k/a would for SURE go out with a bang like that. Also, as some of you guys mentioned, I believe that she just escaped reality by pretending to be her mother blogging about her missing, anyways, great movie and I enjoyed it despite the ending that made me lost and confused. My oncologist put it really nicely. Thank you so much! He, too, is an older man, about the same age as her molester would be now, who had violently sexually assaulted a prostitute many years ago (in the novel, Katie’s promiscuity is much more explicit; prostitute/promiscuity… it’s a reach, but I think the connection is intended). Ray Bradbury Books. Also her molestor was dead already but she did get a reply to her letter. Also I believe Paul was the one who called her. I wish I wasn’t posting some two years later, as I probably won’t get a response… Oh well, did anyone else notice that the trashy looking girl and A/K were looking at each other almost having a moment… bit strange… Anyway, is it just me, or does the trashy girl getting abused outside the corner store look EXACTLY like the photograph of Amy? Especially pregnant. Why would he offer to raise her child and for her to live with him? A body has been found by police searching for a missing teenager from Dorset. My heart hurts for any woman living in this sort of silent world. I completely agree with you Alana, I freaked out with the ending my heart stared raising and I was trying to remember if I had missed the ‘based on a true story’ note! We pictured all of these perfect beautiful people because that’s what we expect in a movie but in the end they’re all normal and all have problems of there own! ok. As horrible as it sounds, I’ve been around forums and various other places for about 17 years, and it’s happened on many occasions that people show up, lie about their identity, spin a woeful tale about their life, often going for hard-hitting and shocking stories because people don’t dare question them, then follow it all through to a car crash ending, only to issue an ultimatum and then vanish. (Think there’s a lot more going on than at first glance.). I feel her pain it’s a shame she didn’t get to live her adult life…she never got to grow, to heal, to learn from her mistakes, to tell the world “fuck you, no matter what your not gonna break me!”, and she never got to look back at her old life and say “man, I’ve really changed! I think the key to understanding the ending lies in Katie/Amy’s rhetorical question at the supposed ‘end’ of her blog: “Do human beings ever dream a whole new life, and make it come true, or do they always go back to the way they were?” As other writers here have previously suggested, the “coda” is in fact Katie/Amy’s answer to her own question. Lol. This is a very ‘meta’ interpretation, but I wouldn’t put it past him. But I did want to put this out there. Volleyball Ball Weight, We were watching her blog: a slightly exaggerated and more lavish version of her life that allowed her to boost her own ego. That couldn’t have been how it happened though, what was the point in her changing names and people and places and tiny little details if she was just gonna reveal the truth in the end? Nobody leaves to start a new life without funds. Someone email me a better ending that makes sense and makes me happy again. Maybe she’s dead. The only thing I think could be real is when she remembers she was sexually abused. She’ll probably show up on her mother’s doorstep in a few months with some stupid, half assed excuse and her mom will of course forgive her as if nothing happened (which she seems to do all the time). (2 years later) Hi! I think one of her readers who was very angry at her decisions, maybe a loner who read her blog and got angry about her promiscuous behavior somehow found her and swayed her into coming with him. And then they want to pull like a “Lovely Bones” type crap on us in the last 5 minutes. Amy Latham, 18, was last seen at her home in Walford … It was time for her to make her own decisions. Google Chronicle Backstory, These same people are then unable to pull away from the very real connections they’ve made in their lie and create a secondary character just to get close to them again. Because of the way she experienced with her neighbor when she was 6 years old, now whenever she gets sexual, she feels loved, which it kinda contradicts but the reason she stopped showering and give no care about her body is also what happened when she was 6 with the neighbor. just watched this movie.I thought originally that it was based on a true story. Just a thought. Oh boy. Peppermint 2 Trailer, She said in the beginning to her mom that she changed all the names in her blog so no one would be able to guess that she was the one writing it, so of course things were different at the end. am i the only person who picked up on the fact that the last messages she sent saying “i need to talk to you” was sent to Joel..? So it is my understanding that she envisioned a new life for herself and carried it out, or tried to anyway. I have to write! But who really knows eh. Whether she is attacked by the bookstore owner, re-attacked by her boyfriend, killed by her married lover or cast aside by her suicidal male friend. Also thought the bookstore owner was waaaaayyyy to eager to offer her to take her in, and her baby. He seemed much less creepy in the book. Well they looked at each other like something was going on. You've been through something obviously traumatic and huge, so it's a big change. it could have been like a flash forward. Still there but never to be found again. I really liked your comment and I as well agree with most of bezoris theories . Names were changed, Katie is really ‘Amy Grantham,’ Dan doesn’t teach film, but owns a video store, etc. Although I liked the movie, the ending confused me. The Cancer.Net Blog was named one of Healthline's Best Cancer Blogs of 2020. Carrie Snodgress Son, I have a tendency within myself to think: Ok, well that's done, so it's time to move on.

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