The roof was unusual in being carried by 10 35-ton triangular trusses, said to be the largest in the UK, supported on reinforced concrete columns. Battersea was however given a reprieve some time later when it was used to house the London Buses coaches and sightseeing operations until 1988 when the entire operation moved to Wandsworth garage. [9], On 1 August 1996, the Cowie Group purchased British Bus, which owned the Kentish Bus and London & Country businesses that also operated London bus services. The buses can also be hired to attend other public events, and often the buses appear at bus events, such as Showbus and the London Bus Preservation Trust Cobham bus rally. Arriva Rail London[1] is a train operating company owned by Arriva UK Trains that operates the London Overground concession on behalf of Transport for London. AEC Routemasters arrived in 1969 replacing the RTs, but the RTs lasted there until 1978. [10][11] In November 1997, the Cowie Group was rebranded as Arriva.[12]. In latter years the allocation has increased slightly and other than Metrobuses, Volvo B10Ms and Alexander ALX400 bodied DAF DB250LFs have been allocated.

It is unusual in retaining its original body and chassis after the Routemaster overhaul scheme. On 28 January 2012, route 318 was transferred to this garage. These will replace the Class 172, Class 315 and Class 317s, and the Class 378s on Watford DC line duties allowing them to be concentrated on North London line, East London line, West London line and South London line services. [19], As of May 2020, Clapton garage operates routes 38, 73, 242 and night routes N38, N73 and N242. In 1971 Brixton became one of the first to receive Daimler Fleetlines and then in 1984 MCW Metrobuses. In 2000 it was reopened by the London Buses subsidiary East Thames Buses which took over the former Harris Bus routes after that company ran into financial difficulties. RML901: This was part of the first batch of 24 RMLs (Routemaster Lengthened) to enter service. [13], The garage was reopened by County Bus & Coach in 1997, and in 1998 this operation was merged with the Leaside Travel unit. In 1993, a yard adjacent to the old garage was opened as a base for Kentish Bus route 19 operation after it had moved out of its Covent Garden Market base. One man operated buses in the form of AEC Regal VIs began arriving and were followed in time by AEC Swifts, Daimler Fleetlines, and MCW Metrobuses. When the XAs departed in 1973 they were replaced by Daimler Fleetlines which lasted until January 1993. On 3 March 2012, Arriva London commenced operating route W11. The reconstruction was finally completed in the mid-1950s. Arriva operates 16 bus garages in London; 4 of which are run under the Arriva London South company, and the remaining 12 with Arriva London North. The depot was opened in 2005 to house the articulated buses for route 149 which were later joined by more MA's with the conversion of route 73. As of May 2020, Ash Grove bus garage operates routes 78, 253 and 254 and night route N253.[13]. However, Tottenham has retained a single Routemaster for the Arriva London Heritage fleet for use at shows and special events. It is probably the most famous too, being the (numerically) first production Routemaster, RM5. In 1993, a yard adjacent to the old garage was opened as a base for Kentish Bus route 19 operation after it had moved out of its Covent Garden Market base.

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