"But a mask requirement would reduce quarantines.". It makes all the difference.”.

Health officials have also been told of “immense social pressure” for students and parents not to participate in investigations. One of those areas is in eliminating seating charts, which Engel said are helpful in limiting the spread of the coronavirus by readily identifying where students or staff may sit during class-time or other activities. A lot of the teachers that do wear masks are ones that pertain to whatever subject they teach. Mr. Njenga Munene

At the same time, he said, he agreed that people should be monitoring their own health, that kids who are sick should be kept home, though he also expressed an opinion that "there is nothing that can be done. In Alliance’s school reopening plan, it says, “Alliance Public Schools will cooperate with all case investigations.”. 95% of Alliance scholars graduate from high school and are accepted to college. During that press conference, state health and education officials discussed coronavirus-related topics.

Engels said that since March 2, PPHD has only had three appeals filed. “We ask that you consider wearing masks to keep kids in school,” said Engel. At the center of the issues between public health officials and the Alliance school board is controversy about masking students. As of press time, there were two active cases in the school district, one at Alliance High School and another at Alliance Middle School. In law enforcement and military circles, the phrase “I’ve got your six” means “I’ve got your back.” Local law enforcement and others are stepping up to help a Scotts Bluff County Sheriff’s deputy, Josh Ruzicka, who suffering from a life-threatening illness.

With the average incubation period being five days, I think it is asinine, excuse me, to ask her to quarantine for the remaining 14 days. 10/27/20 - Piloting a new math intervention program that differentiates based on the individualized needs of scholars. Ndiritu Muriithi Just as the board was about to close the public comments portion of the meeting, Engel spoke up and asked to speak. Joseph Maina Mungai I have friends with kids who have asthma, I have asthma. However, the school district reduced the plan to a couple of pages, noted in the school district measures as only taking the steps that were in the “moderate level,” which was the level at the time that school began in August. And, I don’t think we should be using our teachers and our administrators to do their investigations for them. "Most people understand that what happens in the school district affects the community and what happens in the community affects the schools," Engel said of virus spread.

Nov. 4, 2000, 10:28 p.m., a connecting pin sheared on a Burlington Northern-Santa Fe train, causing a coupler to fall to the tracks, resulting…, The uncertainty of the new coronavirus pandemic could make for a not-so-typical cold and flu season in 2020-21, and officials are again stress…, It’s nearly Election Day, and early voting in county offices wraps up Monday, Nov. 2. “The board wants to limit the cooperation to allowing PPHD access to do their investigations,” he said, explaining that staff and administration would not provide information outlined in the email or other steps that Kollars told the Star-Herald “is doing PPHD’s job for them.”, Unzicker said, “That’s the board directive of what the plan says. For investigations involving schools, Engel said and Blomstedt reiterated, that officials are dependent on school districts to be cooperative in investigations and keeping kids in school. Mrs Lilly Koros Plans have differed, regarding masks and some other steps. It is not known if other districts will follow Scottsbluff school district in withdrawing from competitions or if it will continue into the winter sports season. PPHD has been following, as formalized by Gov. “It is to get Public Health out of our classrooms. We strongly believe that to serve and advance this movement, the board … The board took no action at the meeting, but listed “discuss successes/shortfalls of reopening plan” on their agenda. The first board meeting will be held in February 2020 and will be open to the public. Our challenging, standards-based curriculum is premised on the belief that all middle school students can perform at high levels. No credit card required.

Some of the alumni of Alliance High include: George Anyona Unzicker acknowledged that there are “vast perspectives” among the school board and the community on handling COVID-19 response, from support and opposition of mask requirements to the level of cooperation of the district with health officials. Superintendent Dr. “We are depending on open, honest communication. Despite the direction given to Unzicker and passed to staff and PPHD in an email, Kollars, who has been on the school board for 16 years and served as president for more than 10 years, denies that he or other members of the Alliance school board has told the administration or staff not to participate in contact tracing investigations.

The Panhandle is not yet getting a break from an increase in coronavirus cases. “And we just keep kicking our kids out on quarantine because they’re not doing investigations like they should . However, the young man had not been in class on one of the identified days, having been at a football game on one of the days. Kollars says he and other board members “have studied infection rates and all kinds of stuff. You have permission to edit this article.

I just said we need to watch what we are doing.”. It’s not a concern that is uncommon to the coronavirus, but all communicable diseases. He questions the need for quarantines and has been involved in appealing quarantines put into place by PPHD. Teachers could also assist with providing information on if children were involved in activities, had been on the bus, or in the cases of the junior and high school students, eating lunch in the school cafeteria.

Paul Ngei As of Friday, more than 60 students were quarantined at Alliance Public Schools. Posted Sep 30, 2020 8:54 PM. Mrs. Linah Kipto Lilan

Eliud Mathu If all students and staff are wearing a mask, and a student or staff member tests positive, only the student or staff member who tested positive would have to isolate.

After the governor’s press conference Friday and the notification by the Scottsbluff school district, Kollars issued the following written statement to the Star-Herald: “In response to the continued misinformation being distributed regarding Alliance Public Schools response to COVID-19, the board of education is releasing the following information. salaries and dirt-if any. Simply put, the more students who are wearing masks, the fewer students who have to quarantine.

“We have entered a dangerous phase in the pandemic for Nebraska,” Dr. James Lawler, a director at UNMC’s Global Center for Health Security, said during the press conference. You just have to go to Alliance. In December, the Alliance School Board voted to terminate a lease with Box Butte General Hospital, which would save the district an estimated $20,000, and to move Kiddie Kampus to the Burkholder Building. She noted that Alliance has seen the highest number of students quarantined in the Panhandle since the school year began. At This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

PPHD officials have said community spread has rapidly increased. Engel said that PPHD officials have been able to make contact with positive cases, who are not and should not be in school, but are no longer able to make contact with school staff and determine students or staff who may have been close contacts. Copyright © 2020 Post Site - Powered byEagle Radio Issues between Panhandle Public Health District and the Alliance school board came to a head even before that meeting, formalized on Friday, Oct. 9, when Unzicker contacted health officials via email. Some members of the audience applauded his statement.

The other option is only going to be more children removed from school. Kollars told the Star-Herald that seating charts are no longer being used because they were used during investigations to identify close contacts.

Members Of Alliance High School Board Of Management. He also rebuked PPHD for their following of guidelines for the coronavirus outbreak. Will they have inflammation of the heart? I believe they say right on them that they are not medical masks. Mr. Sammy Muita

Alliance Public Schools is progressing with the renovation of the Burkholder Building as they prepare to utilize it for Kiddie Kampus. Find Us . It helps us make the investigation in a timely way. At Hemingford Public Schools, there has only been one case of COVID-19, which has recovered. We advocate for the rights of all scholars. Charles Njonjo As of Friday, at 44 cases, Box Butte had the second most active cases in the Panhandle Health District. Will somebody die? She passed on a message from her children to the board. Engel said that without a mask mandate in Alliance Public Schools, there has been a large number of students who have had to quarantine. Dawes County has 195 cases and Box Butte County has 171 cases. In the Panhandle, Box Butte has been cited as a community with a concerning increase in cases. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular videos.

That concerns us. Mr. James Kinyajui Without the assistance of school districts, Engel said, PPHD would experience great difficulties in doing its investigations. Cohorts remained in place, but Unzicker and Kollars both told the Star-Herald that the district was no longer using seating charts. We don’t know where this virus will end up, and we really don’t know what effect it will have. My statement to him was Panhandle Public Health is supposed to be doing these investigations. If only one of the parties in a close contact investigation wore a mask, whether that be the student or staff member who tested positive or the other individual, persons identified as close contacts would have to quarantine. Kollars said another child had also been identified as a close contact, and he successfully appealed that case to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, reversing the quarantine order. “I don’t know what to say to you. Schneider admonished PPHD and suggested removing them from the equation. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device.

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