Our hunters have taken more sheep over 60″ than those of any other hunting company. The hunting takes place in some of the world highest altitudes and base camps are often at 10,000 to 14,000 feet and game can use mountainous landscape that reaches 16,000 feet or more.

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Day 2-11: 10 days of hunting Day 12: return to Bishkek, overnight in Bishkek Day 13: flight home. The neck mane is white, shaded with grayish-brown. Tajikistan: larger trophies, elevations are between 13,000 and over 15,000 ft., horses are rarely used, hunts are expensive. The karelini was described from the Ala Tau range north of Lake Issyk Kul in northeastern Kyrgyzstan and southeastern Kazakhstan, and eastward in the Tian Shan range in Xinjiang, China. Range is fine. One stop shopping!”

Boundaries with the Marco Polo argali to the south and west are unclear. Ibex hunting can be challenging, however very rewarding also.
There are still decent populations of Altai argali to hunt but the hunts are not as easy as they once were. Range is fine. The Hume (Kyrgyz) Argali Sheep is one of the more abundant Argali species.

Everything was above expectations, from the hunt preparations to the actual experience and hunt, and post-trip. As a rule, the trophy is obtained during the first 5-7 days of hunting, leaving an opportunity to hunt ibex or wolves. The northern limit for the Marco Polo argali is the Naryn river. For the adventurous sportsman in search of great trophies, it is a fascinating destination. It is necessary to bring good quality mountain boots, warm clothing, and a sleeping bag. I really appreciate their travel services - they do my visas, air tickets and everything else I need for an easy trip. Since we operate Marco Polo sheep hunts in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the venue of the hunt makes no difference to us. Argali are considered a near threatened species, due to domestic livestock ranching and hunting, among other things.

As the world's largest sheep, the lure to gather a trophy specimen is strong among sports-hunters. Altai Argali (Ovis Ammon Ammon) is the largest sheep in the world, and is the ram that dreams are made of when it comes to the Asian argali. Not least in his 2011 book 'Time to get tough: Making America #1 again', Trump with Piers Morgan in November 2010. A special license is required to hunt this sheep. Copyright © 2020 Russian Hunting LLC. Our staff is available to you seven days a week to answer any questions you may have concerning the organization or execution of the hunt. A dark dorsal line runs from shoulders to loins. Argali Sheep. The largest of all ibex, the Mid-Asian ibex, is found in abundant numbers in some of the same regions where we hunt Marco Polo sheep. Argali Sheep Hunting with Sergei Shushunov Facebook, Argali Sheep Hunting with Sergei Shushunov Twitter, Argali Sheep Hunting with Sergei Shushunov Pinterest, Argali Sheep Hunting with Sergei Shushunov Youtube, Argali Sheep Hunting with Sergei Shushunov LinkedIn, Argali Sheep Hunting with Sergei Shushunov Flickr, Argali Sheep Hunting with Sergei Shushunov, Sergei Shushunov Russian Hunting Agency site. Tian Shan Argali hunting takes place in Kyrgyzstan. No other companies have access to our areas during the best time of year. -Francisco Vizcaino Gutierrez, “In all aspects an awesome experience.

The karelini was described from the Ala Tau range north of Lake Issyk Kul in northeastern Kyrgyzstan and southeastern Kazakhstan, and eastward in the Tian Shan range in Xinjiang, China. He is standing here in front of a prototype for a section of the wall, Trump's meetings with other world leaders have provided no short supply of photo opportunities, Trump was welcomed to the UK by the Queen and a state banquet was held at Buckingham Palace in his honour, Not everyone welcomed the president.

Any flat shooting cartridge in 7 mm Mag. Marco Polo argali is a large, long-legged, light-boned argali with the most spectacular horns of all the world’s sheep. to 300 Mag. The limited number of licenses a year are issued for Marco Polo argali and Karelini argali hunts, and licenses for Karaganda, Littledale and Karatau argali licenses are issued extremely rarely, not even every year and in single numbers.The largest among argali sheep is Marco Polo and the best trophies, reaching 60 inches and more are found in Tajikistan, where a hunt is very hard and for many unprepared hunters is almost impossible due to extreme elevations. The spring hunts can be good as well, these hunts run from Late Feb – Early April.

The hunt for Marco Polo argali in Kyrgyzstan and especially Tajikistan can be very demanding due to very high elevations. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

Upon joining our mailing list, you will receive our DETAILED PRICE LIST. The hunter has to be in reasonably good physical condition to hunt in Kyrgyzstan and in top shape to successfully hunt in Tajikistan.

The easiest time to spot these animals is in winter when they come down from the high mountains to search for food. We built the famous Hot Springs Camp and we have exclusive use of it for our hunters from the middle of October until the middle of December (the best period for Marco Polo sheep hunting). Email: office@atcheson.com - Phone: 406-782-2382 - Butte, Montana - www.atcheson.com, Copyright © 2020 | Jack Atcheson and Sons, Inc. | International Hunting Consultants | All Rights Reserved. We have full-time service staff in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) to handle all administrative functions, such as licenses, visas, firearm permits, CITES certificates, etc. Kyrgyzstan: trophies are on average smaller by 5 to 6 inches, hunts take place at elevations of 10,000 to 12,000 ft., horses are used 100% of the times, hunts are much less expensive. Argali have been extirpated from northeastern China, southern Siberia, and parts of Mongolia. Daytime temperature is around +10C (+50F) in the fall and –20C (-4F) in the winter, at night it can drop to -40C (-40F).

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