the devil appeared, smiling at the men, "well which one of you want to go to hell first?". One day, very early in the morning, an angel comes down from heaven. and tells the dean that in return for his unselfish and exemplary behavior, the Lord will reward him with his choice of infinite wealth, wisdom, or beauty. "What is that?" Ima do to you what chief did to halo. Click here for more information. Last week, a group of Hell's Angel's bikers were riding along when they saw a girl about to jump off a railway Bridge. A young man in Oklahoma turns 21. “My wife is still alive.”. Someone who knocks on your door and tells *you* to fuck off. and tells the head of the philosophy department, “I will grant you. he went on holiday and he returned see a mural of a large p. Here are two pretty good jokes from the HBO television series. Just in time for the reopening of the schools next week. The only difference between them is that Larry was the nicest Lobster ever and Sam, well lets just say he was not so good. She hires an artist, and tells him that she wants him to paint a Western scene, centered on General Custer's final words. So clap your hands together and grab your protractor and get ready to consistently laugh throughout, at least if you're equilateral. The movement is a huge success, with almost 100% of rubbish removed from the oceans, and succeeding in righting lumberjacks' and factory owners' ways, cutting down greenhouse gas emmision and forest cutting by around. Could you roll him over please sir?”. Mrs. Custer says, thinking it's thoug. Mom: "How do you like this Christian elevator music?". Nobody wanted to play on his team any longer after he had a 0 and 2 kill/death ratio and it took him 3 days to respawn. As she sprints blissfully across a road, a massive truck ploughs into her. He has started many charity organizations and has always been generous to the poor, but he never really felt like he found any purpose to his life, so he decides to attend a Christian congregation one Sunday. After 6 months of work, the artist reveals the painting to the museum director. Angel returns: "Three months before exams. He tells the artist to depict his interpretation of the final thoughts of General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn. An angel was guarding the gates. Have you ever wondered how the tradition of putting an angel on the tree started? Cowboys and Indians, this guy loved it all. Are you an angel? God:"We shouldn't do this drunk." An old man asks his family that, when he dies, they take all his savings, convert them into gold bars, put them into a suitcase, and bury the suitcase with him. He said “I’ve created 24 hours of alternating lightness and darkness in earth”. Give a frog a loan? As they are walking one day silently discussing something, God happens to be walking by and overhears their whispers. They start talking about where they want to go on vacation. The artist accepts the deal with one condition. There was a man who was obsessed about the wild west.

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