Which weighs more: a hundred pounds of lead or a hundred pounds of aluminum? This boat is cleverly designed with full-length stabilizing chines and a generous beam, making it a comfortable ride no matter the situation. Remember that you can’t simply turn around in your seat if the canoe spins uncontrollably (like double-enders can), so you won’t be able to just paddle it if the square-stern faces against the current. It can still be put on an average car’s roof rack (check recommendations) due to it’s light weight and doesn’t take a lot to pick it up when portaging or storing on your own. The other issue is that you can’t paddle in reverse as easily or spin it round like a double-ender. I used to occasionally put mine down on long bushwhacks, pound on the bottom, and watch the teenagers I was guiding emerge from the woods and swamps. Why anyone would want an aluminum canoe is beyond my comprehension.

Even heavily laden, it can still be pushed along with a 5 HP motor (the manufacturer’s suggested limit). do you need more storage capacity, or do you need a smaller canoe so that you can also solo-paddle easier. This style gives you the benefits of cutting through the water like a traditional canoe, but allows you to bolt on a trolling motor to help with longer trips. On one trip we took out one of each and no matter what paddler/pack combination we tried, the Grumman paddled like a barge compared to the Alumacraft. Old Town boasts that this canoe has the ability for the user to sit comfortably whist doing a range of paddling styles, but you can also bolt on a more powerful trolling motor too. My aluminum canoe is an Alumacraft which I've used/had since the mid-60's. The manufacture of your canoe will recommend the maximum power of the trolling motor that best suits your canoe (typically 4hp), so make sure you follow these guidelines when looking for the bolting plate and motor size. All you need to check is that the trolling motor you have fits the manufacture’s guidelines and off you go. the alumacraft ultralight if you can find an old one weighed around 56#...i like mine a lot...can't imagine a more stable boat. Which do you like better and why: Grumman or Alumacraft? It was kinda like calling all facial tissues Kleenex. The comfortable and larger carrying handles are a real plus too, making for a more comfortable portage. My Grumman is an early 70's model, not the "Eagle" model, which imho, is a POS. Forgot your password? Our boats range from pro bass and bay fishing boats to versatile utility/ jon boats for hunting and hauling. But which model or style do you choose? This hand-crafted canoe is made from special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminium alloy and far longer than a lot of models on the market. I think during that time "Grumman" meant any aluminum canoe, at least in my area.

I would say neither. For someone a bit taller maybe it wouldn't be an issue, but for me and the way I paddle it's a total dealbreaker. Having the square stern allows for motors to be mounted, but still gives a nice balance on the water. It does mean you can’t paddle it in reverse like a more traditional design, but some manufactures have their own take on the “square” part at the stern. We get light weight Alum's at "work" and they weigh in the 60's. mine looks like it was harpooned hence its alternative nickname the gray whale. However, the Grumman 17 foot light weight weighs 67 pounds, and the Alumacraft light weight goes 75 pounds. My family canoe growing up was a 17 foot Alumacraft, though at various times we/I have reffered to it as a Grumman. Neither with a flat back though. I had four regular wieght 17' Alumacrafts in the day that all weighed 75#. The age-hardened alloy is substantially stronger than other alloys, and as it’s hand riveted (T-6 Alumilite rivets) it is held together with maximum strength along the gunnels, keels and ribs. What you need to do is figure out which size suits you best e.g. You also want to consider where the stern seat is located in relation to the trolling motor mounting plate, as some models do need you to reach quite far back to get to the motor’s controls. It’s aimed towards paddlers that enjoy canoe-fishing and need a very sturdy and comfortable boat on a variety of water types. Choose from top brands Old Town Canoe, Sun Dolphin and more.

Do you want to try out a variety of paddling trips, but think that the longer ones might be too tiring? If you want to put a square-stern on the water, your paddling skills will be totally transferable, so it’s not like you have to learn the basic strokes all over again.

The square-stern allows you to mount on a trolling motor, which means you can search for fishing spots without your entire day spent paddling. We have a 1973 Grumman Standard 17'. It had a low bow and stern profile, not those huge recurved ends that catch the wind, and was just as sturdy as any other Grumman.

This style of canoe has the added advantage of being a lot sturdier than other types on the market, mostly because there is an added support laid into the hull that increases the overall stability and strength of a longer canoe. Help keep the flying moose flying and Grumman 19’ Square-Stern This hand-crafted canoe is made from special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminium alloy and far longer than a lot of models on the market.

It’s got the benefit of being a great size, whilst also being versatile, having a foam core hull that insulates you from the cold water, and it is a quiet and comfortable ride to the more secluded fishing spots. I think both are well made.

VNO has them-rented from them, that's how I was introduced. There is a great level of versatility with this boat, with a huge carrying capacity and the added benefit of being insulated from the cold water, allowing you to be out in the wild and still get to your favourite fishing spots throughout the colder season. I like the way it's constructed with the smooth, no-rivet hull and the good stability. Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Grumman only because they built great aircraft too. The good thing is that I bought it about 10 years ago for $100 and it was in perfect shape. You can’t use this like a power boat, so don’t think that you can bolt on a high powered outboard motor and create a wake. I like the Alumacraft when using a motor and for duck hunting. The centre seat has an insulated collar and water resistant day hatch, which is helpful during longer rides, but like all boats that offer this, is does take away a little bit of usable space and can make self-portaging a little harder.

Whether you're out on a quiet fishing trip or you're enjoying Mother Nature with your whole family, canoes offer easy access to lakes, ponds and streams. More objectively, the construction of Grummans is better, such as how they're riveted and how the different pieces come together. Learn more.

There isn’t much of a visual difference between this and the other versions of the Mackinaw range, but the subtle changes make it a ‘canoe-fishing’ friendly model. I've found the Grumman's to have a slightly better shape than the Alumacrafts for performance in the water for me, although that's totally subjective.

My first canoe was a Grumman 17 Eagle, actually one of Grumman's best models (tell us why you think it's a POS, canoepaddle). https://www.facebook.com/pages/Great-Outdoors-Bait-Tackle/1606420532911075?skip_nax_wizard=true There are differences between the models, so here are some examples of the best square-stern canoes currently out there: If you like longer canoes, like family canoes, then a square-stern model might be for you. The ‘bulb keel’ helps paddlers because of the added stability and creates a stiffer and stronger hull. Sign up. Humm, we went through one smokercraft and two michicrafts before we switched to fiberglass/royalex/kevlar. I own a Grumman and I can't begin to say anything bad about it. Although square-stern canoes can’t be paddled in both directions, you can attach a trolling motor to give you a rest while on longer trips. What is different to many 3-seated boats on the market, is that this version houses two comfortable and moulded seats at the front and rear, which have usable space underneath. Grumman does not have this problem - the identical point on their boats is smooth and seamless. i believe alumacraft stopped making them so you may need to find a "rental return". This is Sun Dolphin’s more ‘specialised’ canoe range. Alumacraft's aluminum fishing boats are designed for both competitive fishermen & family fishing. They are tough and stable, though not super fast on the water. This site has grown since 2002 from a few visitors a day to up to 10,000 This version of Grumman’s square-stern canoes is ideal for those wanting a larger model. Grumman 17 and 19 foot in square sterns. this great site and online community alive by contributing your financial support.

This smallest model can still comfortably house three adults and is still a relatively lightweight when un-laden (95lbs). With the added integrated dry storage, drink holders and cooler, it makes it easier to house bate and things that are needed whilst waiting for the fish to bite. Gromman (as in sherman tank) solid and I like their feel in the water, Love my Grumman (with Babe Ruths' face on it). You can even get the interior of the canoe painted in camo to help with fitting into the environment and opt for wooden gunwales too. I have a 40 year old alumacraft and have also paddled a friends 30 + year old grumman. I'm not sure I've been in one since then. A square-stern canoe may look a bit odd to some people and hard for the more traditional-canoe fans to appreciate, but in so many ways, this style has a huge advantage whilst on certain paddling trips and specific paddling experiences. I may be mistaken but it seems to me that when I got it the weight was listed for the Quetico Q17 at 69 lbs. Being a longer canoe, it does help that this is robust and stronger due to the shape and material used to make it. doesn't leak a drip.

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Copyright Kings of Adventure | All Rights Reserved, Stay up-to-date and get notified when new articles go live, Old Town Discovery Sport 15 Square-Stern Recreational Canoe, Bare Aluminium, Olive Drab, Burgundy, Hunter Green and Insignia Blue, UV-Stabilized Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene. along with the wonderful resources, interactive maps, and online community. Square-stern canoes are a good choice if you want something that is truly versatile and has a multi-purpose use. musta leaked like a sieve on both sides-now has some nice big welds bilaterally at its widest point just below the waterline. Both are good boats.

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