (2) there’s a whole bunch of unaware humans here too and some, not all but some of them have just gotten activated via their Soul Contracts to be the First Wave of HUMANS to start the Ascension Process. vibration to a higher, more refined level, so what are all these An Energetic Pandemonium basically is a period where on an energetic level, for you and me, thing’s feel like a wild, crippling, confusing time. I haven’t enjoyed feeling all of the mania, and flat out pandemonium. It’s also a whole different Equinox this year. We’re ready to move beyond the same old way of living and existing. Ascension Symptoms aemedia-March 4, 2020. You will become increasingly enthused and refreshed once again and filled with great freedom and empowerment from a job very well done in Phase 1. Ascension Symptoms aemedia-February 27, 2020. Due to this major energy shift event of 1-12-2020 from the last remnants of old lower Lead to NEW Diamonds, many have been feeling some old ascension symptoms and some new rather strange ones too. Phase 2 of the Ascension Process for us has energetically shifted to our now learning how to—as these physically ascending versions of ourselves—Consciously Create for ourselves, for humanity when needed and for all life on NEW Earth for starters. A certain percentage of old lower frequency everything, including all old Cycle energy codes, patterns, reality blueprints, distortions and matching frequency consciousness etc., needed to be removed before the NEW higher everything could be inserted, implemented and activated in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. It’s exactly like the animation just above this paragraph. Saturn had it’s “public bathrooms” cleaned by seven solar flares intentionally aimed at it for this very reason in April 2017. Lots going on and even faster than it has been! Give your body and consciousness some time to acclimate to this shift event from Phase 1 into Phase 2 with its matching NEW Diamond energies and all else. Emotionally, that is a different story. I almost entered that reality out of physicality a few days ago, because these energies were so intense. Because of this we’re about to become valuable to those unaware humans who’ve suddenly found themselves coming apart due to the evolutionary Ascension Process. Phase 2 won’t be anything like Phase 1 was for the Volunteers, First Everythingers, Forerunners. Is Compassion For The Narcissist Possible? March 2020 Equinox Energies: A Whole Different Kind Of Equinox For This Year. The world spins and spins. My main focus is not to keep bringing it up, because those working within the inner circle; those within the {Negative Programming} systems are already working on keeping it in your face 24/7. The 12D Shield is helpful to harmonize the body through many ascension symptoms. I know there’s some other planets in Capricorn now that are involved with all this but it was Saturn and Pluto that did the planetary and human species energetic heavy-lifting for the NEW to be instantly inserted and activated in NEW Earth for NEW Humanity at the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process.

Enter your email address to follow HighHeartLife & receive notifications of new articles by email. So, yes this is where we’re at. They’re now living in the NEW crystalline Diamond physical reality energies and structures etc. The school systems, being at work, being out and about buying thing’s, going somewhere to do thing’s for money, and being part of the monetary system. All Rights Reserved. A small taste, a small piece of the future. Lovely topic I know but worse if you’ve been on old Earth transformation Shit Detail for much of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, which many of us were and in a variety of ways other than this. Can you see and feel where this is going on so many NEW creative levels for us all? There are many, many, many, different realities that exist on earth right now. We do this because we’re ready. Not very many people can fully understand them. Many of the ascension symptoms are vague to describe and inexpressible in linear … As we all know January 12, 2020 was the day of the one and only exact Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction. I have personally classified this as {An Energetic Pandemonium}. The old pre-ascension Earth and humanity energy structures, systems, blueprints and codes etc. That just happened on January 12, 2020 via the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Saturn held physical reality in physical form for humanity to live, express, learn and create within during the past great Evolutionary Cycle.

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