Mostly, it includes specific locations for many of the data centers in the US and overseas. What roles at can work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak? Engineering Operations Technician hourly pay at Amazon can range from $36 - $40. In case of emergencies its not much help you can receive besides having the extra time to take off for emergencies that's given to you sparingly. Cheers! Everything that could be automated was, mostly. poor appreciation for associates and managers, every task, you ALWAYs learn new and challenging something. Please direct questions seeking tech support to the following subreddits: It's akin to being a simple oil change tech at Rolls Royce vs some manager at a normal car dealership. All those availability zones being deployed globally will get you experience not only at a physical layer but you'll then understand how all that physical compute power supports the FANG org's cloud platform offerings. I didn't start there but my first data center tech/operations job was my second IT job. Now, my questions: Has anyone had any experiences working as a data center technician? Definitely agree about the shift rotations, though. This has lead to some internal drama between myself and the current person who is the closest you could call to being a sysadmin, but drama aside I have felt like I've been getting pulled back and forth between these escalated responsibilities and my normal responsibilities as I have not been officially recognized past my original job title, despite various promises. I was in kindle refurbishing. Explore information on salaries, job satisfaction, skills and more. Filter by location to see Data Center Technician salaries in your area. Everybody is very relaxed which is both good and bad. Worked in a DC for 10 years on third shift. How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Some minor networking from a server perspective. Managers jump from one shift, site, and facility to the other without regard for loyalty. What do you think? If that happens, the sheer scale of AWS will be a huge advantage for Amazon. When it locks up,crashes, stops pinging, you get it back online by using the console, rebooting, checking for prompts etc. Im not sure if I am going to configure servers but.. do u guys configure servers??? This is not a forum for technical support. (self.sysadmin) submitted 6 years ago * by weks IT Specialist. Sorry for the delay everyone here is your gold. No one can teach you cable management, you just have to do it and learn the hard way. A great learning experience. I won't dive into the specifics too much, but my current position is a Desktop Technician II. When i started I knew server hardware and TS, basic networking, Novell, Windows OS's and Linux. OP, I can't speak to that exact position but can give you some general guidance about working for a FANG company (FB, Amazon, Netflix, Google) - DO IT. Run cables. Thanks for all the input guys. One thing to keep in mind is ALWAYS be humble.

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