You must hurt in order to know , fall in order to grow and fail in order to gain .

Once Giftia exceed their life-span, they turn into dangerous, rogue machines with no trace of humanity. Even if he wants to catch someone falling, he can't.
The clumsy ones will walk into more walls than the others, and it may also take them longer to get there. Sachi instantly got attached to Kirito since he is so reliable and she can feel the goodness inside him. It’s not what they do in life but what they did before dying that proves their worth.". Like crazy. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (The Sunday Without God), Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom). Please remember this Takaki-kun. Don’t be fooled by her innocent and pretty looks since Clare knows how to fight. A lot of existential and philosophical questions are raised about the utopia depicted in this anime, but of all of them, Squealer drives home a point we should all consider: what makes someone "human"? I will always love you. Now, consider how he's saying this to two regretful souls who have passed on after living difficult lives. Even if there was a god and I had his teachings before me, I would think them through and decide whether they are right or wrong myself.". It makes for a sad, bittersweet relationship between himself and Hotaru. “I want…to change things. Here are ten quotes which will take you back through the past decade.

Monkey D. Luffy is young boy who once dreamed to be the next Pirate King.
Who among your many favorite anime characters said the most inspiring and meaningful quote? Best of all, it introduced to some more great animes. Whatever strong feelings they had turns upon them. She usually dashes straight towards enemy defense and launch an attack as swift as lightning to stun and eventually defeat her foes. ...I'm ready now. Take the time to learn from these 20 Meaningful Quotes from Code Geass! The person who made this list is lacking in diversity for any of these characters to even be on this list. Superhuman being, Koro-sensei, laments that he didn't find a better use for his power so that he could prevent tragedy from happening. FREAKIN EPIC. but when a series throws a sad curveball at you, it's hard not to dissolve into a useless wreck afterwards. “The true measure of a shinobi is not how he lives but how he dies. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. He has the best quotes among DBZ characters, here: 1) "The sleeper has awakened. This wish keeps him immortal and curses him to a sad, wanderer's life. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again! Would you taint your hands with evil to destroy evil? ", 6. As proof,if you change the angle you look at it,the glass will reflect light.It will state it’s presence and existence more eloquently than any other thing in this world. But because we are weak, by learning and gaining experience, we gained the wisdom to achieve the unachievable—to predict the future...Rejoice! My motivation was very different than Kakarott's. Krishnakant Sonakiya from Gwalior on December 29, 2012: Amazing list. Makarov Dreyar is Fairy Tail’s third guild master. For a girl who forgets all her memories of the friends she makes each week, forgetting is a frightening, lonely reality. "I don't have any goals for the future. No matter what. He was sealed for 50 years until Rosette made a contract with him. Just... promise me you'll find someone else who cares for you. She met Kirito, the anime series main protagonist, at a low-level floor with her guildmates while they were leveling. Live to see why a weak girl like me ended up here… And the reason you and I met.". "The ocean is very beautiful. detective conan also has some nice quotes!! ' Despite taking the form of a young boy, Hitsugaya Toshiro is more than a hundred years old. Chrono’s powers are still limited yet his true potentials evolve as he faces strong demons which they come across with along their journey. What Naruto fails to see is that Jiraiya is more than willing to give up his own life for him. dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on December 29, 2012: Thank you for appreciating my list. No "over 9,000" on this list? Are you an anime fan? Shinsekai Yori is a depressing anime all over but there's something sad about someone being mocked for simply claiming to be as human as ... well, humans. Advertising

", you should add the quote said by doflamingo in onepiece that is the best ever quote i heard, should have had a few quotes from gurren lagann like when Simon said " If you're going to dig dig towards the heavens, even if it's my own grave, once i've broke through it means that i've won!". My heart. Simple and effective. I like Vash's "The ticket to the future is always blank" and Edward from FMA's "You have two good legs, get up and use them." For some, life isn't something to be taken for granted. Browse our collection of inspirational 19 memories quotes and share with your loved ones. "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off agaaaiiiiin. But weakness is not evil, since human beings are weak creatures to begin with. 10. It might be something like glass,because one doesn’t notice it normally.However,it is actually there. ", You used to be a piece of vampire sh*t but now you are a pile of dog sh*t -Alucard(after summoning familiar) ,hellsing, No anime quote list is good without Hachiman's quote lol, love your introduction as much as the quotes ;), yeah all of these quotes are sh*t compared to vegeta's "Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear". “I don’t want to conquer anything. Very well.

Here's my take on the Top 10 Best Anime Quotes! This is a one-shot you definitely want to prepare tissues for. Privacy Monkey D. Luffy may be far away from achieving his dream but he is getting there one sure step at a time. The fact that she is the only one who volunteered to become a Claymore is just one of the many proofs that Clare is fearful enough to face any challenge. “Don’t be so quick to throw away your life. I can give them back to the world. Nevertheless, she never let this weakness ruin her aspiration to protect the innocent and pursue her quests. A student, named Shion, lives in what seems like paradise: the city No.6.

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