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Privacy Policy   The series will be shared on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and will continue for the duration of Ailey All Access. This free online initiative features streaming of a weekly series of performances of full length works from the repertory, Ailey Extension dance and fitness classes, and original short films created by the Ailey dancers, and other especially created content.

•Initial planning with Ailey Arts In Education Staff For those considering a gift, the new COVID-19 Relief Bill's incentives for charitable donations include a new, one year (2020) above-the-line deduction for cash contributions up to $300 for all taxpayers (not just those itemize deductions) and the limit on deductions for contributions is suspended in 2020 for individual taxpayers who itemize their deductions.

•AileyDance for Caregivers

Far too often, adults become prone to injury due to inactivity or isolation and have limited opportunities to engage their imaginations and express their creativity. To enjoy a variety of digital content, visit Ailey All Access for links to experience online programming.

Phone: 212-405-9157 In order to share the Ailey spirit with people wherever they are during this unprecedented time, […] •AileyDance for Active Adults (50+) Ailey Extension; Adult Beginner Classes.

Starting April 22, students can explore a wide range of movement styles during Beginner Contemporary with Michael Thomas on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Stay tuned for a Kids & Teens Online announcement in June for classes for students age 5-17. Sign up for an Ailey Extension Online live class through MindBody on our website or in the Ailey Extension app. Terms & Conditions  

All online class packages will expire 30 from the date of purchase if unused. Former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Company members Sarita Allen and Michael Thomas are joining Ailey Extension's growing lineup of free livestreamed classes… "For six decades, Revelations has spoken to the common humanity in us all and been a beacon as the Ailey organization has brought people together through dance," stated Executive Director Bennett Rink. FPO: Short 1-2 sentences about offerings for ages 16 to adults here. Please enter your email address to stay informed about the latest Ailey happenings and special offers. Simply click on the "chat" button at the bottom of your screen and when the chat box appears, you can message the manager. These posts have received about 178,000 likes, been shared about 64,000 times, and received about 24,000 comments. And, for the first time ever, the popular Ailey Spirit Gala will celebrate virtually with the Ailey family on Thursday, June 11th. Ailey Extension classes. The series, which allows the dancers to open their hearts to us through words and choreography, launched on Monday, April 20 with a video of Renaldo Maurice edited by Danica Paulos. Privacy Policy   Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey’s Studio Dance Program mission is to provide the best dance training in the Kansas City region. Acknowledging its lasting significance after five decades in 2010, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution recognizing the artistic and cultural contributions of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the 50th Anniversary of the first performance of Revelations. Stay informed about the latest Ailey happenings! For more information about our programming, and/or to reserve/schedule an Arts In Education residency, please contact: Cathryn Williams I loved expressing and working out life's complications through dance.

© 2019 Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved. Leslie Odom Jr. Ailey dancers are inviting viewers up-close to discuss what inspires them through an ongoing conversation series on Wednesdays and Saturdays 1pm ET. Ages 16 to Adults.

We ask that you please be sure to check your spam and promotions folders as well as double-check your MindBody account to make sure you are enrolled in the correct class and your email is listed correctly in your account. Director, Arts In Education & Community Programs View Ailey Extension Online Class Schedule. Also, Ailey II's spring season along with the classes and educational programs of Ailey Extension, The Ailey School, and Ailey Arts In Education were halted. With great disappointment, the Ailey II company has been placed on hiatus until July 2021.

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